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What comes after Reggio Emilia?

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We are considering trying to enroll our DS in a RE school again. (He was in one last year where he did wonderfully well, then we moved and he is now in a more traditional preschool and struggling.) But all I have found in our area are schools that go through K or through grade 3.

If we went this route, what would be the logical follow-on?
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I am not sure what the answer is to your question, but I changed the title of your OP from 'what comes after RE' to 'what comes after reggio emilia' in the hopes that it gets more attention on the 'recent posts' page!
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My DS now, 7 went to a Reggio preschool until he was five. We wanted to send him to a private school that wasn't Reggio but was close. Sadly, we could not afford it.

So off to public school he went... I won't lie the first year was hard on both of us. (I am an experienced Reggio schoolteacher) It was hard for me to understand so many of the public school rules. DS had chronic stomachaches and was bored out of his mind.

It has been better this year but I think this is because he has transitioned and because he is in a multi-age, "alternative" program, which is much more hands on. His teacher is also as sweet as pie.

I think if you can continue to afford it I would keep on the Reggio track or a school with a similar philosophy.

I have a 2nd DS and he is going to the same preschool, while I am not looking forward to his transition, I think the social, creative, and loving base they get from their reggio school are worth it.

I hope it works out for you. I wish the schools would get off their butts and realize that we need to teach in more then one way. Hey a girl can dream right?
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Thanks! We're working on the affording it part. The difference in how DS is doing in school is striking, sadly. I'm glad your son has managed to make the transition, even though it was difficult at first. I am so greatful that we stumbled onto RE in the first place.
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We have ds in a RE charter school that goes up to grade 5. I asked the principal what was after that, as there are no plans to extend the grade offerings there at this time, and she suggested a few other middle schools that would be "consistent" with the RE philosophy. You might want to consider talking to the principal/teachers/director to get their input since they will know what you are looking for in a school and why.

Of course, I'm hoping that by the time ds gets to grade 5, his current school will be providing additional grade levels, but at least I have an idea of what's next if they don't.
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That's a great idea! Thank you!
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