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Anyone still waiting for their first appt?

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Mine is still not until next Weds! I'll be a bit over 10 weeks. I haven't been having any symptoms really (lucky me) but I can feel that my belly is a little tight (like a knot). I'm just ready to get in there to see if everything is going well so I can finally tell DH, friends and family. I did out myself at church (work) yesterday b/c I got lightheaded during my presentation on Epiphany and had to sit down and regroup. One of my Sunday School teachers jokingly asked me after class if I was pregnant and I couldn't keep the smile off my face. I asked her not to tell since I hadn't even told DH yet!

I'm tempted to call and say I'm spotting to see if I can get in earlier but I'll probably just wait it out. This next week & 2 days are going to drag on I'm afraid.
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My first appt isn't until Jan 23 and I'll be 12 weeks on the day that I go. I'm a little upset that it's so far away but that was the soonest they could see. Kinda sucks but at least I know I'll have an ultrasound for sure and get to hear the heartbeat.
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i'm still deciding whether i want to UP or not. it looks like i may UP entirely, or get a family doctor. i haven't made an appointment yet.
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I'm 8 wks today and was going to wait a few more weeks. This is my third and I know there isn't much do during the first appointment anyway. I've known my midwife/friend for 5 yrs so all that intro stuff isn't necessary.
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I'm going next week, I'll be almost 10wks. It is a bit nerve racking not being "sure" about whats going on in there. But I told DH as soon as I got my + and he has told a few people already and immediate family know. He's says I don't need a doctors appointment to tell me if I'm pregnant or not, so I've been trying to chill about it.
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My first appointment is on Wednesday. I'll be in the middle of my 7th week. This will be my "intake" appt. where I'll pee on a stick, they'll take a bunch of blood for tests, and a nurse interviews me about my family/pregnancy history. Then they'll make me an appointment with the OB, which will be in another few weeks. That will be the appointment where they'll do the first "dating" ultrasound.
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My first appt isn't until Friday, I'll be 10.5 weeks but I lied about my due date so they think I'm just about ten weeks

Just curious - why are you holding off telling your husband? I would think that would be very hard, not to mention that if something did go wrong, I know I'd sure need his love.
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I had an appt at 4.5 weeks (right after I got my positive HPT) just to confirm that this is an intrauterine pg and not an ectopic. I don't go back until the 16th, at which point we'll (I guess) see the heartbeat. I'm looking forward to the appointment, because I have a *lot* of questions... starting with "how did this HAPPEN?" (Without going into my whole history, pg was not supposed to be a possibility. )
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iam still waiting for my appt which is jan 16th but i might have to cancle it if my medicaid doesnt come in by then

i was just woundering why u didnt tell ur hubby yet u were pregnant my hubby this time was the sec one to know only cause i was chatting online with my best friend who is in portland and she told me to go test hahah soo i did and she waiting the 3 mins with me but after i told her i call her hubby right away who was playign soccor soo when he got the message he was excited
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I haven't told DH yet for the following reasons:

1)I didn't want him stressing about $$ during the holidays. We had property taxes due Dec. 31st too.

2) I swore after last time that I wouldn't tell anyone until I was 12 weeks. DH told everyone too soon for my taste and even announced at a friend's 40th birthday party. I felt that it should have been his day, not ours. Not to mention that we have 2 sets of friends who are having trouble TTC and I didn't want to announce at Christmas in case it would be hard for them.

3) When DHs father passed away his ex step mom tried to probate a COPY of a will that left everything to her and not DH (he's an only child). We have been battling her in court for 2 years and after she lost her case she appealed. We learn today about the appeal judgment. I wanted to wait until we knew for sure that was over.

4) I was hoping to give him a card with a pic of DS saying "I'm not the baby any more" with the US pic but I have to wait until the 16th for that. I may cave and tell him tonight if we win our case and LSU wins the National Championship.

I have kind of liked having this little secret all to myself for a while. I just wish I knew for sure everything was OK since I haven't had many symptoms. I think he will be shocked at first (we were not actually TTC) but will be happy after he realizes that we already have everything we need for a new baby and won't have to buy much.
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That's sweet, I hope things work out for you. I tested with my husband there this time so it didn't work for me but I saw a card the other day: the front said "Nice going stud" and the inside said "we're pregnant." I thought it was so funny. It had a picture of a little sperm on it!

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I'm 9 weeks along and will probably see my mw in a few weeks to listen to the heartbeat. This will be our third pg with her (hb) so she's not stressed about it. She said I don't have to do many prenatals as we're friends and see each other often anyway and I'm aware of when things are abnormal. So, I'll probably see her soon and then not again until the 3rd trimester unless something seems wrong.
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I am 8 weeks and I have called/emailed the midwife I hope to use and I'm waiting to hear back from her. I am not too worried, but I have been spotting lightly for a week now so I would like to hear the hb just to reassure myself... though I know that won't happen for another couple of weeks minimum. We heard DS's heartbeat at 10 weeks 3 days.
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Originally Posted by MaryLang View Post
(DH) says I don't need a doctors appointment to tell me if I'm pregnant or not, so I've been trying to chill about it.
Your husband is so right.
I'm not seeing the MW until Jan. 16 - when I'll be 10w2d - even though I was offered an earlier appointment (and an u/s) because I don't think it will help me feel less anxious.
I'm pregnant now and I'm trying to chill.
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I go on Weds. I am ready to hear that HB! But I have been feeling better (worse!!) since I have been pukng for a few days now...
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My first appt is on the 17th I will be 7 weeks exactly. We have a "confirmation" u/s planned.
I will see the midwives I will use for my home birth the following week.
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My first real appt w/ the MW is Feb 13th when I'm a little over 12 weeks. Then my next appt (16 weeks) is when we can hear the heartbeat...so excited for that one! (I only want a fetoscope this time around and the heartbeat can't be heard til later).
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My first appointment is on the 15th. I'll be 10 weeks. I'm looking forward to it! I want to hear the heartbeat and I want to talk with her about my 2 c secs and what she thinks about a vba2c this time (we tried for a vbac with her last time and ended up with another section.) I just have a lot of questions about it for her. I'm also wondering how anemic I am and how much I should try to deal with it.
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I have a midwife consultation a week from today. I'll be 8 weeks, I think, she has to help me figure that one out lol!
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I still need to schedule my appointment with my midwife... she wants to see me around 12 weeks.
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