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So if they're also giving them free C-sections for all those pregnancies without ANY medical reason? No, I'm not cool with that.
I consider a woman's mental health to be "a medical reason." If I ever chose a c-section (unlikely, but not unfathomable) it would be due to past birth trauma.

I also just don't understand WHY someone would choose it??? I might have to have one due to previa and I will be SO disappointed if that happens. Obviously, my main fear is not having complications or bleeding from previa, but also on my mind is a c-section that I do NOT want! How can someone just choose that? I don't get it.
In my case, I had an extremely traumatic birth experience, so bad that I (briefly) considered an abortion when I found out I was pregnant again. I realized at that point that it was crazy to force myself to go through a natural/ unmedicated birth again if it wasn't my wish or within my safety zone anymore. So I opted for an epi, but I can definitely see how an elective c-section would look appealing to someone who has suffered trauma from a vaginal birth.

I'm under no illusion that c-sections are risk free, but they do offer certainty as to when/ where/ how the baby will be born, which for a woman in a vulnerable psychological state, can be comforting.