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The Body Ecology Diet is the best candida diet I've run across.
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Originally Posted by harmonymama View Post
The Body Ecology Diet is the best candida diet I've run across.
I've heard about the BED, but don't know much about it. Can you summarize it in a nutshell?
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You cut out all fruits and sugars like most candida diets. She allows some grains (properly soaked): quinoa, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, and focuses on enzyme content, cultured foods, and food combining. Coconut keffir usually features prominently. Eventually cultured and raw dairy is allowed. I haven't gone on it fully yet, but I've really like the recipes I've tried. I'm thinking seriously of starting the full diet. If I had candida I definitely would.

The SCD also would be something to consider, but I don't like how it features so many nuts and doesn't focus on soaking, sprouting, or culturing.

I also like the Maker's Diet and Nourishing Traditions, but NT seems more like a longterm way of eating after a healing/cleansing diet.
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Check out this study: http://www.ajcn.org/cgi/content/abstract/87/3/534

Gut flora linked to obesity.

I think the authors of the study came up with the wrong conclusion (the staph bacteria causes inflammation which somehow contributes to obesity). They missed a few intermediate steps (the subjects probably also have yeast overgrowth, which causes sugar cravings, and insulin resistance, which leads to fat storage & lethargy (a la Taubes), all of which are the result of formula/vaccines/antibiotics/sugar/grain-heavy diets). But the study seems to be a great confirmation of the work put into healing the gut.

Of course, I'm sure their next step is a headline: Obesity Germ Found! & a prescription drug to kill the staph. :
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Well to be fair, it did say that the kids were "matched for gestational age and body mass index at birth, mode of delivery, probiotic supplementation, duration of breastfeeding, use of antibiotics during infancy" -- so it sounds like things like whether or not they were formula-fed is already taken into account.

I haven't read the entire article, just the abstract linked to. So I don't know what level of detail they go to in their conclusions about HOW the specific gut flora contribute to obesity. The abstract only seems to be saying that there is a link, but doesn't go further into causation or process.

I think the more interesting thing would be determining the reasons why certain infants had the different flora in the first place -- they can't ALL be formula babies after all. If it were that simple a link it would have been found long ago.
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No, definitely not just formula. It starts with the flora you get from your mother (which is affected by her formula/vax/antibx/hormonal-contraception/etc. status), is affected by vaginal or surgical birth, who first holds the baby, how he is fed (even ONE bottle of formula can disrupt the new baby's flora dramatically), vaccination, antiobiotcs, grains, and sugar.

I apologize; I don't think the abstract went into the conclusions. Here's a media report on the study. http://news.yahoo.com/s/hsn/20080308...redictsobesity
According to the overview, the researchers suggest that the impact on gut flora may be a part of why breastfeeding is associated with decreased obesity risk.
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new thread!


Time to revive the gut healing!
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