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Knitty Ups

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I purchased a custom soaker from Mindy and I LOVE it! She does excellent work, I love the style of the legs b/c they are short like a diaper cover, but rolled so they are stretchy. She also has excellent customer service and prices.

Thank You!
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I also got a custom soaker from Mindy as part of a trade. It is gorgeous and fits wonderfully, even over our bulky nighttime fitted diapers. The snug fit helps me get pjs on over the big bottom, but no problems with compression wicking.

Excellent WAHM!
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Yup Mindy is my first soaker gal and my ultimate favorite up until now...She is wonderfull to work with goes whereever she needs to go to please you. I have no complaints what so ever her soakers fit my son awsome and i have never had a problem with bleeding...

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Does anyone have a link for her? I tried typing in the name of her store in yahoo search, but I couldn't find it. Thanks.
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