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Originally Posted by aaronsmom View Post
I had contractions in the middle of the night that woke me up and here I am awake a 6 in the morning. These better go somewhere or I'll . I just can't take this start/stop labor anymore.
And I'm 41 weeks today.
I hope today is your day.

Originally Posted by Chavaleh View Post
Walking the girls to school this morning (usually a short 5-10 min walk which now takes a lot longer because of my slowness) I felt like Violet in the Willy Wonka movies but less purple/blue.
That is a perfect analogy for they way I feel.

Originally Posted by HardCoreMom View Post
my kids are very, very sick now. older ds's eye is swollen and discharging heavily. both kids are coughing like seals, and no one slept well last night (add endless leg cramps and BH to the mix, and i got very little sleep). i'm noticing that i'm getting a sinus headache this morning, and it makes me very nervous. i want to neither (a) get it myself, nor (b) bring a baby home to this mess. of course, i really just don't want my kids to be sick or to suffer. the other stuff just makes me nervous at this point.

i'm calling the doctor at 9.
So sorry that the kids are so sick. I hope the Dr. can at least help them get some relief (and you too of course)

Well dd2 decided that sleeping was not something she wanted to do last night. She woke up at about 4am and really didn't go back to sleep. So, I am very tired today. Having said that I really want to try and clean out my filing cabinent today so that the bills are organized for tax time. Nesting??? Not too sure. I seem to have a fair number of contractions in the evening, but not much during the day. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
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So sorry to hear about all the sick kiddos! What where we thinking being 9 months pregnant this time of year!

My son is actually (finally) better. He's still sleeping a bit more than usual (not that I'm complaining) and only eating pizza (and I'm pregnant/lazy enough to let him) but his spirits are way up!

39w1d today. I'm out of RRL! I really thought I had ordered enough to have some leftover for menstrual cramps later! Guess my pregnancy brain affected my math ability. So, no big infusion for me when labor starts. Hopefully what I did drink will help in some fashion. This is definitely one of those times when I wish I didn't live in the middle of nowhere.

I really, really thought I was in labor yesterday. For hours I had regular contractions, mostly in my back but that's how my last labor began. I finally succombed to the call of half a glass of wine and a bath and everything STOPPED! At least I got a decent night's sleep, but I was super excited to meet my baby girl!

Soon enough....
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HCM - - I'm sorry your kiddos are so sick! It's so hard to see the suffering, and that can't be good for you emotionally right now. I hope the ped can offer you some compassion and fast help for your kids.

I'm at 40+5, still nutthin'! (My midwives count me at 41 today, but I'm going by conception date.) I scheduled an appt with a cranial sacral therapist (who is also a midwife, just not my midwife) to come over tomorrow to see if she can get this baby turned anterior. She said that often posterior babies can delay the onset of labor.
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38+3 today!

DH still has to assemble the birth pool so it's all ready to go...but today I am to stay home and get some major cleaning done before It's too late! The bathrooms and kitchen floor are in DIRE need of hygene! I did a ton of laundry...and just finished folding and seperating all my diaper laundry. SO CUTE! I feel good...more pulling stretchy feelings in the lower ab area...baby moving down I think. Trying not to think too much.

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Originally Posted by MamaJamie View Post
Guess my pregnancy brain affected my math ability.
Pregnancy brain is getting me almost EVERY DAY. Today I thought I had a chiro appt. this morning but they're not even opened on tuesday mornings. WTH?! I did the same thing last week with 3 different appts...I need a personal assistant telling me when to do things.
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I've had more contractions since last night... but they don't hurt AT all. And are so random, but increasing so that's good!! Practice!

I don't expect to go for at least a few more days at the earliest, because I've never had a baby more than 3 days early.
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hmm 37w5d must be the trend today. Same here.

My two words from yesterday -Back labor- turned out to be just -latent labor- which means it will last FOREVER! Waaaa

i just need to start believing she'll come when she's ready. Ugh. Dang her!! LOL!!

*I* want to be in control of that ROFL!
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I'm still here too. No contractions anymore. No more backache, or cramps. Nothing anymore. However, I can feel myself getting that nesting instinct in order. I had DH rearrange the living room yesterday before he went to work since he didn't get it done the day before. Somehow I was thinking that it HAD to get done. I am also catching up on laundry has it's importance right now. I am definitly nesting, yet, again! I think this is my 3rd time this month. I'll go for a couple of days and then I get real tired and sleepy for a couple of days.
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aaronsmom: i hope that contractions bring you your baby soon!!

hardcoremama: im so sorry about your sick kiddos.. its not a great time.. sending lots of healing vibes your way. i hope they get well soon and that you avoid it!

strawhat: im having tons of "those" contractions.. i figure its a good thing, but its a bit irritating when it never seems to go anywhere else!

doultaMT: i hope those contractions go somewhere! im drinking my rrl tea now too!

pilgrim: my very posterior boy turned in early labor, so it can and does happen. have you tried using homeopathics at all. pulsatilla is said to help.

happymama: & :

another day. 39+4..i think jan 8th 08 would be a brilliant birthday don't you think? im trying to dtd as much as possible per my midwifes request.. meaning once so far today, but hey, its only 9am here! im drinking my tea and planning to knit..knit..knit today and maybe wash out the pool since its been sitting waiting for it for a week now.
what else... i took my last dose of antibiotics for my tooth problem yesterday so im on the road to re-building my good flora.. has anyone taken bio-k? thats what my midwife suggested. im just eating good yogurt and taking probiotics right now.
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Originally Posted by southernmommie View Post
I am also catching up on laundry has it's importance right now. I am definitly nesting, yet, again! I think this is my 3rd time this month. I'll go for a couple of days and then I get real tired and sleepy for a couple of days.
this is ezactly how im feeling nesty wise.. it comes in spurts and i keep thinking.. "okay. this is IT" but so far nothing. its a laundry day for me too.. though i feel like going thrift store shopping instead
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HCM - sorry about your sick kids! hope they're on the mend soon.

it sound slike a few of you are getting really close!

nothing going on here. BH ctx are picking up a bit more at night/getting somewhat stronger/falling into a pattern, which doesn't mean a whole lot, except that's what happened the week before labor with DC#2. so i'm hoping it means *something*.

baby is still posterior. i felt kicks over on the right side finally last night for awhile, then it turns back. it just wants to face forward and kick straight out or have its legs toward my left side. *sigh*. i'll talk to the OB tomorrow and maybe start looking into someone around here that can help me.

hey...today is the day i went into labor with DC#2. it is also the day one year ago i found out the baby i was carrying had died. ugh.
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Originally Posted by mb122 View Post
hey...today is the day i went into labor with DC#2. it is also the day one year ago i found out the baby i was carrying had died. ugh.
Ugh. : How old was that babe?
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thanks everyone for the well-wishes. i am in love with all of you in this community right now, and it's not just the hormones!

i think that having grandma here has done a lot to lift the kids' spirits. ds#1 still isn't really eating or drinking anything, but he's getting some of his energy back. (maybe the tylenol is helping him some, too.) we'll try lunch in a few minutes, to see if they don't feel like eating anything (though that never seems to be a problem with ds#2, no matter how he feels!).

i have a bad sinus headache, that i feel like if i thought about it long and hard enough, would turn into a migraine. so i'm trying not to think about it.

how about a silver lining-- do you guys think that the fact that my kids are so sick, and i'm surely building up antibodies to fight off whatever is plaguing them, means that the baby is getting the antibodies, too, and maybe he'll be born with supercool immunity? i'm all pumped up on probiotics and i eat really well and exercise like crazy, so maybe *some* of that will wear off on the baby, right? i'll have an uber-immune babe? i'm hoping he stays put till whatever this bug is works its way out of the house!

i'm sorry for everyone who's not feeling well today.

talk to you later,
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Nothing to report here, I'm just sorry for those of you dealing with sick kids, I don't know how I'd deal with that right now. My DH is gone at work until midnight tonight and I really thought after my day from hell yesterday that I'd be at the hospital today. I thought baby had engaged yesterday, no heartburn and could barely walk, today back to heartburn and pelvis is tolerable, maybe I will get to washing the kitchen floor after all.
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Originally Posted by mb122 View Post
hey...today is the day i went into labor with DC#2. it is also the day one year ago i found out the baby i was carrying had died. ugh.
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what i posted above probably seemed confusing. i went into labor with DC#2 at 38w2d (what i am today). she is fine and healthy and was born back in 2005. 1/08 last year is the day i found out i was miscarrying. that baby was only about 12-13 weeks along, but it still hurt so deeply. i passed that baby on 1/11 and was able to hold it/bury it accordingly. i thought having a baby around the time i lost the last one would be healing in some way...but it feels very emotional right now. to remember the pain from last year is a lot.
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Here I am with not a lot to report

for all who are feeling for whatever reason.

Feeling a little better rested after last night's sleep. Not great, but a DEFINITE improvement from the last few.

Anyone see the ABC News Report on UC. It wasn't SOOOO horrible, but the comments on the website have been.

Have a good evening...I'll be back later with affirmations!
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A late check-in

37+3 here. No contractions, no mucous plug, no water leaking. Still just waiting.

I wrote this in my blog yesterday after our MW visit:

262 days down, 18 to go.

We saw our midwife today for the first time in about three weeks (there was a delay due to the holidays). The weather was really amazing today–it might even have been 60 degrees outside. Of course, this also means all the snow melted… which means the dirt road to the midwife’s home office was more of a mud road today. When we arrived, she was in full beekeeper gear and was smoking all her beehives. It was a great visit–we did all the required check-up business and sat around and chatted for over an hour. Such a wonderful environment.

My fundal height is down to 34″ now, which means my suspicions that the baby dropped were spot-on. Along with the whole uterus sitting lower, the midwife also felt up my belly and found his head nice and low in my pelvis. He’s still anterior (good baby!) and has a nice head tuck going on, which means he’s in the perfect position for birthing.

He wiggled around emphatically while the midwife and her assistant were trying to find his heartbeat for me to listen to, but I finally got to hear it. So fast and furious and steady! It remains one of my favorite sounds. I also asked if they could estimate how much he weighs right now, and they guessed around 7 1/2 pounds, which sounds great to me. I (hopefully) still have a few weeks to make him a little chubbier, which would be great… I’ve heard anecdotally that bigger babies have an easier time breastfeeding.
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What an unbelievably warm day here, I think this is the Indian Summer we never had. Anyways forgot to add to my post earlier that I can't make up my mind whether or not to let my Doc. do an internal tomorrow, I'll be 40+4. Part of me is eager to find out but on the other hand I also want him to come to terms and respect moms that say hands off and it's not necessary! I know he's going to want to be scheduling the bio physical profile and NST asap and I'll have to push the dates a bit on that. I think I really should wait for the internal until next week, I just need to convince myself and my doc to wait!!
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nothing new here to report. i'm feeling really good today. i'm so comforted by the fact that she's coming soon!! no matter what, she'll be here. no take backs
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