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hey that's right!!! How about that!

No, DH doesn't hunt, you have no idea how funny that idea is. I'd be the hunter, but you'd find me frozen solid to the log I was sitting on, because I'd get distracted, and freeze to death!

My dad and my mom and my grandmother, and my aunt all hunt. well, it's mostly my aunt anymore. We'd spend a week each winter up in Sullivan county PA in a trailor in the woods, and they'd all go hunting!

For some reason when I was PG the first time, baking chicken was enough to send me out of the house, literally. I still don't khnow why!
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It's differnt hunting out east than it is here. Here on the plains you walk and peek over hills. Back east, yeah, you sit in the tree stand or on a log. My dad built a deer hut that he could move with the tractor. The neighbors called it Billy's outhouse. It was a little bigger, but the outline was just like an outhouse.

Yeah, raw meat and eggs ick me out. I did make very good gravy today. DH () cut the meat up and floured it and started it frying. It did smell good. The foods I ate last time are really gross to me too now. I still can't stand candied ginger.
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The trailor in Sullivan county had an outhouse too!

Can I just say that in the last three days I have had a thought, and immediately lost it, about 57 times? I mean, 'oh, Hon, guess what?- crap, now I can't remember.' And I stand there with my mouth hanging open because I can't beleive I lost it that fast. :

AND- Int the course of conversations over the past weeks, I KNOW I have been listening to someone talk, and think an answer but don't say it! Leaving me looking I'm sure like I either A. wasn't listening, or B. don't care. BLEH!!!

I want my brain back!
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Yick. It's pouring in my part of the country, and I CAN.NOT.FOCUS.

I'm just done today. Period. Maybe when it gets dark, I'll be better. Anyone find they work better in the dark and are USELESS when it's light out?
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Hmmph. this 'day' has been darker than it was light! Bleh.

Yeah, I'm pretty much done. It's nearly 4 oclock, and my older ds has yet to go down for a nap. What does that say about my day?

If I had time/space, and no 2 yo's I'd have lit a million candles today. It would have been so cheerful.

Maybe I can get DH to include a candle budget due to mental health concerns?

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Aww, I wish you all could hang out with me. It was sunny here today. A lot of our snow melted. Hey, are you two close to each other at all? Sme, are you in PA? Hanging out in Lancaster?

Ugh, he's one of those kids who needs a nap? Elisabeth has been taking a nap between 11-12 and then at like 6 pm. I don't know what's up, unless she's having a growth spurt, which she is 18 mos, soooo.

I used to be such a night owl. But now I'm no good after 10 pm. I stayed up trying to research Mamajackets. I want one, I think. I would love a snazzy, sharp-looking red wool coat. Heh, between babies and nursing? Who am I kidding? When would I wear it?

Sooo, I'm drooling over a Mamajacket and trying to get DH to go in w/ILs and combine my birthday and Christmas. They are terribly expensive. . .considering the wool coat I typically wear, which is a large and works over a baby, but not a toddler, I got at a thrift store three years ago for, oh, 2-3 bucks, yeah, I'm pretty frugal.

I need to run a load of diapers or I'm going to be in trouble. Well, not too much, I do have fitteds, but I don't use them as much as the prefolds in the Fuzzibunz. I put her in fleece pants over them, which works.

I did unload and load the dishwasher. And even washed the dishes that didn't fit/go in. And I made adult macaroni and cheese. It's from my 29 minute Pampered Chef book and is one of my favourite recipes. DH likes it too. And Elisabeth loves it. It's been a while since I made it.
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Yup, I'm in Lancaster, PA. The rain has turned into a foggy mist.

I was more productive today than I thought. Ate my way through a Sisterhood banquet at the synagogue (mmm.... roast beef ) and now I'm going to plan my weekend lesson plans, I think.

Maggi, sounds like you did a LOT today! Wow!

I'm going to make myself a Mamaponcho, but sewn. Eventually. When I get to it. :
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subbing. I think i have bipolar but I want to read further bc so man of these symptoms are me!
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Hi transformed, heh, join the club, we have lots of fun here!
Just a short description:
: : : : : : : :

We'll help you brainstorm , and try to stay on track and commiserate when you don't , or listen sympathetically when you lose your keys (for the 500th time) and so forth and so on.

And we'll be excited when you get 1, 2 or *gasp* 3 things done in a day.

I hope you all don't mind, I like poking fun at myself.
Yeah, for me, I did get a lot done.

Okay, I know I'm a nut. I tell you, these evenings when DH is gone get looong! I should be writing for NaNo. Yeah right.
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Originally Posted by socialworkmamma View Post
Yeah, I'm totally here. Classic tale of people-pleasing girl with ADD who learned to cope, sort of. Since I was not running around, teachers would never think there was a problem, I just daydreamed a lot. Thankfully,(I guess), smart enough to compensate. Also I had older, AP parents who loved and accepted me as is, and then a great supportive DH who does the same. I've never been medicated and at this point in time don't think I ever will be. I'm a clinical social worker and have been given several scales, which all say I have ADD. I think the part that bugs me the most is feeling such a disconnect from other women. It's hard for me to maintain friendships, I just don't really have the ability to organize my time to allow for working part-time and being the kind of Mom I am and then adding female friendship into the mix. I also think part of it is the part of the country I live in seems to have female friendship revolve around activities I don't think of as ADD friendly, if that makes sense. I tried to scrapbook, and would still like to, but by the time I would find what I wanted, my time for it was past. Also I would hyperfocus on something, time would pass and nothing would be done. I also think lots of women are not real cool with coming to a house where there is laundry on the couch and lots of unfinished projects. Then again maybe it's my own "shame" issue with feeling like I don't measure up in the "womanly" arts of housekeeping, etc. None of this is stuff my DH puts on me, it's how I feel about myself. Being a mother has been very healing for me on many levels. I feel like I'm a really, sensitive, loving and nurturing mother, so therfore I must be a "good woman".
Yeah, this tended to ramble, imagine that, but would love to hear from other's on how the condition impacts their self-esteem in today's society with all the expectations of looking great, being organized, a perfect mother, lots of friends, a hot lover, and on and on.
Tyou for writing my post for me Gosh knows I might see some shiny piece of metal and get disctracted. Back to finish reading the thread, which I had know idea was here, and yeah, having ADD can make a girl feel lonely. I feel like a space case most of the time.
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Originally Posted by SiouxSweet View Post
Yes, this is me. I am unmedicated. Research now shows that ADD, and Tourette's are on the autism spectrum. Who knows exactly what I am, other than I have annoying sensory issues, and ADHD -- including being a former adrenaline junkie.

Things that help: A huge wall calendar. No clutter. Low volume television,Magnesium. Gluten free Diet
Doing laundry every day. Exercise. Clean house. And for some reason, drinking tons of water helps with anxiety. If I have important things to remember, I email myself, then put it on my big wall calendar -- no joke it is a large thing with dry erase. I color code kids' activities.

I also keep a simple, small purse, and have a hook to hang my keys on.
I make meals ahead and write them all out, including what snacks I have in the house, and post them on the fridge. Then I just follow the lists.

Things that don't help: being nagged for forgetting things, and a planner to write things in ( I lose the planner). It kinda sucks hating the way clothes feel, not being able to hear if I am looking, not being able to process what I see when I am listening, forgetting constantly, but I am always trying to improve my organization.
These are some awesome recs! Interesting about magnesium. I have been really feeling like I need to take it. My muscles have been really bugging me too, and it always helps with that. Got to get some more.
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Now for the intro

Only that would work on this thread, after two posts.

I kind of knew something was up in middle school and highschool. I read an article about it in a magazine and went O.M.G. they are describing me.

My parents were also in the middle of marriage counseling and so of course after I brought it up to them, they brought me in, the therapist blew it off as all the rage, and I am sure he thought I was stressed about my parents marriage.

Fast forward to the beginning of college, I was having a hard time, experimenting with drugs, going out with a crazy boy, ended up in the hopsital, except this time when they did the interview it clicked in someones head that I had ADD(part of it was my reaction to lsd I had tried).

So I got a second opinion, passed with flying colors, and put on wellbutrin. Didn't really work, tried ritalin and that made me feel so nasty I only tried it a couple of times.

I have pretty much been dealing with it by diet, caffeine and I take fish oil(when I remember) and b vit(when I rememeber. I also keep myself insanely busy.

I used to be a SAHM and went to school, now I own my own business, which works in a lot of ways, and not so much in others.

The biggest challeneges I think I face are with the house(shaking my fist, damn I hate cleaning my house) and getting the administrative aspects of my biz under control.

The brain fog is horrible sometimes, but lately I have been in a routine where I take my fish oil a couple weeks in a row, I feel great, forget to take the fish oil, start feeling crazy again, start taking it again, if only I could just remember to take it every. single. day. Why is that so hard???? I think a good b vit and zinc would help me too(along with the mention of mag).

As for keeping myself busy. It's almost as if I need a part of my brain disctracted in order to function with everyday life. So lately it was teh election, that's over, I am thinking maybe get my guitar restrung, because I really need to focus for the business, and I need that distraction. Just thinking out loud here.

I think I really need to commit to exercise too. I know that would help so much. I have a friend I can go to the Y with, but no money for that right now. I need some kind of exercise situation that I can do without the kids. Maybe I need to find a walking partner. Anyway, rambling away here, it is so nice to meet you all! It's wonderful to commiserate and see that I am not alone.
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I hear a lot about diet, herbs and naturally managing ADHD. I am apprehensive about taking herbs that have not been researched, but am interested in learning more. I do not want to take anything that might harm me, or my son whom I am breastfeeding. Also, money is tight, so i want to invest in things that are proven benefical.

I was wondering what you ladies are doing who mention that they deal with their symptoms through diet. I know all the omegas are helpful. How can i make a plan like this work?

Are there any books I can get that are written by reliable authors?

I have a very hard time with ADHD and depression. My children and my spouse all have issues that could be encompassed under this umbrella.

Peace and sanity are so important to me, but it is so hard to acheive in an ADHD family, especially when that family lives in a region that does not have services that address their issues.
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the feingold diet.
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studentmama, what if you get one of those weekly or monthly pill containers? I take my fish oil only because DH sets it out for me every day.
One like this? Heh, the only thing is, my DD loves vitamins and wants mine. Gah!
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Yeah- DH sets out my vitamins for mesometimes too, especially if I tell him I've forgottent hem several days in a row. It actually came down to, when I was PG with DS1, he puta sticky note on the coffeemaker ( ) and I'd forget even so!
Let me also add that this is the EXACT reason I refuse to try to use BC pills!

Maggirayne- I nearly died when I saw your post! I think this is the only thread where a huge lineup of smileys is NOT irritating! Yaya for you for getting so much done. I'm washing a load of diapers for the third time today! : Oh well.

Studentmama- a big to you! (teeheehee) I'm glad you got diagnosed! I'm another Ritalin failure! Wow did that make me wakko!

Transformed- Hi! Adult add is often misdiagnosed as bipolar dosorder, and the other way 'round, too. Welcome to our treehouse! Oh, tell us more about feingold? I hear alot about it.

Pumkincat- Hi! A good book was, 'Healing Anxiety with Herbs' It's not so much that noone's researched the herbs, it's that all the research has been done outside the US, and is therefore invalid as far as the FDA ia concerned! And my midwives approved Valerian root during PG and nursing! The other ones scare me though, like St. John's Wort.

Seisnotapirate- Like the knitted poncho I was going to make, and the babylegs, and the sleeper outfit, and the scarf, and the. . .
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Originally Posted by Maggirayne View Post
or listen sympathetically when you lose your keys (for the 500th time) and so forth and so on.

And we'll be excited when you get 1, 2 or *gasp* 3 things done in a day.
hmmm....you are speaking my language.

So is there a possibility of living in a nice clean house with dinner on the table with ADHD? Can you develop the skills to accomplish things like that?

I have a therepy appt today and who knows what they will come up with. I have bipolar symptoms also so :
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Hmm, if I could get rid of most of my stuff, probably.

I'm working on keeping the kitchen table clear so we can eat. I think someone said on here, if you can finish it in less than two minutes, do it instead of putting it off.

Hehe, washing the leftover dishes that didn't fit, I needed my cutting board clean and realized if I was gonna squirt soap on it, I might as well squirt soap in the sink and do all of the dishes(a pan, my Vitamix and thumper and a mixing bowl). I get in my head that things are harder or take longer than they really do.

Now that DD is big enough to help, it is a little easier. She unloaded most of the washer, the wet diapers from yesterday, and they waiting to go down the hall(we're in an apt, have a washer, no dryer) and then she handed me the stuff to hang on the drying rack. She played in the sink next to me, which helped and I got the bacon cut up for the grownup macaroni.

Now if only I'd go lay her down and eat lunch and clean the living room, I'd be on quite a roll. Mostly toys and 3 baskets of mostly folded clean clothes. And put the chairs back, we made a tent for DD. Argh, I gotta pack and shower for this weekend. I should get my deer tomorrow am, so we get it processed and can go visit friends next weekend. So my list got huge on me. And I got stew meat I want to make deer stew out of. If she'll lay down. . . I can chop potatoes, onion and carrots and hopefully find some celery. I never use up celery. I'm getting hungry. There is my macaroni.

I read about someone doing bits of dinner prep throughout the day, cutting up stuff.
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Originally Posted by heidirk View Post
Seisnotapirate- Like the knitted poncho I was going to make, and the babylegs, and the sleeper outfit, and the scarf, and the. . .

Originally Posted by transformed View Post
So is there a possibility of living in a nice clean house with dinner on the table with ADHD? Can you develop the skills to accomplish things like that?

But not a traditional house, not traditionally clean, and not a traditional dinner.

Ok, Heidi can vouch for me - my house is pretty clean. Here's my trick. We live in 900 square feet, so it's MUCH easier to maintain. I go on manic declutterings all the time. We have less stuff in our house now than when I was in college. I got a Roomba vacuum, and DS and the animals and I chase it around the house to let off energy (can you see the mental image? . I only clean the bathroom when I'm using it (I clean the shower while I'm in the shower) or right before someone is coming over (quick wipe of the sink and toilet). We got black "marble" linoleum in the kitchen so you can't see the dirt.

As for dinner, I married a man who can cook. Also, if that's not a possibility you can always cook double when you DO cook, so you have leftovers to freeze and pull out later.

Maggi, LOVE the post with the smilies. Hilarious.

Whoever was talking about the exercise - yeek, I totally need to exercise more. Fer sher.
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I cant roomba because my issue is stuff all over the floor! LOL. We just moved from 1500 sq feet to 800 though so I have an excuse ( but I didnt have one in my 1500 sq ft house!)

I never get the house picked up enough to clean it. kwim?

My dh makes hotdogs in croissants once a week.
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