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Who wants to post some new belly pics? I've been waiting for better weather as our camera works so much better with outside light (its been drizzly for days). I'll try to get some good ones in a couple of days though. It might take my that long to get up the energy to do my hair!
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Originally Posted by Chula13 View Post
Well honestly I haven't seen a Dr. at all yet, not because I didn't want to of course but because I was waiting for our insurance to through(couldn't afford to pay out of pocket). So I have no idea whether he will have a problem with my weight I am just scared that he will because dr. are usually more concerned about such things.

I have alreadly warned my mother and husband that I will have this baby at home alone if this Dr. says anything about my weight....LOL. There is no way I'm letting someone pressure me into asection been there done that.
I went to the Dr. on wednesday and he said nothing about my weight matter of fact he didn't even ask what my pre-pregnancy weight was. I told him all about my horrible c-section experience and the complications thereafter and he asked me what I wanted for this pregnancy and i told him to not have another section and he was fine with that and just explained to me what the hospital procedures were. One of the hospital's requirements is that he be with me the entire time so I'm thinking I should wait as long as possible to go in, I never went into labor with my son so I'm a litte worried.

How will I know when it's time to go to the hospital?
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Cute pictures, Megan! Where did you get your cute maternity shirts? I peeked at your knitted stuff, too. : I'm sure you already know about these as a knitter, but I thought I'd mention how much I loved wool gowns for over fitteds. Unfortunately, DS outgrew this one quickly, but I'm hoping to get another one soon.

Ok, everyone, I need some help!! I need help finding 3X or 4X nursing shirts, especially for summer. Every time I buy a 3X shirt on eBay, it ends up fitting like a 2X or even a 1X, and I'm getting tired of wasting my money. I wear 22/24 shirts from Lane Bryant, but my hips are closer to a 26 right now. I know I can wear Motherhood 3X, but the only nursing clothes they seem to have are nightgowns. Can anyone recommend a store, brand, or website?
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I haven't bought anything from here because I just can't afford to buy something and hope it works kwim? If you buy some tops please post reviews about fit, etc. Di
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Originally Posted by Jennisee View Post
Cute pictures, Megan! Where did you get your cute maternity shirts?
Its a non maternity shirt from Lane Bryant. I've not really been wearing maternity shirts yet. Just stretching out my regular ones!
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Hey all I was wondering if there was anything for plus size moms and here it is yay! I am a mom to 3 great kids with #4 comming in Dec! Oh how I wish I could have lost weight before i got pg so I could have the cute baby bump. I hated in my last pregnancy I didn't look pregnant only looked like I gained massive weight lol.
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Hi ladies! I JUST found out that I am pregnant with my third. Its very very surprising to me - we didn't expect this at all, but it is of course, a very happy surprise.

I'm plus sized, and SO thankful to find a group of fellow plus sized preggers to share experiences with.
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Reading through the thread a bit and thought I'd pop in on some things

Did those that birhted in hospitals find that you were discriminated against because of your weight? Fatphobia as my midwife refers to it.
With my first I had a HORRIBLE hospital birth (i dont even want to go into it).

With my second it was FABULOUS. I think my doctor for #2 really made the difference. He was the first male doctor I'd ever had (nervous much), but he was VERY kind, a joyful person, and incredibly supportive. He asked me what my wishes were for *everything* and respected them. He didn't give me an episiotomy (insert angels singing here), and did everything in his power to make the whole experience positive & easy.

He was a little heavy set as well, so I wonder sometimes if that has to do with the acceptance level of different doctors.

Who knows...

Right now I would LOVE to do a water birth, but I dont think our hospital does it. Our insurance wont' cover anything labor/delivery related if you go *anywhere* else for medical care besides the military hospital here, and won't cover me for a year after the delivery either. So - I'm sortof "stuck" using the hospital. Still - with such a great experience last time, I'm hoping it will be just as good this time around.
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Hello ladies,

I haven't been around much. I find myself easily distracted these days. My due date was yesterday. DH and my parents (who are visiting) went out to celebrate yesterday at Olive Garden. That was nice. Especially since the last time we ate there was 36 weeks ago on our 8th wedding anniversary which also happened to be the day we discovered that we were pregnant.

Well, I'm just checking in with ya all. I'll be honest and let you know that I don't plan on being around much but when the podling arrives I'll certainly let you all know.
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weight gain?

I have been looking for info about being plus sized and pregnancy weight gain. My pre-preg weight was. . .um. . .let's just say heavy and I have gained 5 lbs at 28weeks. I do not feel like I am compromising the baby's health or dieting or anything, I am barely able to eat as much as he seems to want me to- so I know he is fine, but I wondered if this was normal. My midwives have not brought it up so they must not think it is a problem, but I am wondering when he will start packing on the pounds and how much I could expect to gain, since I started heavy.

Also I am planning on not taking the 28 week glucose test for GD next week, and I know they will try to persuade me since I am overweight, has anyone else turned this down? Other than my weight I have no risk factorsk or family history and my diet is fabulous.
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I think they do the glucose test for almost all pregnancies, to be cautious.

If you do have GD, its important to know so you can treat it. Even being overweight, they never tried to fudge the results or anything for me... so I never had to deal with the "false treatment just in case" - but I did get tested for it every time.

GD definitely isn't a result of *just* diet or weight... it can be something that "just happens" with some pregnancies, even if you're a 120 lb nutritionist, kwim? Wouldn't hurt to check it out.

Being that you (we all) started out overweight with the pregnancy, its not abnormal to gain a small amount. With my second baby I only weighed 7 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight when she was born. I had lost 8 lbs the first trimester, and then gained that back, plus seven for a total of 15 lb gain during my pregnancy with her. She was born 2 days before her due date, at 7lbs 11oz, very healthy. With this pregnancy I've already lost 3 lbs (and I'm 7 weeks along today)

If you do start gaining weight from here on out, don't worry about that either. Its normal. With my first I gained 35 almost 40. My mom gained 65 with my brother. It happens.

As long as you're eating well, trying to get a little bit of exercise (walking, yoga, etc), and drinking plenty of fluids, you're doing exactly what you need to be.
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Originally Posted by potatocraft View Post
Hi! For everyone who has done this baby thing a time or two, What did you use for an infant carrier. I'm about 300 ish and I'm so afraid that nothing I buy is going to fit me. And i really would like a carrier or sling or something. Especially for when I'm walking my dogs and stuff because they would just haul on a stroller too hard for me to enjoy the walk.
Anyone have any ideas. I can sew if you have a pattern or a link to something.
Moby wraps work as well - I took mine out of the bag and tried it on in the store, much to the dislike of the clerk...I'm also planning on a ring sling, but DH wants to make one for me instead!
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Hello ladies,

We had a beautiful baby girl last night, Sunday the 27 at 10:50 pm. She weighs 7 lbs 13 oz and is 20.5 inches long.

I'll post our birth story sometime after I have had time to process and heal.

Hope all of you are doing well.

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Congrats Sheekara!!! :
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Congratulations, Sheekara!
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Conrats Sheekara!

Megan, I went to look at your belly pics but it said they were deleted...

Well, I'm in a pickle at the moment. Things were going along quite well in terms of the doctor not saying a word about my weight (which has been going up and up). But at my previous appointment, I made a mistake reading the scale and didn't realize it til after I was gone (I read the lbs on the bottom and kg's on the top so it was a lower weight than reality). So with my appointment last week, I told her about the mistake and what it should have been and then what this time's weight was and I thought she was going to pass out. Keep in mind my bp has been fine, my glucose test was fine, no other problems or complications. So she is referring me to someone at the high risk place to discuss my diet. And she actually said fetal death was a possible complication of gaining too much weight which of course has me totally freaked out now. I gained a lot of weight with my first, a little less with my second and now this third seems to be mimicking my first. Obviously I want to do what's best for the baby but now I'm worried about the next two months and the stress that I'm expecting from each doctor appointment.

I admire so much the women here who can just do what they believe is right with regard to their care and not let themselves get freaked out by the so-called professionals. What would you do in my situation?
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Julie, I guess it depends on how much weight you're talking, but the comment about too much weight gain causing fetal death is just ridiculous. Sudden, rapid weight gain can be indicative of problems like GD and pre-e, and those problems can increase risk to the baby, but weight gain by itself isn't a problem. Since you don't have any other symptoms or complications, it sounds like it's just how your body handles pregnancy. If you have sudden swelling, headaches, dizziness, or blurred vision, obviously contact your doctor right away, but otherwise just try to stay rested and hydrated, eat well, and avoid as much stress as you can.

Personally, I'd consider looking for a different care provider. It's never too late to switch. It sounds like this doctor is just going to continue to scare and stress you, and I wouldn't want someone like that around my birth. If you do decide to stick with her, just keep asking questions until you understand the answers. Ask what specifically she's worried about, and don't accept general answers.
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