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Wow sounds like so many of us are getting really close!!! How exciting!!!

ETA - Angela B - You ARE strong for doing it by yourself, taking care of three kids and birthing on your own. It must be difficult having a partner who just doesn't get your emotional needs (even though you understand why etc).
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I slept much better last night then I have been. I did however wake up a few times early this morning feeling crampy. Not contractions just crampy. I have had a few rounds of (sorry if its TMI) loose stool. Not sure if these are a sign of early labor...or if I just ate something that isn't agreeing w/ me. I don't have much of an appetite and still a bit of naseua.

Guess we will see if this too passes or something else begins. I had just decided that I would be going for another week or longer. Now this is confusing me.
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My contractions started last night. My due date is tomorrow. They weren't strong or regular so I slept through them. Today I am going to try and stay busy so I don't dwell on them. Taking the 2 kiddos to the park to run around this energy they seem to be born with! I'm really hoping that baby will come before Monday. My mom flies in on Monday and I am having baby at home and she doesn't know it. So I am really hoping that we can have baby before she gets here. Otherwise, Mom will be helping out!
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Good Morning!

I slept well for a change last night, but woke up with a sore throat and stuffed up head . I am pushing vit C like crazy and hope to not get what my kids have had for the past 2 1.5 weeks.

We have had a good deal of snow the last few mornings, so school has been delayed 2 hours everyday. I really like my relaxed mornings after the bus comes, and need them right now to be able to handle the rest of the day, and I am NOT getting them. Plus if school is delayed there is no preschool so dd#2 has not gone back to school since before Christmas, and she really misses it. I love winter and snow, but I need some non Kid time.

Emese'sMom - sorry you are feeling unattractive I bet you and your belly are gorgeous!

carmelnap - Good Luck, hope this is it for you! My dh is another one who LOVES my preg body and would DTD at any moment, but I am just to tired to do it most days

Fishie Kisses - My dh is here and that is how I feel about DTD

HardCoreMom - I have had that feeling a couple of times aver the last few weeks - Kinda weird. How are your kids feeling?

happymomma - prodromal sucks, I had tons with #1

AngelaB - Sorry your dh is being a butt, that must be extra hard. I can't imagine parenting my 3 and birthing on my own, you are one super strong woman!

my kidlets and me - good luck, I bet you will go soon.

I am hoping to actually get out of the house and go to story time today, depending on how the roads are by 10. If they are still icy I will just stay home, but I have not left the house since Sat and need to, plus some adult interaction would be nice!
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i'm still here ... 12 days until my DD. sitting here waiting for the carpet steamer guy to come, lol.

i thought baby dropped over the weekend since i've become pretty uncomfrtable in the hip/pelivis area ... but alas, my 38w appt. proved me wrong.

also found out my iron is crazy low - 6.4! :/ so i'm doing all i can to get it back up to a safer level for the birth. i always go low, but not usually THIS low.

saturday we meet with the photographer who is going to do the birth, and sunday DH has duty, so anytime after monday is actually okay with me. i'm starting to feel "ready."
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still here. nothing has changed. spent hours on the birth ball last night, leaning over a pile of pillows on the bed trying to encourage the baby to turn more anterior. hopeing that once the baby is in a better position, it will drop. at appt. yesterday, OB confirmed the baby is def. not engaged (i was sure it was still floating high). still a "loose 1" and 50% effaced, like that means anything .

plan to go on a nice walk today with my kids.
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Checking in - we're here and pretty happy.

I think this baby is going to be kinda big - both DH and I are large people, and this baby is EVERYWHERE. It's either a constant stretcher or a very large baby. I'd be bowled over if it were born at less than 8 1/2...we're probably looking at larger though.

Today I'm putting meals in the freezer (some italian dishes), and cleaning out the baby's room so I can set up the furniture it's not even going to use...and packing the baby/mommy bags for the birth center.

Yay for getting stuff done!
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Originally Posted by HardCoreMom View Post
i'm really punchy and super crabby.
punchy. yes. that is me. that is what i'm going to tell dh. that sounds a lot nicer than bitchy.
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tomorrow is my due date.. all of my BH have stopped. i was feeling very sleepy yesterday afternoon and slept for about 3 hours..not my usual, so i thought maybe something was going on but i feel "fine" today. just another day! hope everyone is well, or as well as can be. i can't wait to see how goes next!
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Morning/afternoon (depending on where you are) everyone! I actually got some sleep last night! YIPEE! Sure, I got up no less than 5 times to pee, but I actually was able to get back to sleep after that. Sweet bliss. Dd (4yo) was sweet enough to let me sleep until 9am this morning, and then snuck into my room and whisper "good morning Mommy" and gave me a hug and a kiss to wake me up. What a great way to start the day!

It's snowing like crazy this morning. Dd wants to go out and build a snowman so badly, but I keep trying to explain to her that Mommy doesn't have any snowpants that will do up. Maybe I can convince her to build it on her own. Poor kid.

I'm on day two of not wishing the pregnancy away. I'm trying to stay very positive about enjoying these last few days of my last pregnancy and savouring these last few days of just me and dd time. It's really helped, but now I'm starting to feel like I don't want the pregnancy to end! The endless night feedings, chapped nipples, piles of laundry. . . now I'm freaking out and wondering why we did this in the first place!
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38+4 today...

Woke up with real sore pain in my right hip...I think I slept funny on it. That and the stretching to prepare for baby thing that my pelvis is doing. I feel a little better now, but it's been sore all day so far. I still have SO much house cleaning to do...and I'm starting to stress again. My husband is just a master of NON-maintanence of a space. He could mess up a clean room in less than 5 minutes and not even notice.
It makes things harder. I get so little done in the day now compared to what I could do before. I have to rest more and I hurt more. I'm still not used to these limitations! At least later, there will be a baby keeping me busy..not just the "I physically can't bend anymore" problem!
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Was up till 4am with a sore tooth. It's feeling somewhat better today. Last night I shocked my DH by saying how badly I wanted to give birth so that I could go to the dentist.

DH forgot to pay the gas bill this month, a fact I discovered after attempting to start dinner only to have the oven do nothing. Of all the months for him to forget it. No hot water, no stove/oven, no heat until sometime tomorrow. Argh! I just hope I don't go into labor tonight since someone has to be here to let the gas guy in the basement to turn things back on. Luckily it's not cold right now.

I had to take my older daughter a change of clothes up to school and the walk set off more crampy contractions that don't really seem to do much but irritate me. I'm taking my irrational grumpiness as an indicator that this baby is about ready to come out.

Sending out Good Labor Wishes to everyone who is currently getting their labor on! Rock on with your bad selves.
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oh gosh, chavaleh, i am so sorry about the gas. that must be such a pain right now. at least it happened on a day that you weren't in full-blown labor (though it sounds like you're close!) or holding a crying newborn or anything. (not that being so pregnant helps us cope with the little [or big!] things)

my kids are doing somewhat better. none of the hours-long wakefests anymore- they leave their beds and resettle in ours around 1030-11ish at night. they're awake a lot fussing and coughing through the night, but they do manage to fall back asleep, so that's good.

i can tell the ear infections are clearing up. they seem a lot less crabby at bedtime. so hurrah for that. the nasal discharge is insane, though. i am constantly wiping noses. i would probably be lazier about it, except that if i don't catch it right away, they smear it all over their hands, and then it's everywhere. ick.

i'm finally getting my diapers prepped. hope to pack for the hospital later today. i have been such a terrible procrastinator this time around. (i know that deep down inside, i don't want to have to go to the hospital at all!) some of me likes to think that my procrastination is a sign that labor is far off still. or that if i procrastinate enough, it won't come at all! hah! is nesting a prerequisite for actually giving birth? cause i'm not nesty at all!!!

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Not much new to report, had my appt. yesterday and my doc was surprisingly fine about not doing an internal, however my NST, bio-physical profile crap is scheduled for next Monday, I better pop by then! Had some tightening of my uterus a few times last night but nothing painful or feeling much like a contraction.
Hurry up and wait....at least my DH let me sleep in again after a quickie!
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I will definitely not be having a baby anywhere near this place again! I went in today for my checkup (39w4d). I had my 3 yo ds with me. After waiting 40 minutes I asked to reschedule and was told that was not a possibility. Either I wait for the doctor or they wouldn't schedule me any more appointments. That sounded kinda nice, but it'd been a few weeks since I'd been so I wanted to check on kiddo's heart rate. We waited another hour before being seen by a new doctor. Apparently my doctor has left--for good. So glad someone told me.

I'm honestly not sure this woman has ever delivered a baby (either herself or as a doctor). I'm not entirely comfortable with that. I know everyone has to start somewhere, but she and I just do not agree on anything. I've only gained ten pounds this pregnancy and she insisted that was too many and I should really be exercising more (I'm not hugely obese, 5'4" 185, but definitely not small either). I understand the importance of exercise, but geez, I obviously have been and have been eating semi-well or I would have gained more weight, right?

Then she said she was going to do an internal and I told her I didn't want one. She insisted that it would "help speed things up." She completely did not understand when I told her I wasn't trying to speed anything up that the baby would come when SHE was ready not when I was. Then she told me that since I had an epidural with my last labor I had to have one with this one. WTF???? I don't see how one affects the other and plan to do this as naturally as possible. So she did the internal anyway and holy cow was it freaking painful! Luckily I had my son to concentrate on or I probably would have cried. I have no idea what in the world she was doing in there (probably "accidentally" stripping my membraned) then when she was done she said "I tried as hard as I could but I could only squeeze about one finger in there." Um, remember when I said I wasn't trying to have this baby until she's ready? Why are you trying to squeeze anything in anywhere!

Then came the worst part (IMO). I've got a depression issue and have been on meds for it for a couple years now. I did as much research as I could when I became pregnant and decided to remail on my meds during pregnancy and then try switching to Zoloft after birth as it is the least contraindicated in breastfeeding. Well, she said she refused to switch my meds. I obviously don't know what I'm talking about. She said there was absolutely no reason why I should try to breastfeed. It'd be easier on the baby and me if I just let her have formula from day one. Right. I understand it's as important to address my health issues as it is the baby's, but IMO this is going way overboard. So, I've decided to wean myself from the meds between now and when the baby is born (slowly and safely, don't worry!--I won't be done before she's born but will be soon after) in order to breastfeed. I've done the freaking research. My dh and I are very aware of my problem and what has happened to me in the past when unmedicated. I know after I recover from the birth that exercise will really, really help. I just wish I could have the support from the medical community that I need.

SO SORRY this ended up being so long! Thanks for the opportunity to rant. Let's have some healthy happy January babies!
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This baby was ALL OVER the place last night after I went to bed. S/he has been in the same LOA position for MONTHS now, but the past week or two s/he keeps flipping from side to side. Last night it felt like flips in there...ugh. I just want a well-positioned baby, but I'm afraid that s/he isn't willing to cooperate.

My mom came up Tuesday night, convinced that I was going to have the baby that night. She stayed two nights, but just went home before lunch today. DS was so sad to see her go, and now I'm wondering when she'll come back. Things are getting all screwed up timing-wise for us, with my sister's visit that she's planned (mostly at my parents' place) for 10 days from now, and now my dad is getting started on daily radiation for 6 weeks for the meningiona that was removed from his head a month ago. Life happens, I know, but I was hoping to be able to rely on my mom for support after the baby is born, and that all seems to be going up in the air. Looks like I'll get a week out of DH, then be on my own, then maybe my sister will come up to my house without her kids for a few days, too. Although she's likely to want to go running around, and every day that this baby ISN'T born makes that more unlikely. Oh well.

I'm going to stop here before I write another novel. One more thing, though---one of my mw's is out of town, and the other is BURNT OUT from so many births in the past two weeks (it sounds like 12 births in the last 17 days---yikes!!), so she told me yesterday that she's very glad that I haven't had this baby yet (at least someone is!).
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holy cow, mamajamie. run! run like h-e-double-hockey-sticks. you don't want anyone like that in charge of caring for you or your baby in a labor situation. is she the only doc there at the practice anymore? cry, beg your way into another practice. you're obviously an intelligent, thoughtful, conscientious mother, and she's obviously a know-it-all, my-way-or-the-highway mainstreamer. it sounds like you two aren't a good match at all...

do you know anyone else who you could go to? any other OBs practicing in your area, or any mws who would be more supportive, and at least more sensitive in the area of bedside manner?

wow. i would be so reeling after that experience. talk about upsetting.

i'm sorry.
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MamaJamie that sounds HORRIBLE. I am so sorry you had to go through that kind of visit and are faced with dealing with that woman now. I'd really consider finding someone else very quickly. Ugh.
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11 days left till my EDD. After getting all excited the other day over false labor I've decided not to get excited again if I feel things happening. I'm trying to be ever so patient but I just want to meet the little one sooo bad. I too have been getting up SEVERAL times a night & would love for those several times to be feeding times & not just bathroom & food breaks. Can't be too long now anyways though, she can't stay in forever.
I am enjoying still sleeping 10-13 hours a night and having DP all to myself for just a little while longer before I have to share...
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