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Originally Posted by LoobyLoo View Post
re: big babies -
I was talking to my mother about the big baby issue and she pointed something out to me: her mother was a tiny wee thing, 4'10" and fine boned, who managed to push out my 12lb+ auntie with no problems at all. Whereas I decided to arrive 4 weeks early at 6lbs and took almost 2 days crawling out of my ample-hipped mother (and pretty much managed to tear her in half, which I hear about every mother's day). So I guess I'll keep trying to keep my blood sugar level and not stress it about it too much either way!
It probably had a lot more to do with her being induced than anything else! If your body isn't ready you really have to force it to make the baby come out. Sorry that your mom went through that!
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Originally Posted by ~Megan~ View Post
Sorry that your mom went through that!
Both my sister and my mother always had reeeeeally looooooong labors. I've managed to convince myself I'll be the odd one out

Sheekara - like Mamatolea, I can think of a few things I'd rather do to those people than beat them with a bottle. Or at least have one filled with rocks rather than an empty! Poor old you, no wonder you've had a hard time with your self-esteem. Sounds like your DH is supportive, I'm glad you've got at least one positive caring person around you! Maybe I'm a scary person or something but nobody, family or no, would DARE say ignorant stuff like that to me. I'd sit on them and suffocate them with my flab. I'm so glad you've come through and have a new bundle on its way, and a big for all the crappy stuff you've been through.

Butterfly_mommy? You seriously should go produce that shirt on Cafepress or somewhere as you'd definitely get an order from me. Something in completely obnoxious colors for me, please!
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Thought I would share an 11w henna belly pic with you mamas

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[QUOTE=LoobyLoo;10417584]Maybe I'm a scary person or something but nobody, family or no, would DARE say ignorant stuff like that to me. I'd sit on them and suffocate them with my flab.QUOTE]

LOL I have a list of people I'd like to do that too lol I'd never heard it put quite that way!
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Totally beautiful pic mama! Dh and I will be doing mine on Saturday - I hope it turns out as well. How is the stain holding up?
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Okay, give me strength mams, I think I've got a fataphobe on my hands.

Warning: this could get long and ranty.

A little background: I've been seeing an OB for this pregnancy since the beginning (No flames, my insurance has no in-network midwives, and I would literally have had to mortgage the house in order to have a homebirth) who was reccommended to me by my gyn. She'd had 4 children of her own, the first three vaginally, so I figure at least she's been there. I find out after going to the office for my first appt that she was actually on her maternity leave afer having had a c-sec for her 4th child because he was a "big baby" (9lb 4 oz). I know, I know, I should have run then, but I trudged on.
Everything seemed to be going okay (except for a couple odd comments like I shouldn't eat icecream and candy bars every day - wtf?) until at my 30 wk appointment when she says that even though I'm measuring right on schedule, she was concerned that the baby might be getting big and wanted to do an ultrasound. I was kind of concerned that the baby stuck lying transverse, and wanted to take a peek, so I had the ultrasound at 33 weeks, and low and behold, baby's head circumference is in the 95% percentile, blah blah blah. I told her that I thought everything would be fine and had confidence in my ability to birth this baby. She gave me the whole shoulder distocia song and dance and said that "positive thinking never pushed a baby out" and "Oh, so you're going to be one of my Bad Patients" (Is this a psychological trick they they teach dr's in school?) I called her up the next day after fuming overnight because I wanted to clear the air, and let her know that I do take these things seriously, have done my research, and am making an educated decision not to consider induction before 40 wks. If at that point all indications show that this baby will be born in excess of 11 lbs, then we can discuss the reprocussions of that at the time. She seemed okay with everything, and so I thought we were done with the Big Baby dance.

Fast Forward to my appointment on Monday, where I get all of my instructions sheets for when I should call the office/go to the hospital, etc, along with a card to carry in my wallet with all the pertinent infomation regarding my pregnancy (Glucose test results, RH factor, blood type, etc.) and under the special comments section she has personally hand written " Macrosomia" and on the second line "Obesity".

Okay, I can understand her feeling the need to note her suspicion of macrosomia even though it cannot be diagnosed until after the baby is born, but I can't for the life of me begin to imagine why she thinks I need a card in my wallet which declares me obese.
-Does she think that I might lie to someone and tell them that I'm not fat, and somehow be able to hide my huge *ss from them long enough to be treated like a normal person?
- Does she feel that the hospital staff would be so incompetant as to not notice a 300lb woman walking through the door?
- Is she just trying to hurt my feelings?

So here I am, I'll be 36 wks pregnant tomorrow, and I have an appointment to interview a new ob on Monday. Never thought I would be in this position, but I cannot let this person who obviously has so little respect for me or my ability to birth this baby be the person who assists in bringing him into this world.

Tell me mamas, what would you do?
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I'd go to that appointment on Monday and tell the fatphobic OB to stick it where the sun don't shine. What a U/A violation! Her behavior is totally abusive. I'm really sorry she treated you that way. With my last pregnancy the OBs always managed to upset me enough to where I left in tears.
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I would move here to NH IMMEDIATELY so that Adrian, my miracle midwife can birth your beautiful healthy BIG baby! She says the bigger the baby the happier she is!!!!

My husband(who is 6'5, 350) says, perhaps they need to see a card, you will walk in the door and say "Can I see you card please?" then "Oh my God! I didn't realize you were fat, please step sideways thru the door while we snicker behind your back...." What a crazy psychotic woman she is! I would NEVER let her within 100 yards of my body OR my baby!!

You poor thing!!! Let us know what you decide!! (I can get you here easily enough and you are more than welcome to stay with us until the baby is born!!! )
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Originally Posted by Snookler View Post
Totally beautiful pic mama! Dh and I will be doing mine on Saturday - I hope it turns out as well. How is the stain holding up?
Gone But that's ok, I have more henna!!
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Snookler--that's really horrible. I know it's a bit late, but I just got my health insurance to get an in-network exception for my CNM because they didn't have any midwives in my area that did homebirths. It was actually fairly easy once I finally got transferred to the right person.

Secondly, my daughter's head was in the 95th percentile when she was born. I'm not going to tell you that it was a cakewalk, but I did give birth to her vaginally and at home. I didn't tear at all, and there was no shoulder dystocia. In fact, once I got to the largest part of her head, on that push, she just shot right out.

Plus, there are proven techniques for shoulder dystocia. For instance, getting on hands and knees. Ina May Gaskin says that has done the trick for her everytime (I think it was everytime).

There ought to be some sort of way to retalliate against doctors like this. It's flat-out discrimination and there must be some sort of ethical committee or something for doctors.
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Snookler, what a mess of a situation! And that "doctor" is a total UAV! I think (especially with all those clinical trials and the noted "placebo effect") she should shush about her anti-positive thinking self. You know you can do it, and she's really a fatphobic person who paints everyone over a certain size limit with a big brush. I"m willing to bet she thinks every thin person is in great shape and the epitome of health. PHOOEY!!

Well it's a happy February today isn't it? And here, I'm due in just 9 days! How did this happen? Heh! I suspect the next few weeks might drag as everyone at work asks me everyday when I"m having the baby. Dude, I'm not even due yet! Otherwise things are going well, Mr Toona is the bomb, and my MW is great. All systems are go for a
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Wow, Snookler! I hope the new OB you interview is better than that lady, sheesh. No, positive thinking never pushed a baby out but negative thinking (by the OB) has, I'm sure, helped more than one babe who wasn't quite ready to be born end up in the NICU.

Teenytoona - glad to hear everything's set for your homebirth!
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Just a quick update...I am on my babymoon!!!!!

My beautiful baby boy came into this world by cesarean birth on January 29th, 2008 at 1:50 pm weighing a whopping 9lbs 12 oz. I had a bad birth experience for myself and ended up having to go under general anesthetic in the end because the epidural didn't work completely, that after 4 attempts to get one in! I t was horrible but I woke to a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

Julian Dale suffered none from his birth and was screaming before he was taken from my womb his APGAR was 9 and 9! My midwife was present the whole time and took him in her hands as soon as the ob delivered him. She did very minimal cleaning and cloth diapered him, as per my wishes and had him on his father for skin to skin 12 minutes after his birth. She then had him on my breast in recovery even before I was completely aware, he was feeding within an hour of his birth! He is doing wonderful and we are now home and he is eating like a champ!

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Wow it sounds like your birth experience was horrible. . Your little boy is really handsome though and you have a very awesome midwife to be so cool to CD him and get him nursing so quickly. How many weeks were you when you birth that big guy?
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Hi ladies! I'd like to join in here!

I'm Tracey Mouse, out in Oregon, expecting baby #3, but my first in 17 years and hubby's first ever (we had a tubal reversal 2 years ago, and 3 m/c since then). We're due in June, and planning a homebirth, probably UC.

I'm a little over 200 lbs. - had just started weight watchers and running and all when I got pregnant. My stats are great though, blood pressure, blood glucose levels (I monitor myself with one of those little gadgets that pokes you), etc.

I do have a question for you larger ladies out there - when could you hear the heartbeat with a fetoscope (not a doppler), and when did you start feeling actual "kicks", rather than just vague movements? At 20 wks, I'm still just having "movements" that I cannot be CERTAIN are baby and not simply overactive bowels (especially since they usually seem to happen after eating!). I also am wondering how long it will be before the fetoscope will pick up the h/b with all this fat on top of my uterus?


Tracey Mouse
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I don't think you can hear with a fetoscope until later in pregnancy.

I felt my baby at about 18-19 weeks and I'm guessing you are feeling the baby now. They have a tendancy to get active after you eat.
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Congrats ButterflyMomma! SO sorry things were rough, but it seems like things are better now, so that's wonderful! Enjoy your babymoon!

My due-date buddy SIL had her baby yesterday! Woot! It's good because they were going to induce her Tuesday (also a plus sized momma) for a baby that was "too big" weeks ago. The baby was born during the superbowl, at 8:55 pm 7 lbs 15 oz 21.5 inches. So much for the gigantic baby. I hear my bro is all hopped up, and hoping to meet the little nephew tonight. I've been told that since I'm due Sunday, seeing this little guy could make my hormones go wacktastic, so we shall see!

Otherwise, I'm still kickin', still at work, just waiting. Nothing to report really, other than the carseat is finally ready.
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Originally Posted by DBZ View Post
Wow it sounds like your birth experience was horrible. . Your little boy is really handsome though and you have a very awesome midwife to be so cool to CD him and get him nursing so quickly. How many weeks were you when you birth that big guy?
I was 39 weeks. Both DH and I were big babies and weighed close to 9 lbs at birth.
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Since I have to have my baby in the hospital, I figured I'd better buy a nightgown. I usually just sleep in a t-shirt. Should I buy this nursing night gown or this plus size gown that buttons down the front. I wonder if the nursing gown is designed for small chest mamas. It would stink if my big boobs wouldn't fit thru the holes. What do you guys think?
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I don't know if its normal or not but at 17 weeks I've not gained any weight. I've got a big difference in my profile but haven't gained a pound.

At this point in my other pregnancies I think I'd put on at least a little bit.
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