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Originally Posted by heidirk View Post
I miss all my creative outlets too. I feel like I use up all my creative energy just dealing wiht real life.

I used to draw, paint, and write poetry.
ITA!!!! I have watercolours, used to crochet, rubberstamp, I'm getting into beading, what am I thinking? I have a 15 mo who likes to get into everything!

I quit journaling because my husband didn't like me writing about him. Sigh. I talked about it a while ago, and he said he didn't mind if I wrote now, but I'm out of the habit.
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Originally Posted by Maggirayne View Post
ITA!!!! I have watercolours, used to crochet, rubberstamp, I'm getting into beading, what am I thinking? I have a 15 mo who likes to get into everything!

I quit journaling because my husband didn't like me writing about him. Sigh. I talked about it a while ago, and he said he didn't mind if I wrote now, but I'm out of the habit.
I can totally relate to this. I also start new hobbies and projects but I have yet to finish one single thing. I write, draw, do water colors and acrylic painting, got into rubber stamping, I can knit.

I can sew but not really well. I think with a few tutorials with an experienced seamstress would be very helpful. Last summer, I got this BRILLIANT idea to become serious about sewing. And my impulsive side reared its ugly head to the tune of $4000 when I was in a fabric store and decided to buy a brand new Pfaff serger and a sewing machine. I am so mediocre at using them that I get frustrated and they are now sitting in my closet. I have big dreams for those machines, I really do.

You know, it really really sucks being a jack of all trades but a master of none.
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Oh, yeah! I have beads in my attic, a latch hook thingy, and probably a lump of clay!

I crochet, am learning to knit, and study Latin periodically!

I would love to learn to sew, and my grandmother's old Pfaf sewing machine sits in my 'sewing room' untouched because I have no idea how to use it!

Noone ever said I was boring! :
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Oh man, a Pfaff serger and a Pfaff sewing machine?

My husband said if I made a place for a sewing machine I could get one. I've been thinking a serger would be nice for cloth diaper sewing, etc.

I don't have a machine, but I've got fleece for making a diaper cover and skirtie, a poncho, various wool sweaters for turning into longies, and numerous other projects I want to do and NO sewing machine. My mom made my ring sling from Jan Andrea's website with the pleated shoulder, with fabric I'd bought in November. I got a Waldorf doll kit from Joy's Waldorf Dolls the week before Christmas and finished is just after DD's birthday in May. But I did get it done! Well, the hat needs finishing.

ETA: My husband's been studying Latin for a couple months now.
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Yeah, those machines are like my babies but I don't talk or play with them nearly as much as I do the other ones!
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I hate to say this, but I don't even know what a serger DOES!

I'd love to sew some diapers, but, true to form, I need someone to SHOW me how to USE the machine!
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A serger finishes seams/edges. http://images.google.com/images?hl=e...-8&sa=N&tab=wi
oh yeah, on prefolds, the edges are serged. I saw a DIY on Diaperswappers where you can make fitted out of pfs, btw.
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Cool! I found some neat diapermaking patterns I am eager to try. My mom is comeing back to the area, maybe she will show me how to sew. Like I need another hobby?!
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I glanced at those and thought they were diaper patterns and thought, I wonder if Heidi will find some patterns. I hope you have fun sewing with your mom.

My mom made me a gorgeous Chinese brocade ring sling following Jan Andrea's pattern. I wish I'd been more involved, but she did it using my friend's sewing machine while I was babysitting.
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I have ADD, officially diagnosed as an adult, took Ritalin for a year, stopped when we wanted to try to get pregnant, and went back on it (Concerta Extended Release) three weeks ago (9 years after going off the first round of Ritalin). I feel like a real, connected person again. I was having so much trouble with socialization. Get along great with little kids, can't follow along with the grown-ups! They can't just get to the point!

I had a lot of coping mechanisms that worked for me as a child, young adult, and as a SAHM, but I returned to work 2 years ago (Special Ed Teacher!), and am realizing that I can't use the "I'm New" excuse anymore. I am also interested in returning to school to be a principal, and know I will need to be more organized to pull that off!

Meetings, planning, paperwork - those parts of my job require that I be medicated. As well as scheduling playdates for two social butterflies......

Thanks for the thread!
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Hi Leatherette! Welcome to our goofy little club!

I DID find some diaper making patterns, but I found some even better kits! Now that's the way to go! AIO's and everything, and not to $$$ either!

I think I can use the 'fake serger' technique with my Pfaff. . . Now I just need to find some cotton fleece for less than 11.50 a yard!
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So how is everyone with school starting, etc?

I have been super-tired with my arm healing, altho' I've got a pretty good range of motion. I've started in strengthening excercises. It is really hard babysitting a 3 yo, 1 yo and my own 15 mo. And I convinced DH I'd be more motivated to clean my own house, since I'd have less time to goof off. Riiiiight. The only person I was fooling was me, but I was serious. The babysitting is 3 afternoons a week, but I'm shot. I got a load of laundry washed and the dishwasher loaded, told DH I'd clean the kitchen if he made lunch and supper. He made me breakfast too. But I'm tired and want to get out of the house. But I want my hou, well, apt clean, but I don't have the energy. Sigh. Sorry. I guess I'm a little stressed.
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I guess we can be stressed together! I hope your arm heals soon, and God bless your DH for cooking!

With DH losing his regular job, things have been crazy/out of control around here, too. I'm far enough along in my pg now that walking any distance feels incredibly awkward, and I'm tiring easily.
I busted my butt this week to get the house clean, and got it too about 50 %. Which means the rooms that are clean are 95% clean, and the rooms that are not are terrible.

I also cleaned the church this week, and I was in PAIN!!! My mom yelled at me! My parents have moved back in with my gram, and I guess I've just got so many thigns running around in my head lately, it's like a pingpong game in there right now!

The more tired I am, the worse my symptoms get, too, and so add that to being pregnant, I barely know what day it is!

I'm really scrambling to get prepared for the baby. I have it all in my head what we need to do, but with DH working 55 hrs at his summer job (cause that's all we ahve right now) mainly it's going to be finding the time to get it all done.

I have to stop myself from thinking things like, 'What will I do when I'm homeschooling, and pregnant?!' Shut up, brain! Shut up!!
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Oh mna, I had huge plans for house-cleaning on Saturday. I did load and run the dishwasher, waiting to be unloaded, and handwashed stuff that needed it. I got that and one loda of laundry washed and hung!

Sometimes I think about having a baby next spring/early summer, but gack, I am so tired already, I don't need to add a baby to this mix.

I am so sorry about your DH's job. I'll be praying he finds a new one, I assume the summer one runs out soon?
Hw many weeks are you along, oh duh, I see your sig.
And laundry, I feel like that's all I do. sigh
How old is your LO? Sorry if you mentioned, and I just can't remember. BTW, if you ever want to just talk, I'd love visit with you (I have unlimited long distance) and you could PM me your #.
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Wow, where have we all gone?

and Heidi, how did your online classes go?

I was reading Pamela(socialworkmama)'s first post, and I wonder if it is an ADD tendency to try to do too much? Or to underestimate how much time things will actually take. . .

Oh, and anyone else who would like to visit, you can PM me too, not just Heidi.
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I'm 26 and just beginning to wonder if I may have ADD. I just took a couple of the online test thingies and had fairly high results.
I just started thinking about it the last week or two because I just started homeschooling my 5 year old. I am having a hard time with that and everything else that needs to be done.
I don't feel like I'm able to keep track of it all. IF I get all of his school for the day done I can't seem to clean/do dishes/etc,etc... I lose things, the house is a mess. I try to clean, but when I start I leave it unfinished in a worse state than it was before. I have clean laundry piles in all of my baskets because I can't seem to get it folded and put away, I know that I should but I CAN'T make myself do it.
Anyway, sorry about that. I guess that I was trying to give some examples of why I was thinking ADD, and got a little carried away
Well, I've got a sick little one who just woke up, so I'll post s'more later.
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Oh you're fine, that sounds like most of us when we first posted! Or rather, anytime we talk about housecleaning!
I wish there were an easy way to get and stay organized that works with my brain. Getting rid of almost everything would probably be a start. I'm rather terrified of the thought of homeschooling. I like the idea of unschooling/self-directed learning, but at the same with me being ADD, it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

And oh my, you're littlest is only a few months older than my first, yeah, I'm going to be having more before she's school-age and the thought trying to raisie babies and do HS, eek!
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Braann- Hi! and welcome! You sound as if you'l fit right in! : Or should it be I never know! I think we all have the 'I've started it and can't finish it' problem! Like DS's baby blanket that I started almost three years ago now. . . : Seriously all I have left to finish is the edging!

Hi Maggirayne! Sorry, I've been off in my own little world! Yeah the job thing really stinks, and I was scared out of my mind for a while, but it looks like DH will have a new job before his summer job runs out of work for him! yay! Insurance will not be available for 6 mos, but medicaid should cover us until then, and it's going to be more expensive. . . but it's a steady job. DS was 2 in June, and he is a very exuberant boy! People have one of two comments for me when I'm out with him- 'Oh, he's such a sweet boy!' and 'Wow, he must keep you very busy!'

Argh. . . so the house has again descended into chaos but my mom has yelled at me for overexerting myself. . . so I have a reasonable excuse!
October seems so far away, until I count weeks, and then it's like, AHHHHHH! When am I going to get this house cleaned???!!!! I'm trying hard to find a balance between resting when necesary, and making the most of my available time. . . just makes me confused really!

I do feel as if I'm juggling madly, because on top of looking for aid to fill in the gaps in our budget, and being a preggo mommy with ADD, and my church work--Support group meetings for our psoriasis network are starting up again this month, and I have a baby to get organized for!!!

So, yes, I think we who deal with ADD/ADHD do tend to take on too many tasks!

I had also found a website about dyscalcula, which quite neatly explains my problems with math, time, directions (driving I mean), and stuff like that. Who knew those things could all be related?!

I just read over this, and it seems so disconnected, but there we are! If anyone'd understand, It'd be you guys!
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Hi there! In the interest of limiting FYT to subjects not hosted elsewhere on the board, we have moved your tribe here. You're still a tribe, which means you're still support-only. If you have any questions about the move, please do not discuss it on the boards. Rather, contact an administrator or start a thread in Questions and Suggestions. Thanks, and happy posting!
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Hi! Another ADD mom here....Not on meds due to pregnancy, and really feeling the brunt of it these last few months.
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