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Names Check-in

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Where are you all with your names?

We have one picked for each with a couple of alternatives.

For a girl we have decided on Gretel.

For a boy we like Knowlton.

My Dh has a neat and unique name and so do many in my family, so we are really happy with these ones. Folklore, languages and fantasy are very important in our family.

Gretel we really like: it represents our shared Germanic culture, and she is the only girl in a fairy tale that I can think of who actually was the hero of the story rather than the weepy princess waiting for a rescue. PLUS: it can be easily shortened to Grettie or Gretta if she likes.

Knowlton sounds smart, strong and really refined to us, it's rare, and it's in honour of one of our dearest, late, family members.

Okay, your turn!

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Um.....I may be bringing baby name books to the hospital with me.
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Our dear friends were in the same boat and they waited three or four days before naming their little daugther... and they picked something unique and perfect!

Don't worry!

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If we have a girl, we're screwed

Our boy (as we understand he is male!)

Bodhi Grayson

Bodhi - First we thought the name was cool sounding then learned it's the name of the tree under which Buddha gained enlightenment and then we were sold!

Grayson - I wanted a name that honored my grandfather and wasn't so keen on "Ralph" and he always hated his name . . . so heard/came up with Grayson and fell in love with it because my mom's maiden name (grandfather's last name) is Gray and obviously son = boy and then found out later that Grayson is a family name on my mother-in-law's side so it was a perfect fit!

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I'm still thinking, but DH is pretty set on Peter Alexius. I like it alot, just kind of want to meet our wee one before giving him a final name.

Options! I need options! :-)
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We are pretty sure the babe is a she. Her name is Leah Karlin.

I really thought we'd be going to the hospital nameless...and even coming home nameless...but one day I was sitting in class while my students were taking a test and I swear I heard someone say "My name is Leah" I looked around because it was AUDIBLE to me. No one else moved like they heard a sound and the kids were still working on the test.

I texted my husband that minute and said "What do you think of Leah Karlin?" He texted back, "Yeah. I like it." Afterwards I told him that she picked her name. :beams: I'm convinced. I *heard* her well before our anatomy U/S that confirmed my pink prediction.

Now, there's still a chance she's a he...but I will be SHOCKED if that happens. But *IF* the babe is a boy...his name is Simon Edwin.
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We are so stuck on what to name her. Our list changes regularily. We're considering:
and there are more....I just cant remember them all.

Boys names we gave up on. If the u/s technician was wrong, well, He'll be Baby Boy for a little while after he's born.
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No names chosen here, we'll take a short-list to the hospital and then decide when we meet her.
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We've had names picked out since before we were married. I can't tell until his naming ceremony, though. It's getting really hard to hold it in!
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U/S says she is a girl and her name is Mattie Grace.
Mattie - DH's Grandmother's first name
Grace - DH's Grandmother's middle name and DH's Mom's middle name

If by some chance She turns out to be He the name will be Paul Elijah Carson
Paul - My Daddy
Elijah Carson - My favorite Great Uncle
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We don't know our peanut's gender and it's so exciting. The only down side is that it's difficult to find cute gender-neutral baby paraphernalia. We were stuck on a boy name for ever but I think we've finally got it now.

Girl: Amelia Day
Boy: Onyx Ryder

MIL doesn't like Onyx but we don't care. She's convinced peanut is a girl. Anyone else having problems with family disliking their choices?

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Our little boy is Soren West.

It was so hard to find a Scandinavian name that wasn't too harsh sounding or just too plain weird for North America. I really couldn't live with a Snorri or a Frigg.
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We're getting closer, but still not sure: So far the list includes:
Ewan/Euan (unsure which spelling)
Killian/Cillian (unsure of spelling again)

Of course, once we pick a first name, we need to figure out a middle name.
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My boy is named Gavin Elijah
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wow! you guys have some great names.

Our babe will be Orson Bradley. Bradley after my father.
His nickname is Sonny. I'm trying to talk Dh into just naming him Sonny, but he's pretty attached to the name Orson. Which I really like too.
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Our little Boy will be named Riley Thomas

Riley is a name we like, and Thomas was a good friend of mine who died with muscular dystrophy in July. I found out about his death right after I found out I was pregnant.

Bella-- my maiden name is Gray also, so i LOVE the name you picked... originally this little boys name was going to be Declan Gray :giggle
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Anyone else having problems with family disliking their choices?
My ILs were quite vocal about their dislike of DD2's middle name. It just made me dig my heels in more that it was going to be her name LOL.
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We don;t know the gender and really have no clue so:

Girl: Charlotte Grace or Charlotte Francheska
(or possibly Claudia Grace or Kaia Francheska if Charlotte doesn't fit)
- Francheska is my MIL's middle name but other than that, we just love all the other names)

Boy: Eric James (my dh's pick- Dh's first name and my Father's middle name) who will be EJ for short

or a combination of Christopher, James, Aiden or Christian)
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Our little girl will be Harper Rivka.

We were having a hard time with boys names, we have a short list for boys, but nothing we're sold on just in case.
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We're having a girl. Her name is Zoe Anna.
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