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twins, 29 weeks, 1.5 lbs each

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my babies were born 6 lbs 10 oz, and 6 lbs 5 oz and I had a c-section because baby a was breech. I was told in the hospital that I could try vaginal if baby a was vertex but that it also depended on the doctor who delivered them. Some prefer to not take chances and do a c section. Does she have any complication with her pregnancy other than being so big? Pre-exclampsia? Gestational Diabetes? With some complications such as these they will schedule a c section before hand. I was on bedrest starting week 32 and had mine full term. I was also huge, but I am 5'7 and heavy framed so it wasn't that hard on me. For someone her size I imagine it must be very difficult.
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1.5 pounds at 29 weeks is pretty small. My girls were born at 29 weeks and they were 2 pounds 13 ounces, and 3 pounds even. Of course u/s measurements are notoriously unreliable later in pregnancy (although mine were just about spot-on) so they could easily be bigger than that.

My OB said as long as baby A was vertex, he was absolutely willing to go with a vaginal delivery and either deliver breech or attempt a version for baby B. He also said he would not induce or do a section (unless there was a medical reason) before 40 weeks, even with twins. But not all OBs are OK with this, and if she doesn't have a lot of choice in her doctors and if she's not very educated and very strong, I can imagine her getting railroaded into an early c-section. I don't understand why they do c-sections prior to an EDD, but I know it's very common.

I'd say be the best advocate you can for this mama, while recognizing that the final decision (to go along with the doctor's plan or not) is hers. I wish her good luck!
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My OB's policy was if baby A was vertex we could do vaginal no matter what baby B was (realizing they often turn but don't always).

Some OBs don't like multiple pregnancies going to term for fears of placental detioration. I'm not sure my OB's policy as it didn't matter in our case as baby A for us was failing non stress tests around 37 weeks. 36 weeks for a section seems crazy and dangerous to me..if the dates are even a bit off you've got preemies. I'm shocked if that is what they are planning; I wonder if they were trying to tell her that they hope she makes it to 36?

I wouldn't put any stock at all in ultrasound measurements at this point. But those aren't huge babies if the measurements are accurate.

As far as keeping babies in I don't know. Part of it does depend on mommy size and on whether a person has had previous children. But my boys were my first kiddos and I am tiny and carried them to term. Eating well is good, especially early on, for baby weights. I've heard fish oil (purified) and I can't remember the supplements. Dr. Barbara Luke's book is good for looking at things to prevent prematurity and also thinking about sizes and such.
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Again, just going by MY circumstance here... I am 34 weeks with triplets, and the perinatologist and my OB say that they like to deliver triplets between 36-37 weeks (I am scheduled for 37, baby A is seriously engaged breech, and babies B & C are also breech) I was also told by the peri that they like to see twins born between 38-39 weeks.

I saw it mentioned here, but the BEST BEST BEST book you or anyone having or knows someone having multiples is the Dr. Barbara Luke book, What to expect when you are having twins, triplets, or quads. It can give her nutritional tips on how to fatten those babies up as well. Multiple pregnancies are MUCH different than singleton pregnancies...not meaning that they have to be "high risk" but the care for the mother has to be different, and her weight gain goals are MUCH different. I hope things work out for her the way she wants.

Oh, and the reason most OB's use to do a section early is because the more babies in the uterus, the higher the chances for IUGR. I have actually been told by other triplet moms that the fact that they want me to go to 37 weeks is rare and unheard of. Most triplet moms go much earlier than that.....
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I only had one scan done during my twin pregnancy and that was at 26 weeks 1 day. The babies measured 2.4 lbs each at that point so I'd say the sizes you quoted sound small. Here's a belly pic for size reference (taken 29 weeks exactly - and I'm 5'3"). I was 20 weeks when maternity clothes would no longer cover my belly.

As far as the rest of what you asked - that's just part of the problem with OB's & pregnancy, particular multiples in pregnancy. They see it as a high-risk impossibility when in fact it often is not. My advice - work hard on her nutrition & fluid intake, rest when she can, really listen to her body's queues and follow them. My twins were born vaginally at home at almost 38 weeks (when they chose to arrive). They were 6 lbs 14 oz & 7 lbs 13 oz each. It should not be asking too much of the OB to at least agree to a spontaneous labor with vaginal birth if the babies are head down. If the OB won't "allow" (sheesh I hate that word in regards to a birthing mother) the mom to give birth to baby B breech, then a c-section could be performed following the arrival of baby A. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. I hope the mama educates & asserts herself!
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How lovely of you to be concerned and seek out information and support!! What a great friend.

I'll chime in to say that the weight of the babies is a bit low, with the caveat that u/s can be off. At 27.5 weeks, my babies were 2 lbs and 2 lbs 3 oz.

Just want to echo what another poster said about GD or preeclampsia. Have they told her they're concerned about either? If she's growing and her babies aren't, there could be some complications. That might link to an early c-section. My docs are willing to let me go as long as I can, and with Baby A vertex, we're planning on a vaginal delivery.

If at all possible, the best thing for her would be to drink LOTS of water (one gallon a day), eat lots of protein and nutritious whole grain carbs and veggies/fruit, and REST.
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My girlies grew in the 30-40% of singletons up to 28w & at 28w they were about 2lbs a piece, at 31w babies A & C had not grown since 28w & were born at 2lb 2oz & 2lbs 8oz. The u/s measurments are only as good as the tech taking them (my u/s tech was off by less than 4oz on each kid 1 day before delivery).
A lot of Dr's are uncomfortable with doing vaginal birth with multiples & will automatically opt for a c-section because it's "safer" FOR THE DR. I was told at 8w I would have a c/s no way around it. But when I was 10cm dialated & in full labor (though no one new that except the babies lol) the Dr gave me a chance to consider going vaginal. We didn't because my girls were not in an ideal position (one vertex one breach & one transverse facing the wrong direction to follow her vertex sister out) & being as I had never considered it a possiblity I didn't press the issue. Looking back I am glad I did the c/s because of DD#1's cord knot but regardless I still feel sad that I never had the full birthing experience. I hope one day to convince DH to have another to remedy that though. My peri told me if I made it to 34w we would schedule me for delivery at 36w (average gestation for triplets is 32w).
Here's a tip for clothes I learned (I never got big but I know a lot of moms who have)- instead of maternity shirts wear maternity dresses, stretchy ones, with pants or leggings underneath. This way no matter the dresses intended length it's going to cover your whole belly & if it looks more like a shirt than a dress when it's on you've got the pants/leggings to keep your bottoms covered
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They sound small for their age...My girls were born at 30 weeks 0 days and weighed 2 lbs 14 oz and 3 lbs 3 ozs. I am also a small girl, 5'3 and gained 60 lbs in that time. I was very thin to begin with so I wasnt overweight when I got pregnant with them.
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to that Mama. You sound like a wonderful friend.
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