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I just read somewhere (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, maybe? I'll have to check my sources....) that both Nichols AND Johnny's are affiliated with either Monsanto or Seminis...

Yes, they are.  They both buy seeds from Seminis, which wasn't a problem 'til Monsanto bought Seminis.  They're on the other stickied post listing Monsanto-affiliated companies.  But, both had reputations as "good" reputable companies prior to that - my mother and I have ordered from both for years and years with good results.  I hope they will phase out the Seminis seeds, as Territorial Seeds says they're doing with their Seminis stuff, but they won't know to do that unless we the customer contact them and let them know why our orders are so small or nonexistent now.  smile.gif


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I've been buying from Seeds of Change, Botanical Interests, and Southern Exposure with good results for the last couple of years. I strongly recommend also joining a seed exchange group, so that you can exchange heirloom cultivars with people who grow their own non-GMO, organic seeds.

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I would like to add Salt Spring Seeds  at http://www.saltspringseeds.com/. Beautiful people doing beautiful work!


They are located on Salt Spring Island between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

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Many thanks for this list! Your work is so very important.


Just recently, I was shocked to discover the GMO work of the Jung Seed Company. Generations ago, our family started using Jung Seed - back when it was a family-owned business in Wisconsin. Years ago, I  learned the company had sold, but I had no idea of what was really happening with it! 


I had just started to research GMO-free seed companies when someone posted the link to this list on FaceBook.  Again - many thanks for your important work. and know that I will share.



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A friend passed this list of safe seed companies along on his facebook which was very much appreciated!  I'd like to thank him (thanks Bobby!) and the people that made this list possible and got it out there for all of us!

I joined Mothering due to some experiences I wanted to share about Pinetree.  This was a few years ago now and we don't know if things have changed or not - all of us have quit trying with them & gone to other companies - but Pinetree's seeds' germination rate......and consequent customer service when contacted regarding that......was the worst ever experienced.  Their response when asked was a blunt, brief "is within the FDA's ratings of +/- 40%", story closed and that was it.  Experiences, for several people, over the course of 2 to 3 years repeated ordering & trying was less than 30% germination every time and only half of those fully surviving......leaving few plants to grow & even fewer seeds to carry on into the future.


Kate in WI

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I received one of their catalogs also and was wondering the same thing. We save as many of our own seeds as possible (so we know they are non-gmo) but are always looking for different foods to grow. This year we will try grains and peanuts!

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thank you for all the work to put the seed suppliers list together !

Another possible seed company is Turtle Tree:



Joyous Healthy New Year !



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Here is another seed company from Canada. Salt Spring is on the west coast and is an awesome farming community.


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Hi, I just found your safe seed list and was wondering if you know anything about the Sustainable Seed Company, Annie's seeds, and CherryGal heirlooms. Theses are just three companies I came across while I was looking for heirloom organic seeds. Thanks for posting this list.

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oops, almost forgot D. Landreth Seed Company - the oldest seed house in America - www.landrethseeds.com


Thank you for publishing this list. It's important information for the educated gardener.

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Thank you for posting this list! I love Peacful Valley , we know the original family who owned it well :)

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Is this an all-inclusive list? I'm asking because I just made a rather significant seed purchase from a company I believed to be all-organic, natural, yadda yadda.... Does anyone know anything about Sustainable Seed Company?

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Two of my favorite Heirloom / Open-Pollenated seed companies are:


Commstock Ferre & Co - http://www.comstockferre.com - mostly Heirlooms form pre-1900


Turtle True Seed - http://www.turtletreeseed.org/ - mostly certified biodynamic and/or certified organic.


Bost of these offer a wide variety of seeds that aren''t as commonly grown.



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Johhny's is a great source of safe seeds!

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This is so disturbing that Monsanto has infiltrated the food market with GMO seeds from everything from tomatos to sugar beets, that are sold to their subsidiaries ,Mars Candy, and are in many other food products! GMO food is everywhere! When fed to Pigs it has sterilized them! The cross pollination in the fields make it a hazard to other farmers, as the results are a "side effect!" Boycott Monsanto GMO seeds and food products, they are unsafe, you are in effect a Guinea Pig!

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Here's another one! Westwind Seeds (http://www.westwindseeds.com/)

I have planted broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, and bunching onions from this company this year, and all are doing great! High germination rates and high yields too.

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A couple of great ones that were left off the list and are for sure not in any way associated with Monsanto:

Landreth Seed Co. - oldest seed house in America!


Sustainable Seeds Company


Hope this helps!

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You could add to this list Alan Kapuler's company Peace Seeds, www.peaceseeds.com, a Planetary Gene-pool Resource and Service, 2385 SE Thompson, Corvallis Oregon 97333,  and also his daughter's and her partner's Peace Seedlings, peace seedlings@yahoo.com, at the same address. Organic Public Domain Plant Breeding!

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As far as GE companies go, Monsanto is the largest worldwide. The other companies that do this kind of business are BASF, DOW, Syngenta, Bayer Cropscience, and Pioneer Hi Tech. There is a huge campaign on Twitter about GMO's. Just do a search for #GMO #GE or #StopMonsanto.

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