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Originally Posted by ElkMtnsMama View Post
Maybe we (Spouses of Dads 50 ish and Up) should have our own thread over in the Finding Your Tribe area. There seem to be quite a few of us here. What does everyone think?
I second that!
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Here we go! I started one.

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My DH is 59 and I'm 44...so 15 years difference. We've been married for 18 years, and let me tell you, there were some raised eyebrows when I got pregnant at 42!

When DD was born, DH said that he felt a huge rush of new life inside himself. Maybe we are older parents, but it doesn't appear to slow DD down.

Oh whoops...I should have posted to the new thread!
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I'm 35 and my DH is 48. This is the first child for both of us. We were both previously married and we were both widowed in 2005. We met through an online message board for young widows and widowers. Kurt and Suzy had tried for several years to get pregnant and nothing ever happened, so Kurt had assumed the problem was on his end. Apparently not! So, we're extremely excited and a little scared and probably still a little in shock!
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Welcome, Laurel, and congratulations! We have a thread over in the "Finding your Tribe" area for spouses of Dads 50 and up; come and join us sometime!

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Originally Posted by ElliesMomma View Post
tell me if i'm wrong but at least with a 50 plus year old man, none of us have the complaint i see so much on MDC of the husband spending time "playing video games" instead of doing housework, watching the kids, etc. at the risk of offending someone, i will state that i am so very very thankful that my husband is a "real man" who is aware of and happily accepts his responsibilities to his family.
I just wanted to add that not all younger husbands are immature and irresponsible. My husband is 28 and we both share the housework and everything else - including the responsibility of our child. He has never tried to "hide" from these things. He has always done his share and we've been married for nearly 5 yrs.

And no, I'm not offended.
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Originally Posted by Juliacat View Post

My dad was 50 when I was born. He died 2 years ago. He lived to see me graduate from high school and college and get married, and would have lived to see his granddaughter if we'd been able to time our visits better.

Plus, I had fun growing up with my niece and nephew, and my daughter is having fun growing up with my nephew's daughter.

OP Here!  Wow I never knew my thread had taken root.  Thank you to Juliacat for this shared thought.  I think I worry what my DH might miss one day.  Now we have an almost 7 and almost 4 yr old.  We live near my "step sons" and my "grand children" some of whom I have over to play mindcraft with their aunt and uncle and me! I play grandma and we have sleep overs!


I have noticed we do have trouble making friends with other couples but over time, as I homeschool and meet really open minded people I am finding we know many people with the older/younger gap, just maybe not a big. Slowly those couple have come to know us.


Of all the In-laws I have acquired, I'd say I've had the hardest time with my "daughters in law" who just don't get me and are very different sorts of people... and some of his family of origin who keep bringing up his past or his exes.   I have finally gotten through to some people that we are a very real couple... but others may never understand.


We have been together nearly 10 yrs now and we are very much the same couple - and we are proud of all that hard hippy work we put into attachment parenting and bed sharing and what wonderful kids we have now.  I am sort of in that June Cleaver role, but I'm ok with it because I wanted it so bad as a kid myself.


As a point of pride DH has put off the AARP thing, but not much longer.  He is 56 now, and I am 38.  He still rides his motorcycle and swims with the kids, and he is a champion laundry folder.

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Originally Posted by GradysMom View Post

As a point of pride DH has put off the AARP thing, but not much longer.  He is 56 now, and I am 38.  He still rides his motorcycle and swims with the kids, and he is a champion laundry folder.


He is doing better than my 36 year old partner :)

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My husband is over 50, but I'm no spring chicken myself. 

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Just saw that this thread has revived... Wow, I am so glad to see I am not alone in this here. I am 32 and DH is 58. He has 2 grown sons and we have a 15 month old son together. 

 Our next challenge is coming up...heading across the country to meet the extended family in both of our sides for the first time. We have been together for 6 years.

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