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2008! Plus-sized and Pregnant Tribe!

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: Our Beautiful Tribe of Plus-Sized Pregnant

August Mamas
EthansMom 29 and due w/ #3
potatocraft baby #1

September Mamas
spiderdust 36 Baby #2

HeddyBee Baby #1
love14 Baby #1

PookieMom Baby #3

autumnbloom Baby #3
kbdidit Baby #1

Double Buckeye
~~Mama2B~~ Baby #2

WhisperV Baby #4

More Gorgeous Mamas

dynamic doula
mchalehm - Baby #2


lactavist - ahlia Calliope
HeatherB - : Judah
GinaRae - : Lachlan
Pumpkin_Blythe - 28 yo
jlmack45 -21 yo
Mama Tu-tu Baby -28 yo Baby #2
mamabearsoblessed - Baby #3
AKmomof2+1inNov -33 yo #3
Fruitful4Him - Baby #5
Dov's Mom
Snookler - 29 yo Baby #2
Teenytoona - 32 yo Baby #1
mama_nym - Baby #5
khanni Dylan Jay (baby #2) born 3/19 11:34 AM 8 lbs 8 oz 21" Born at home.

:: The Marvelous Mamas :
DBZ #4
lilkat - 28 yo Baby #1
CDC - 35 yo Baby #4
avasmomleigh - Baby #2
Tiffany, 38 y.o., baby #3
Jennisee - Baby #2
SweetGuyaba - Baby #2
Sheekara, Baby #1
Anno - 39 yo Baby #2
Seren - 25yo
OutOfMyMindYo - 23yo
K's Mom! - Baby #3
bluepetals Baby #2
jennythx Baby #2
Lairvine - 27 yo Baby #2
heatherraddley - 24 yo Baby #2
Kidzaplenty #9
~Megan~ 27yo Baby #3
LoobyLoo 34yo Baby #1
cbwsmama 40yo Baby #2
Mamatolea Baby #2


Looks like we need to bump some down to the delivered area so let me know when you had your babe and any stats you want to share.

If you want to be added to this list then PM me please.
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Okay so we started a new list for the new year!

If you want to be added or have any changes made please PM instead of posting to the list.

If you've had a baby in the last few months then PM any info you want posted.

Also if there are any resources you want added to the main list let me know (ie good places for maternity clothes, great links with plus sized information, etc)
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So about me then....

I'm pregnant with my 3rd. This was a big surprise but I'm started to warm up to the idea during the moments I feel well.

I have a 5yr old girl that was born via c-section because of breech position and because I had an OB.
I also have a 2 yr old boy born naturally at home, in the water. It was a great experience in comparison and what I'm planning again.

I'm due just a few days after ds' birthday but tend to go a bit earlier so I expect that this one will be born just shy of his 3rd birthday. That will put each of my kids 3 yrs apart.

I had a great midwife last time that was not at all concerned about weight. She really trusts women's bodies and in evidence based care. I felt very blessed to have such great support.
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Quick question: Anyone know about birth balls that are safe up to 350 lbs? I bought one online and the website said "tested to 500 lbs" but it just arrived and the package says not for use above 275 lbs. : I'm due in 2 weeks, so if want to get one, I have to do it soon!

Thank you...
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I think the Fitball company sells balls that can hold up to 500-600lbs. Worth looking into, we sell them were I work as Birth Balls. It's been awhile since I looked at the box though. Good Luck!
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I stopped by briefly on the 2007 Plus size thread right before I got my BFP and can officially intro. myself here.
I am Kelli, and I have a 7 year old son born via mw in hospital and medicated, and 4 year old daughter born via mw at home and plan to do the same this time. I have started each pg about 10 lbs heavier than the one before.....would have like to be 10 lbs less each time, but such is life! I am weighed in at 4 weeks on home scale at 5'9" 230 and today at 7 weeks have already gained 2 lbs? Is this possible? I am HUNGRY all the time! It's the only way I can keep the all day nausea away, I promise I will be better in a couple weeks! Once the ms goes away and it warms up a bit I plan to excercise and walk more, and of course eat better.
Anyone have a yoga dvd that they like and is somewhat easy for us plus sized mommas? and first time yogi's? My children will be 3 years apart and then 5 years b/w #2 and #3. I also work part time for a IBCLC and CB/Hypnobirthing instructor so plan to use that method this time around too.
Looking forward to meeting you all!
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Megan, you rock my socks! Thanks so much!!

Here's a little re-intro for me...

I'm Teeny, age 32, partnered to Mr Toona, step-mom to 4, and having my first this February (theoretically!!). I'm 5'3 (or 5'4 depending on who's measuring me), and before I got pregnant, I was 255, now I'm 278, which isn't too bad, considering. We're planning a homebirth, and have a great MW who doesn't really give a hoot about my weight so long as I'm gaining ok. I started out with a CNM/OB practice, where the OB I saw there, well let's just say she was so fixated on my weight that she didn't note any major pregnancy signs (uterine cervix stuff)! That's before I knew I was pregnant.

I am sort of at peace with being bigger (most of the time, I have my moments) and it seems ok in pregnancy. In fact I think it's been easy on my body due to relative proportions.

Can't wait to get to know some of you better!!
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Originally Posted by EthansMom View Post
I think the Fitball company sells balls that can hold up to 500-600lbs. Worth looking into, we sell them were I work as Birth Balls. It's been awhile since I looked at the box though. Good Luck!
Thank you! Any difference between the "plain" Fitball and the "pearl" Fitball besides price?
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None that I know of, was I right about the weight limit? We sell the package that includes the pump which I recommend b/c it takes half the time to pump it up. Glad I could help.
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I belong here too.

I'm 34 (due few days before my birthday), mom of one 6.5 yr. old DD. I'm still on my pre-pregnancy weight (230 lbs), and I am 5'6" high.
I feel good, no pregnancy or weight related problems. I eat very healthy diet (especially when pregnant, then I feel like I'm on a mission to eat well balanced healthy diet) and exercise regularly (I still manage to workout my regular pre-pregnancy routine: step aerobics, yoga and walking).
I postponed this pregnancy for a long time (our doctors in general are very sensitive to overweight people and I didn't feel comfortable about facing prejudice about me being pregnant) but then I switched to another ob/gyn, talked with her about my issues and she encouraged me to TTC because she felt that my age is more of an issue than my weight.

I'm planning for a HB which will be a tough mission because I'll have to find a MW brave enough to do it in spite of our country's regulations (there's no regulation for UC but registered MW can work only in hospitals) but as I hear, there are many of them who do it (if you go to a hospital, you're sure to have induced birth full of unnecessary interventions so many women opt for foreign birth houses or HB with MW).

It's very nice to be a part of this group.
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Hey mamas! Look at our shiny new page! Thanks Megan!
I'm Michele, mama to DS Carter who just turned 2, and expecting our surprise on Feb 29 :. Time is flying, that's for sure.

I know this topic has been bounced around on the general discussion, but I think it's a tougher questions for us plus sized mamas. What do you plan on wearing for the labor / birth?
I'm planning a hospital birth, and last time I was fortunate that they did have plus sized gowns, but in the end, I don't want to wear something that opens in the back since I plan on birthin in a squat/knees/all fours position. I want something with snaps so I can rip it off easily if desired, or open quickly in front for nursing and recieving baby on my belly. I've been on a quest for an above-the knee, cotton, lightweight knit, front snapping housedress/nightgown, for months without much luck. hahaha

What about you mamas? What are your birth-time fashion plans?
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Originally Posted by EthansMom View Post
I am weighed in at 4 weeks on home scale at 5'9" 230 and today at 7 weeks have already gained 2 lbs? Is this possible? I am HUNGRY all the time! It's the only way I can keep the all day nausea away,

Anyone have a yoga dvd that they like and is somewhat easy for us plus sized mommas? and first time yogi's?
It is so possible unfortunately. I am 21 weeks and have gained nearly 30 pounds already. I have had severe m/s since 5 weeks and have to eat constantly to keep the nausea away. That mixed with the holidays and I gained 10 pounds last month alone. And I threw up half the time. So frustrating.

I have been using these Prenatal DVD's.

I took their physical classes with DD, but can't seem to make it this yoga studio this time around, but the DVD's are a good substitute. They are very gentle yoga routines, and good for beginners and bigger mamas.
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HealingBeam where are you from? I can't seem to figure out where CRO is located.

As for what to wear, last time I had a home birth and wore a sarong and a tank (it was August) during early labor but during transition I was on the toilet a lot and wore just a tank with a sports bra. I was bottomless in the water.

I had dd in a hospital but didn't labor with her. I think the gown was sized okay, but it definitely didn't have front snaps.
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Originally Posted by Snookler View Post

What about you mamas? What are your birth-time fashion plans?
Last time I was adamant I didn't want to wear a hospital gown, not for any other reason then it wasn't mine and it seems so sterile. I wore a tank top and track pants for much of labour, then stripped down for the tub and when I got out, walked right into a hospital gown and didn't give a rat's behind about it! I was so in a zone, I couldn't have cared less if I stayed naked.

This time we are hoping for a home birth, and I have zero plan on what I'll wear. Whatever is lying around, I guess!
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I'm guessing CRO means Croatia?

As for birth fashion, I was thinking about picking up a cheapo night gown that wouldn't be any longer then knee length.
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I am having a hospital birth with mw. I plan on wearing a tank still jersey night shirt that is just above knee length. I am going to cut the straps and sew on some velcro so I can rip them off and have my breasts/belly exposed quickly if need be. I am having a VBAC and they will want to put an IV in at some point (in case I need an emergency c-section) anyway I figure the night shirt wont get in the way and can easily be removed without disturbing the IV. i really hope they don't want me to wear a hospital gown. I am also bringing a soft cotton sports bra to wear (I may wear it under the night shirt) I may decide to labour in just that. Not sure what I will feel best in.
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Originally Posted by DBZ View Post
I'm guessing CRO means Croatia?
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So for those of us in the transitionary place what are you wearing for maternity clothes. My maternity clothes are huge but my pants won't button anymore and my old shirts really show off the "B" belly.

So what do you wear?
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Intro - I am married with 3 children: 2 boys ages 8 and 7 and one daughter age 3 one on the way due in August or roundabout there. I had my first son with only an epidural after stuck for way too many hours at 8-1/2 cm... and had my daughter w/out any meds after not too long at the hospital... went in to the hospital at 7-1/2 cm. Am hoping to have a waterbirth this time. I really don't feel that I needed the doctor much, but I do want to make sure the baby is monitored so while I am definitely intrigued by freebirth I don't think I will do it. Baby #2 had the cord wrapped around her neck and that makes me wary of being completely unmonitored. I'm thinking of doing a waterbirth at home with a midwife, but a lot of it depends on the results of my u/s this week. It's amazing how wonderful it feels after the first one not knowing what is going on no matter how many books and magazines and stories you read or hear and for my second birth I did it on my own and felt so powerful! I'm looking forward to experiencing this pregnancy (feels so different) and the changes it will bring to our family.

Here's what I've done for clothing..
I bought this thing they have at Motherhood Maternity called the Tummy Sleeve and apparently it's just like the BellaBand everyone's been talking about. Basically it's just a stretchy tube and you can leave your pants unbuttoned and just put this over it and it covers your zipper/button area. It's way more comfortable than the rubber band option and I'm not worried about my open zipper showing I also made some if you have a fabric that has good stretch to it you can just sew a tube it has to be tight enough to hold your zipper/button closed and I like it long enough that I can wear it up towards my bra, feels more comfortable to me that way. Anyway it basically looks like are wearing an undershirt or the layered look. I've also been trying to wear things that are looser and longer, but I'm not announcing to everyone until I'm further along. I would say if you're comfortable telling everyone then closer fitting layers would work too. Oh and for the one at Motherhood Maternity they have 2 sizes, but I wouldn't have found it unless I asked one of the employees. The plus size one worked great for me and I purchased the black one fyi.

I'm also interested to know reactions you've had from your ob. My ob is the same one I've used in my 2 prev. pregnancies and I found that since I am considerably heavier this time he is just plain obnoxious and is insisting I have numerous tests and scans to confirm everything is alright. I am glad he's thorough, but it had more to do with his cr*ppy attitude towards me as in oh well it's too late to lose weight now ya big stupid lady... seriously that's about how the appt went! Anyone else feeling negative attitudes for being + and pregnant?
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I kinda got overwhelmed on the last thread getting in so late, so I will intro here and hope to stay on top of it. I'm Serenity. I'm 25 and pregnant with my fourth. I had a terrible hospital birth with dd1. Long story short, the Ob knew I was dangerously anemic, but neglected to tell anyone, nurses especially, I hemorraged and passed out. My sister left the room and told my dad she thought I died because i was so blue. Then I had ds and dd2 in a birth center with a midwife. Now I'm having my first homebirth with a midwife. I am very very excited.

Does anyone else lose weight when pregnant. I have already lost about 12-15 lbs. With ds i was much smaller and when I gave birth I was still 5 lbs under my pre pregnant weight. My midwife said she hasn't really seen this before, but as long as I'm eating ok and not dieting and baby looks good then she's fine with it.

Also, today I am so sore. I fell yesterday and landed smack on the step in my room. Landed straight on my stomach on the step, my knees didn't even hit the floor. The baby is fine, if anything more active than before, but my stomach is so bruised. It hurts to walk, it hurts to roll over or stand up, it hurts to do anything!
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