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I got the big baby talk with dc1 and I had only gained 20ish lbs. She was 6lbs 13oz at 36.5 weeks. Not exactly huge.
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Originally Posted by Snookler View Post
What upset me the most was that I just KNEW that if I was a smaller person under the same circumstances, measuring right, all excellent test results, passed the GD, I wouldn't have heard a thing about my baby being large. That's why Im so glad to have these mamas to listen to, as it really has helped me stay strong. Glad you found this thread!
i know! i thought the same thing. my SIL gained 80 lb. and nobody said anything to her (she was also tiny before).

thx for the link, also. i'm going to make dh read it (and my mother), because they think it is a good idea to just "take him" at 38 wks. to me it is like paying extra shipping just to get something a few days early. there is a reason they stay in there 40 weeks!

my dad laughed at all of it because he said his mom was built like me but half a foot shorter and he was 3 oz. shy of 11 lb. and she had him w/ no problems at all.

i feel alot better! thx everyone!
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I'd like to see some belly shots! I've not taken any yet as mine is still buried under flab. But I'd love to see yours from this time or previous pregnancies.

Show is what we have to look forward to!
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How do we post pictures? I would post my belly shots if I knew how
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Here are my pics from my last pregancy.

28 weeks
35 weeks
39 weeks
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the link doesn't work for me, butterfly mommy.... :-(
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Ok I think I fixed it.
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Originally Posted by butterfly_mommy View Post
How do we post pictures? I would post my belly shots if I knew how
You have to host them somewhere else and then post the link.
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34 weeks...


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What pretty D bellies! I fear mine will never look quite like that.

Looking back I'm not sure why I never took another picture after 29 weeks with ds. It seems odd to me because I was pregnant another 10 weeks after then. I should really double check.
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Love the pics! You look exactly like I did last pg! I also am diggin the pants that you are wearing in the pictures....where did you get them?
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i got them from a goodwill (i got those and some sage green ones in same style) but i'm pretty sure they are a target brand. liz lange, i think.

they are the most comfortable pants i have. they are actual maternity pants but they don't bother me like some do. they fit right under the bulge! and they are long enough.
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Originally Posted by Dov'sMom View Post
Quick question: Anyone know about birth balls that are safe up to 350 lbs? I bought one online and the website said "tested to 500 lbs" but it just arrived and the package says not for use above 275 lbs. : I'm due in 2 weeks, so if want to get one, I have to do it soon!

Thank you...
We bought mine at Wal-Mart. As far as I could find on the box it didn't have a weight limit. It's a Stay Ball by Gold's Gym. It's weighted down with sand or something so it doesn't go rolling around real easily. My husband weighs about 350 I guess and he's constantly bounding on the thing and abusing it. I use it as my computer chair because I have severe hip pain. I know I weigh well over 350.

It comes with it's own pump and is anti-burst so that if by chance it should break it should be a less violent event.

Which ever ball you get I suggest that when you sit on it you put the hole with it's plug towards the floor. I have had mine for 4 months and it has very slowly lost some air pressure. I suspect from around the plug. I have only had to add more air to it once. This would be a good one I think to help you get through your birth.

Good luck! And Congratulations
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Originally Posted by Snookler View Post
Hey mamas! Look at our shiny new page! Thanks Megan!
I'm Michele, mama to DS Carter who just turned 2, and expecting our surprise on Feb 29 :. Time is flying, that's for sure.

I know this topic has been bounced around on the general discussion, but I think it's a tougher questions for us plus sized mamas. What do you plan on wearing for the labor / birth?
I'm planning a hospital birth, and last time I was fortunate that they did have plus sized gowns, but in the end, I don't want to wear something that opens in the back since I plan on birthin in a squat/knees/all fours position. I want something with snaps so I can rip it off easily if desired, or open quickly in front for nursing and recieving baby on my belly. I've been on a quest for an above-the knee, cotton, lightweight knit, front snapping housedress/nightgown, for months without much luck. hahaha

What about you mamas? What are your birth-time fashion plans?
Congratulations! Personally, I plan on wearing a sarong around my waist and a t-shirt or bra. There are a lot of web pages where you can buy beautiful sarongs or even mini ones. I plan on making mine out of a regular piece of fabric. That way I get the color and pattern I like the very best. It won't take much just a piece of fabric long enough and wide enough and heming the sides.

Yesterday I came across this web page though. You might be able to find something in your size.


Good luck!
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LOL, all I can do is laugh, right...? I had to have a follow up ultrasound a few weeks ago because on my first one (19 weeks) they couldn't get a good look at the heart and spine. They spent a long time the second time around and got what they wanted. Today I had my first doc appointment since both ultrasounds and got copies of the reports to bring to my midwife (have to do shared midwife-doc care here). The first ultrasound report said that a clear visualization of heart and spine could not be achieved due to "maternal body habitus" i.e. because I am too heavy. LOVELY!
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Hi! *waves* Hope I'm not too late to join in.

I'm Ami, 34 years old in the UK and pregnant with my first (a BIG surprise after 9 years of supposed infertility). I'm 17 weeks after tomorrow and have really popped over the last week, so am looking definitely pregnant to my eyes but I can see that people around me still aren't entirely sure if I'm pg or just getting even fatter, and are too nervous/polite to ask!! None of my mws have had anything to say about either my age or my weight yet, but I seem to be really piling on the lbs fast - 10 lbs so far even though I could barely eat for the last 2 months - so I'm not sure how long it'll be until someone has something to say. But I don't seem to be putting weight on anywhere other than my belly at the moment so I really don't see any reason to sweat it too much.

I kinda like my poochy lil B belly so far. I've always had a soft spot for my budda belly anyway and now it's serving a purpose as opposed to just being fun to poke at and wobble
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I was on the old thread, but I don't think I've popped in here yet.

I'm 30 weeks pregnant with my second child. I started this pregnancy 10 pounds lighter than my first pregnancy, but I was a size 24 both times. I gained about 20 lb total the first pregnancy, and I'm up to 20 lb so far with this pregnancy, so I'm guessing I'll gain about 30 lb and weigh almost exactly the same at delivery.

I had an OB with my first pregnancy. This time, I started out seeing hospital CNM's and then found my homebirth midwives around 26 weeks. Right now, I'm seeing both the CNM's and HB MW's in parallel, but I plan to switch entirely to the HB MW's in a few weeks. I'm planning a home waterbirth.

Originally Posted by ~Megan~ View Post
So for those of us in the transitionary place what are you wearing for maternity clothes. My maternity clothes are huge but my pants won't button anymore and my old shirts really show off the "B" belly.

So what do you wear?
I actually had some clothes that were one size too big, and they worked out well when my size 24's got too tight. (I had undiagnosed PCOS and gained a lot of weight after DD was born (up to a size 26), got diagnosed while TTC the second child, lost 35 lb, and got pregnant.)

Originally Posted by ~Megan~ View Post
Did those that birhted in hospitals find that you were discriminated against because of your weight? Fatphobia as my midwife refers to it.
With my OB, shockingly, no. Despite all the interventions that my OB was fond of, she told me flat-out in the beginning that my weight would not be an issue with her and mentioned that she had just attended the birth of a 500 lb woman. Her nurses also kept underestimating my weight by about 50 lb. I'd get on the scale, they'd put the bar around 200, move it up to 220, act confused, and start back over at 200. I kept having to tell them that I weighed 250.

However, the hospital CNM's have been surprisingly fat-phobic. Nearly every appointment, I've heard the words "big baby," even though my PCOS is mild, I have no history of blood sugar problems, and I didn't have GD with DD. They also said that I exceeded their weight limit for water births, that their back-up OB might "have to" supervise my birth, that they wanted me to have a third-trimester u/s to see how big the baby was. It was so frustrating to hear these things from the women that are supposed to be the most natural caregivers around.

The only difference that I can tell is that my OB and her PA are large, plus-size women, and the CNM's are all quite thin.
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Hi mamas, I'm glad to see this tribe! I'm currently pregnant with #3, started off about 15 lbs heavier than with #2.

I got a little bit of flak about my weight at my one appointment at our local military hospital, but I won't be going back there so I don't care. DD was 10 lbs but I'm seeing the same homebirth midwife this time and I'm really glad. I'm not stepping on a scale at all, I'll be declining the GTT again and expect this to be another big baby (10 pounders run both in my family and DH's family) but all my MW said was "that's OK, you just pop them out."

I was a bit lighter with DD and this pic isn't a close-up, but here I am at 29 weeks with DD.
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