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Soaker Pattern - Sheepy, Punk Rock, Fern and F...

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I've knit the Picky Pants longies (love them) and also LTKs ribby wrap, but it didn't quite fit my babe right and from use of my Dancig Bear Bottoms, I think I want a soaker, with similiar legs.
Only I'm so indecisive! I've been looking esp at the Fern and Faerie (free or otherwise - since I already have a longies pattern I love what's the major advantages you've found?)
the Punk Rock Knitters soaker
and Sheepy Time Knits Sheepy Soaker.

So... can anyone weigh in on any of these? Fit, options, whatever?
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It really depends on the shape of your baby. I've knit the free F&F soaker, the ottobre and the Curly Purly. The CP fits my kids the best by far but they're both long and skinny. They're all good patterns, though. Maybe try one of each? I always like having options.
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I haven't knitted the Sheepy pattern yet but my favorite part of it is the cuff options. I have done pants and the soaker on the F&F pattern and have liked both.
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The F and F free soaker and the punk knitter soaker are essentially the same pattern.

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I think that I am the only person in the world who just does not like the look of the punk rock soaker.

I just started knitting, so I haven't even bought the pattern yet, but I've heard nothing but raves about the Sheepy patterns. In fact, wanting to make Sheepy Pants was the final straw that made me go from wishing that I could knit, to making myself just actually learn to
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I'm another fan of knit one of each. I liked being able to figure out exactly which ones worked the best so I could focus my efforts in future knitting! Also you learn new little tricks with each one. That said, from your list I've only knit the F&F, and while I, too, don't like how it looks when laid flat, it looked fine on the babe, if a little bulky (which did correspond to good soaking, so there are always trade offs!).
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I like both the F&F and the CP. I find the CP fits better now that he has slimmed down a bit than it did when he was a total butterbal with a buddha belly.
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it did the punk rock pattern a few weeks ago i really liked it- it was easy and really cute. i haven't done any other patterns though so i have nothing to compare it to
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I liked the F&F free pattern for my youngest daughter, she's petite and it fit her perfectly without extra bulk. Haven't tried the other ones mentioned.
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I wanted to clarify I have the Fern & Farie pattern that you have to buy. I don't know if there is a difference in soakers.
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