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i won a custom from julie off of the 2/05 FF auctions on WAHMchicks. i went with a longies/hat set and it's beautiful! julie was really easy to work with and fast. i always keep my eye out for more custom slots because everything i see from TCT looks awesome
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Last fall I bought a custom spot from Marnie of the Cushie Tushie. She was so helpful in designing my amazing longies/hat set! The yarn was so soft, the colors were beautiful, the knitting was perfect, and the embellishment was so cute! Her customer service is amazing. I wouldn't hesitate to order from TCT again in the future.
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I just received a pair of longies with the curly purly waistband from julie at the Cushi Tushie! I love the colors! I haven't had a chance to use it yet since it is still 90 degrees here, but I can't wait!
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I won a crazy soaker slot with Marnie and she did a great job. It was beautifully made and arrived quickly. Marnie is an absolute sweetheart to work with and I currently have a custom with her for a complete set. So far working with her has been a dream
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I've worked with Julie twice in the past year. Once was a custom soaker w/embellishment and another was a pair of embellished shorts. Both items are absolutely beautiful. I look forward to working with Julie again!!
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I purchased a wonderful pair of TCT shorties and they've always been fabulous. They're so well made with great, tight stitches and a perfect round drawstring. They're thick enough to work well and trim enough not to hinder my son. Thank you for a quality product.
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I just got my first (okay, my daughters first) cushie tushie soaker today in the mail and it is beautiful. The colors are perfect (it was a custom) and the fit is great and the knitting perfect, I just can't wait to score a custom for longies now Thanks Marnie! what beautiful work
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I purchased a "Boobie Ball" and it is so darn cute. Very well made and well packaged. I loved the little card that came with it. It also shipped super-fast. Thanks TCT
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Although I've never had the honor of owning a piece of Cushie Tushie knitting, I have had a wonderful purchasing experience just this month with Dana. I bought a hand dyed and painted long sleeve t-shirt from Dana. It is the most beautiful shirt DD owns and we will get soooo much wear out of it this fall and winter. Dana did a fabulous job dyeing the shirt a beautiful shade of blue (that will match many of DD's pants because blue is my favorite color for her.) The hand painted flowers are so sweet and bright and colorful. I love the quick shipping and Dana took so much care in packaging this little shirt, which came wrapped in a matching silk bag. Definitely a for Dana and The Cushie Tushie.
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I just received my first pair of TCT longies from Julie and they are superb!! It was a totally custom plot and I could not be more pleased. The colorway is amazing - I love the way it knitted up and it is sooo soft! The knitting is perfect. It's still too warm to use them but I know they will be a fav this winter ( when it gets to be winter in the desert LOL!)
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I purchased two skeins of yarn from Julie at TCT and I absolutely LOVE them!!! She did an awesome job, and I think the Conch colorway is one of my all time faves!!!!!
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Big thumbs up from me. I have many items from The Cushie Tushie, a bunch of pants, a hat, soakers, and a Boobie Ball. They're all perfect. I even have two pairs of custom TCT Papa knit pants that I love! Custom slots are so much fun there! IMO, TCT is always a great choice because their stuff is so reliable, you know you will get something well made. Great prices too, oh, and embellishments!

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I have some wonderful things from all of the mamas at The Cushie Tushie!

My first wool soakers were from Dana. She made 2 beautiful soakers, dyed to my specifications, for my ds last summer. They are still in HEAVY use over a year later. Outstanding!

Next, I got a pair of shorts from Julie. Made from Volgassippi Blue Peace Fleece, they are among our favorites. I got them last November, and again, still used almost daily. Wonderful workmomship!

I also have a pair of shorts and pants from Marnie. They are both super soft, and also have held up incredibly well. They are also used in heavy rotation. Superb!

The customer service from all three women is also great. If there were ever delays or anything not quite perfect, they have gone above and beyond to correct it, and to make it up to me. A great group of women to do business with.

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