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used Neti pot and am worried!

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I bought a Neti pot a few days ago to use on myself and my daughter; we both have major allergies that are not alleviated with medication and I wanted to try a more holistic approach. I used it a couple of times and felt a little clearer and less "sneezy". Then I cleaned it out with peroxide and water and did it on my daughter and she loved it! She's only done it twice and a really wet cool front blew in this morning, so she was still sneezing and coughing quite a bit today, so the jury is still out on whether it will help her or not....
Anyway, I did it again this evening and instead of dripping out the opposite nostril, I could feel it draining down my throat. I tried a couple of more times and it just refused to come out of the nostril, which is weird, because the first couple of times I did it it worked just like it was supposed to. But this time, not only did it go down my throat, I felt some pressure in my sinuses and then when I blew my nose, I felt a bubble in my ear.
Now I think I may need to see a doctor cause it feels like I've got fluid in my ear.... oh by the way I have a deviated septum and my ears pop constantly.. I guess I shouldn't have used this thing right??
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WEll I could have written this post...

Yesterday I attempted this for the same reasons you mentioned. I too felt nice and clean afterwards. I tried it again in the afternon and in the afternoon it didnt go as smoothly as the first time. Needless to say I felt like my head was going to explode. I woke up at 3:30 am totally congested feeling, nose completley clogged and could not sleep since. Im doing a little better but am scared of the neti pot now.

Anyone else have a similar experience? Groovymommy I
hope you feel better.

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I've had that happen on occasion when using the neti pot. I think the reason is that your sinus is so congested or swollen that the water can't get through. If I feel really congested, I take a really steamy shower and then neti in the shower at the end. This seems to help a lot.
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Originally Posted by GroovyMommy View Post
Now I think I may need to see a doctor cause it feels like I've got fluid in my ear.... oh by the way I have a deviated septum and my ears pop constantly.. I guess I shouldn't have used this thing right??
No you can still use it if you have a deviated septum. I should have had this info before I posted, but I wanted to post before my battery died on my laptop. There is info that should have come with your neti pot and I am fairly certain that if you google it that it will come up in regards to feeling like you have fluid in your ear after using the neti pot. It will not be perfect every time, but I hope it does not make you stop using it! I am sorry that I couldn't be more help, but I wanted to let you know that it was okay to use it (my son's ENT told him to use it and he has a deviated septum). Okay my laptop is pretty dead so I'm gonna try to get on tomorrow and lyk what I find out.
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I had the same thing happen when I first started. I gave up for awhile, not wanting to suffer through that, but it goes away. I'm no expert, but since I've been doing it regularly (twice a day, every day), I don't have that problem anymore.

The main thing is: Breathe through your mouth at ALL times! I start breathing through my mouth before I start pouring, and exhale as I start.

If the water is draining down your throat, spit it out and clear your nostrils by exhaling sharply (DON'T hold one nostil closed like a normal nose-blowing -- this is what sends the water into your ears/sinuses). Then try again. If you still can't get it right, try a steam to loosen things up and blow your nose as much as possible before you neti.

Whatever you do DON'T BLOW YOUR NOSE AFTER! It hurts, as you already know. ;-)

I hope this helps. Don't give up; it is tough at first, but maybe it's just the initial cleansing, getting through all the stuff that's been there for who knows how long? That's how it seemed for me anyway. Good luck!
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I hate when it goes down my throat!
It seems like no matter how often I do the Neti Pot I can never get the angle quite right the first time. If it goes down your throat just keep moving your head until you get the right angle. Sometimes the angle you used yesterday doesn't work today, no idea why! Also, something that happens to me is that sometimes it comes out fast, sometimes slow, and I really have no idea how I control this.

Good luck!
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Okay this is regarding nasal blockage


There is more info on that site and apparently it is common for the water to kind of stick around in your head for a few minutes after you are done using the neti pot and can drain back into your sinuses.
So technique is important- tilt of your head and always keeping your mouth open, blow your nose gently after use- there are more tips on the website I posted. hth
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