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Tethered Penis

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Does anyone have any experience with a condition called tethered penis? Someone I know recently had a baby with this and they would like to not have him circ'd if and when he would need it corrected. For now, they are to leave it alone and assess it in a year, so they have time to look into options. They do not want circumcision, but were told that depending on how the penis is, they sometimes need to use skin from the foreskin. Things are fine for now, but she is looking for any info in the meantime. Thanks!
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Tethered? This could describe two conditions I can think of offhand:

Short Frenulum- you wouldn't be able to see this on a newborn unless retracted (bad thought). This is where the frenulum (like the one under your tongue) is attached closer to the meatus, making retraction difficult, possibly painful erections, possibly a bent penis... But, once again, wouldn't know unless the baby had been retracted! This can be "cured" with stretching exercises and/or steroid cream around puberty. Can also be surgically corrected by snipping the frenulum... DEFINATELY not a cause for circ, and shouldn't even be thinking about this condition at such a young age.

Can't remember what it's called and can't find the link- possibly micropenis? embedded penis? Where the tendons/ligaments holding the penis stable are too short INSIDE the body. Can also be because of a large pubic fat pad, which the baby will grow out of... Basically, they cut the tendons/ligaments in the pelvic cavity, allowing the penis to come forward at a more "normal" length. Often, the shaft skin is then sewn to the pubic mound to keep the penis from retreating into the body again

I can't see why they would say circ, though... It would do much more harm than good in either case. If you could give more description, we would be glad to do some research!
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would need more description because doesn't tethered mean attached ? If doc is reffering to the foreskin being attached-normal nothing to worry about -never push back the foreskin.

Frenulm is supposed to be attached to foreskin

Are they referring to a webbed penis as in attached to the scrotum sac?
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Tethered penis is also known as webbed penis. searching by that name will get you a lot more results. Here is a thread with some info:

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Thank you.. from the research I did I am thinking webbed as well. I will be seeing them soon and I will update when I get any more info. But any more comments in the meantime are certainly appreciated!!
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Gridley, Not sure if you have seen this paper: www.cirp.org/library/complications/bergeson/
It describes the difference between 'trapped penis', 'webbed penis' etc and talks about the causes and resolutions of these various problems. I hope it sheds some light.
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Oh thank you! That does help. I am definitely thinking webbed penis, though I will be more sure when I see it. I did talk with the mom again, she said her husband came across the same info that says circumcision would likely make this worse, as it would take moveable skin away (and in fact circ is often the cause of the problem in the first place).
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