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Snacks during labor

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Does anyone have good suggestions for snacks and drinks during labor? I'd really like to have some healthy energy-giving snacks, but my brain is stuck in a pregnancy fog!
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My faves were:

frozen grapes
fruit already cut up and ready to eat
organic fruit popsicles
cheese cut up ready to eat

I also had a little sandwich station set up with veggies and meat and cheese etc. for everyone to snack at through out the labor.

Raspberry leaf tea and ice water were my best friends!

Happy birthing!
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I ate leftover chicken, among many other things. I just remember the chicken was really good.
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I liked having yogurts and mandarin oranges and juice boxes. I forgot all about the raspberry leaf tea popsicles I had made.
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I couldn't eat anything, blah! but my labor was short and to the point! not sure if this makes a diffrence.

RRL tea is a good thing to have on hand, along with fruits (dried too), that's about all I thought I'd want.
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My childbirth class recommended a little instant oatmeal. Pack a couple packets and I'm sure your can get some hot water wherever you are birthing. I haven't tried it yet, but I plan to!
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add me to the "i couldn't eat" list. I couldn't even drink! It was just too intense.

Ate and drank well afterward though!
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I had no desire to eat when I was in labor and once I got really into it, I would have been a waste of time anyway.
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my mom made oatmeal at the beginning of active labor and i couldn't even eat one bite. no thoughts of food at all. and i had a 19 hour labor. but organic recharge was wonderful. i drank A LOT of recharge, and some juice.
afterward, a grilled cheese with fried tofu was to die for!
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mmmm frozen grapes, i had those last labor, though it stopped that day (when my children were taken 20 minutes away which i absolutely did not want)

yogurt with #2. i don't recall eating much with #3. and. taco bell with #1 Yum (yup i puked, yup it was worth it).
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sorry - forgot to mention what my midwife recommends...
she recommends bananas and miso soup for laboring energy .
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Something you like with real sugar in it (or honey, or whatever, just not splenda or equal) - any athlete's drink is extra good like recharge, gatorade, powerade, in a flavor you've tried before and like. Lemonade is good, tea with honey, whatever you like.
I wouldn't recommend apple or orange juice, so many people don't like those in labor for some reason.
If you like ice or really cold drinks, lay in some ice. And straws.

Bagels/Toast/Muffins are good for an easy HOT snack - it's nice to have something warm sometimes and it's good one-handed food while you're nursing. Plus butter, jelly, nut butter, cream cheese, whatever you like.

Fruit, Cheese, Chips, Crackers, Hard Boiled Eggs, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Carrots, what do YOU like to eat?

Honestly, if junk food hits the spot, go for that...it doesn't have to be healthy.
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I had raw slices of tofu, cut up melon, a small veggie breakfast patty and TONS of Recharge. The tofu and the recharge I think really kept me going. I cold only eat a tiny bit of the other stuff.
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Excuse my ignorance, but I've always been told that you shouldn't eat?
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you should eat if you are able to. It helps keep your blood sugar up and your body able to work so hard.

They have you fast in the hospital "just in case" you need a c-section. :
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Originally Posted by NatureMama3 View Post
you should eat if you are able to. It helps keep your blood sugar up and your body able to work so hard.

They have you fast in the hospital "just in case" you need a c-section. :
yeah, and the fasting probably contributes to failure to progress, imo.
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The reason they tell you not to eat during labor, is in case you might need a major surgery. Henci Goer (in The Thinking Woman's Guide) says that until they pass this law on people driving on highways, there's no reason why a woman shouldn't eat during labor. Go tell a marathon runner not to eat for a 12 run!
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I had no desire to eat all 30+ hours of labor. Of course I kept throwing up. I did love ice chips. It was all I could keep down.
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I cooked a MAJOR dinner, pork chops with I think rice (might have been potatoes) and veggie at about 8:30pm:. My DD was born at 2:30am. It was just right! I never felt hungry or without fuel during labor. I can't imagine if I did not eat and tried to birth a babe, my body just needed to EAT!
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