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Media Challenge

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Is anyone up for a media challenge?

I propose that we set a certain number of minutes per day to devote to each kind of media. I am not a big TV or radio fan, but the Internet can really eat up my time.

I would like to get my actions more in line with my personal goals of a more simple life.

I am going to start slow though and decrease the time next week:
Maximum of 15 minutes daily watching the news.
Maximum of two hours daily on the Internet.

When time is up, time is up. Find something else to do. :

Let's report our success daily to keep ourselves on track.

Who's in?
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I suck at this. We got rid of TV but the Internet really sucks my time. First, I blog and have to do comment moderation-- so I'll end up doing that (and clicking on a link and so forth). The second is I freelance and am always looking for a work email to come in (and hopefully tell me I'm gonna make some $$).

I need help with this....
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I would SO love to do this! I have serious crafting that is being totally ignored because I waste WAY too much time on the computer. I don't have cable so I don't watch news...just listen to NPR in the car. I also do work for my part time job from time to time on the computer so how would I factor this in...let's see:

I will not spend more than 15 minutes on the computer during DS's nap time so that I can craft in daylight.
I will not spend more than 2 hours on the computer at night unless I have paid work that I need to do.

Can't hurt to try! Guess I'm in!
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9th -- Used the Internet for about 40 minutes in 5 miute segments during the day. I will use it for about an hour more and them switch to reading. Never watched TV.
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Didn't do so well last night cause I ended up having to work all night. Going off now (been on about 1 hr) and will probably get back on before bed for a bit but doing ok so far! (I have to wean slowly )
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Oh, I am so in. I 'm such a media junkie.

1) 2 hours a day on the internet 2) 1 hour a day NPR 3) 1 magazine at a time!
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