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Yuri is here. Birth story info[Reupdated]

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Yuri, my 10-11.5lb boy (haven't weighed him yet, but hes Definitely bigger than his 10lb brother,) was born 6 hours ago. His name suits him, he looks like a big gorgeous Russian sumo wrestler.

I'll write it all out eventually, but it was insane, intense, calm, and perfect. Completely perfect.
A total headtrip, and I really cant (and probably dont need to, as well, you guys have all been there) put it into words how intense it was.

My family is exhausted, so they're settling in for bed, but I'm pretty wired. I'm wearing him now, and he's moaning his soft sweet newborn moan.

His father was, without words, amazing. He never doubted me once, and everytime I looked at him - thrashing around like an animal at points - he just beamed with pride, smiling at me with such faith.

I tore. Ended up going in 3.5 hrs later, and the maternity ward nurses were really wonderful. I was in and out in an hour and a half, and instead of any sort of questioning or interrogation - I got many 'congratulations!!!' [Ended up deciding to heal naturally, only a 2nd degree, straight down tear. An unbelievable and marvelous friend drove half an hour to take me in. ]
AND I got a peribottle!

I'm off to go stare at my sleeping family.

*Pictures Deleted* [For privacy reasons, but there are some on the new forum]

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Oh, and afterpains are kicking my ass.
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I LOVE his name!
Great Job, Mama!
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Woo-Hoo!! Congratulations Kat, and welcome Yuri
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Hooray, you made it! What a big boy! Congrats mama!
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Beautiful post - I can't wait to read the full story! Congratulations and enjoy your big baby boy!
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i love his name!
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congrats... your newborn is bigger then my 6 week old!!
Can't wait to read your whole story
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congrats to your family
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yay@!@@! cnograts@!
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Congrats!!!! Yeay for big babies!!!!!
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Dave was nice and let me sleep till 10! I cant believe Yuri is here!!! He is absolutly beautiful, and so calm! You can tell what a peaceful entrance into the world he had. ::::
Charlie helped
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Wow, that's like two of my baby! Congratulations, and I adore the name Yuri. It's so sweet. I once dated a Siberian accordion player named Yuri. No relation. Anyway, yes, many congratulations.
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Congrats mama! I can't wait for pics!

Welcome Yuri!
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CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait to see pics of your big guy!
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wow! what a big little one!! congrats mam a and happy babymoon.. healing vibes to your nether regions..
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Popping in from the January DDC.

Congratulations! My Yuri was born on Sunday at 9 lbs.

Get some rest and enjoy your babymoon!
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Wonderful & congratulations!
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congrats! cute name! Afterpains kicked my but for the first time this time, too. Hope they ease up soon for you!
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