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OK, not decluttering, but I scrubbed, on my hands and knees, the tile kitchen floor. All the grout, all the baseboards, most of the cupboard fronts. It was disgustingly dirty. Brown water, multiple bucket changes and trips to the sink to rince mop. You could lick it now. I really understand the phrase " You could eat off the floor."
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i brought a friend some lovely wooden baby toys that aren't used here anymore, although i forgot one bucket

i did my morning routine in FULL. it was sunny out and you could tell because i functioned better .

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Originally Posted by Blooming View Post

But DH just informed me that DS stuck his finger down his throat and threw up all over everything so it looks like there will be another load of laundry to do. Sigh.


I know I shouldn't laugh at your misfortune but I can so see this happening at my house too! I hope he didn't make too much of a mess.
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okay, we may be moving. This means that I'm glad I've been decluttering, but now I want to declutter even more. Good and bad. I don't want to move a lot, but the house we are trying to get has big closets. That could be bad if I don't declutter as much, but good that I can spend less time organizing closets.
How relentless should I be? It won't be a far move.

I've taken lots to the thrift shop already. More toys have to go.
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I spent a couple of hours last night putting all my papers in order, weeding out the tax stuff for this year, and generally tidying the files. Feels good. Our office is really beginning to take shape.
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cleared up the smaller bathroom now...

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i cleaned all the lint out of the vacuum cleaner filter and my laundry filter, sorted out today's laundry, and did my routines...so i could go to the park with my kids! it is much better around here.

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Today I worked on our small walk in linen closet..... I filled FIVE Large Garbage bags of sheets and blankets and other linens that we will be donating tomorrow ..... Found several sets of brand new sheets for a Double Bed and we haven't owned one for a least 5 years!! ...

wow - for many years now I have been constantly looking for and purchasing storage containers and also searching the internet for storage ideas ....... with never a thought that perhaps I should get rid of a few things !!......... I realize now that I have been forever "Organizing my things" but never getting rid of anything!! Its really quite liberating once you get into it.... Just giving yourself permission to let go of things !!!!

Tomorrow - along with the linens (while DH is out ) I plan to take a few things of DH that is not being used and taking up lots of space!!! (sometimes you have to be just a little bit sneaky !!):

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Today was a great day in The Little Things Department!

* Two loads of clothes washed, dried, folded, put away.

* Donated about 50 nice books to a literacy program -- and I mean gave them to the person in charge.

* Dusted and sorted the entire computer desk. And wow, it's clean and cleared!

* Dropped two bags of outgrown clothing at thrift store

* Vaccuuummmmmeeed living room, dinning room, computer/play room, kitchen, and stairs to bedrooms.
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always, laundry...I organized a secratary desk in our livingroom...
really cleaned dd#3s room sorted out toys that hadn't been properly put away for a bit. Took some out & tossed a few more
all that's been over the past couple of days.

also chaperoned DD#2's skiing winter activity w/school...took a couple of runs alone. DD#3 played w/Grammy then met sis & I for a couple more runs:really too cold...bud fun was had by many of my family today.
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good work mamas!

i cleaned the place up after it was torn apart yesterday, ran a load of laundry, put away the dried goods that were blocking the kitchen (and broke open! excellent!) with a dear friend's help. then i walked a dozen blocks to take my child to a class and the other to the playground. i love it when they've gotten a lot of exercise!

now if i had only thought of dinner earlier :

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I can't hardly believe it --- I actually got DH to sort through our books !!!

We got rid of 50% of them -- I filled 5 large garbage bags and 5 smaller bags -- all for donating!! He went out for an hour this evening and while he was gone I put every single book onto our kitchen table in stacks and we slowly (& I do mean slowly) went thru each and every book - while I gently coaxed him into parting with them!! ... Yahoo -:- I will sleep well tonight!!

Good Night Everyone
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Originally Posted by MommyErin View Post

I know I shouldn't laugh at your misfortune but I can so see this happening at my house too! I hope he didn't make too much of a mess.
Oh its okay to laugh. If I didn't laugh I would cry.

I haven't been around much this week. I cleaned up the little ones room and it killed me. (I have Fibromyalgia) so I haven't really gotten much done.

DH did get rid of 3 bags of stuff at the local church.

I listed a Hanna Anderson suit on e-bay.

Ummmmmmmmm, really thats it.

You all are doing so well. I love seeing pictures of your clean spaces. I would post some of mine but really our house needs a ton of work.
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So far today I have (please note the time ):

* picked up the boys room ( the dresser came yesterday!)
* put boys clothes in the dresser in the order they wanted
* went through the boys shoes and pulled out ones that don't fit
* went through summer shirts to sell (I have a seasonal consignment sale)
* fixed pancakes for breakfast
* did 2 loads of laundry
* sorted one of the kitchen pantry cabinets
* emptied the dishwasher and reloaded

Off to find more to do!! I'm telling you this pregnancy may be the one I get stuff done with...
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Adding to my list..

* rearranged the den
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lowered DS crib for nap time. Yesterday he pulled himself up to standing and we realized he could tumble out.
Removed everything from kitchen floor. Swept, scrubbed floor on hands and knees and rewaxed.
Took a nap with DS and DH
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great work!

i picked up a suitcase across town, folded + put away two loads of laundry, culled a basket-ful of clothing, and picked up most of the apartment (again!). cleaned the floors, made more yogurt, and washed a few windows. i put away bikes + jogger in the bike room, and took a box to be stored at my folks.

took a break to drool over delight's tiny flat

must help my pack for a business trip

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I'm back on the decluttering and organizing wagon.

Tuesday I got together all our manuals for various appliences, electronics, etc. I put them in a binder, each slipped into a page protector.

Friday I organized my undersink cabinet in the kitchen
I organized my linen closet, including sorting through the 3drawer container of hairbows, barrettes, and jewelry after my dds dumped it about 3 times last week and everything was mixed together (and made room on a higher shelf for it!)

Yesterday I went through all the clothes in my closet and pared them down by about a third. I tried on 75% of it (everything except things I had worn recently that had fit) and got rid of anything that was too small now that I have a mommy body, or that I just didn't like.

Today I went through my extra toys closet (I have a home daycare and like to rotate toys out). It looks SOO much better. Instead of plastic grocery bags of toys in and shut the door everything except the big Little People things are in tubs neatly stacked. I also moved all of DH's hanging clothes into my closet, so that maybe he'll actually wear them since they'll be accessible (The loveseat blocks the door to the toy/formerly DH's closet). Hoping to get him to go through those tonight.

Also, with my daycare, I'm on the USDA food program, which gives me a bit of extra money, but requires a lot of paperwork. Usually I am bad about keeping up with it and have to scramble atthe end of the month. This month I haven't gotten more than a meal or two behind the whole month!!

Now to decide what to do next. I think some general picking up is in order, since the girls have been trashing the house while I got the closet organized!
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dt, well done!

i went nuts in my bulging storage closet and i am SO happy! i can see the floor! i have a huge box of stuff to give away and stuff to recycle, which i'm about to put out, and i have some bags of things to give to friends and sell, (sitting in my shower ) and i know the times + places they will be heading off to, so i have a plan my partner brought his office home a few months ago, and i just sorted the last box, and he got a new job, so i've been able to toss a bunch of stuff from previous position. i have a few file boxes i think i might be able to think significantly next. and i have stored the toys i do want to keep in our house, which i have rotated out. i may have a home for our beautiful wooden dollhouse which sadly is too big for the space we have; someday we may have it back.

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today i folded + put away yesterday's laundry load and culled some stuff,
held my ill child most of the day,
set up organics delivery so that i can get rid of the car without worry,
scooped bulk barley flour into a large jar,
fixed a loom and
found a new extended health benefits plan.

i have big plans for decluttering the kitchen!

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