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gosh, FOX is lame. So Lame.

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Some of you may or may not be following this story.

Rupert Murdoch and his little cottage business called, FOX NEWS, is so hypersensitive that they actually sued Big, bad Al Franken over his new book's title.. Because it included "Fair and Balanced."
I would think that someone would have explained to the house that Rupert Murdoch built, that parody is protected in the united states.
But then this is a man who cancelled his first wife for a new 30 years younger model and makes tons of dough on the sleaziest programs ever conceived and then call elections early with Bush's Cousin at the helm and give us his fair and balanced reports.

anyway, here is the update in case anyone cares.
maybe the formers Mrs. Murdoch would be humored.


"Fox charged that Franken had violated its trademarked phrase "fair and balanced" by including it on the cover of his book entitled "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them." Fox is owned by News Corp. and Penguin is a unit of Pearson . The book went on sale on Thursday.

"There are hard cases and there are easy cases. This is an easy case," said U.S. District Judge Denny Chin. "This case is wholly without merit both factually and legally."

"Parody is a form of artistic expression protected by the First Amendment. The keystone to parody is imitation. Mr. Franken is clearly mocking Fox," said Chin.

The judge said he thought it ironic that a media company that should be fighting to protect free speech would seek to undermine the First Amendment. He also said he thought the "fair and balanced" trademark is weak because the phrase is used so often.
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I heard about this.

Oh boy.


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I thought the whole thing was hysterical in the extreme! Al Franken is funny as hell. I loved his book "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot". I look forward to his skewering of "Faux" News.

Thanks to Fox he will now sell three times as many copies. Idiots.

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:LOL :LOL :LOL That is just too funny!
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I saw this today.

If Orson Welles were alive today, well, he'd be pretty old and pretty fat, but if he could do it, he would make a new Citizen Kane and it would Be Citizen Murdoch.


"NYT media watcher Jim Rutenberg is preparing to root out a memorandum posted recently in the Fox News computer system: "The urge may seem irresistible to play off Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting career," Moody wrote. "Resist it.

Otherwise the effect is often to belittle the candidacy of the front-runner for one of the most important offices in the U.S., and that's not fair and balanced. No more references to 'Conan,' 'Terminator,' and 'Kindergarten Cop' as shorthand for the candidate.... Certainly don't suggest he is part of a 'circus' or lump him in with novelty candidates" like Gary Coleman... Ask yourself if your clever turn of phrase is suggesting that Schwarzenegger's candidacy isn't a serious one. That's exactly the case his political opponents want to press. We need to play it down the middle."

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wondered when somebody would start a thread about this! Satire is such a protected form of speech, it almost seems impossible that FOX would bother to bring the suit. Franken couldn't have asked for better publicity!

What I love is that I keep seeing the phrase "Fair & Balanced" being used in an ironic way to mean "Biased & One-sided". FOX really has made an impression! Has anyone read "Lies & the Lying Liars..."? or has it not come out yet?
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Well, as it entered the fray, Fox appears to have retreated in the same 'dignified' manner:

BTW, a trademark law listserv I subscribe to is pretty clearly on the 'what were they thinking' side of things.
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I heard that one day recently there was an online movement for people to add the phrase "fair and balanced" to their webpages and blogs so that search engines pick that up. It used to be that if you put that phrase in a search engine it would just bring up Fox news, now it brings up over half a million.
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maybe we should ask Laura to randomly place it on Mothering's homepage...muwhahahaha..
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