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If you regret vaccinating your child, please post here.

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I was just thinking that it would be a great idea to have this sticky. On The Case Against Circumcision forum there is a very powerful sticky-thread If you regret circumcising your son(s), please post here. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=112410 .

I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to do the same thing here.

I could be the first poster of my regret story. What do you guys think?
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Mom to two vax-impaired children who regrets vaxing, checking in.
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mom to one partially vaxed DS and 2 non-vaxed (DS#2/DD) kiddos here!
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One partially vaxed ds, two unvaxed dd's. My ds is possibly vaccine damaged. No way to know for sure at this point. We're still in the investigation stage. I wish I'd found MDC while I was pregnant with him. Just reading here would have encouraged me to be less of a sheeple. If I had, maybe I wouldn't regret the vaxes, the circ, and the c/s.
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Regret vaxing my oldest daughter every single day of my life. We are a vaccine free family now and it feels right.
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I definitely regret the shots. My 4 year old son has autism and I believe this was caused in part by the vaccines
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My daughter is 2 years old, she got the recommended shots at 2 months and I have regretted it since then. She never got any more after that. I do not think she was injured, which I am very thankful for but I still deeply regret it.
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I completely regret fully vaccinating my daughter and partially vaccinating my first son.
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i am a regretful mom of a Vaxxed to one year 3yo DD and a fully unvaxxed 5mo dd.(that i DONT regret!)
dd1 has had issues with asthma, eczema, weight, gastro issues, and food sensitivities.
her eczema started after her 4mo shots.
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Mom of a nearly fully vax'd 13yo dd and two partially vax'd dd's (1 & 2 yo). 2yo speech delayed due to chronic ear infections after severe vax reaction (DTaP scream for 2 1/2 days w/ 103 fever)

I regret it and wonder if the vax's contributed to my 13 and 1yo's Celiac Disease
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My son was almost fully vaxxed up to 12 months before I stopped when I did research on the MMR and found out I shouldnt have done any of them. This baby will not be vaxxed at all but I feel horribly guilty about doing it to ds
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My poor daughter (age 6) was fully vaxxed up until age 5-
My first son was selectively vaxxed up until age 2- but he still got a lot of shots~ I regret constantly that I had them vaxxed. I didn't know then what I do now. I am constantly worried that I did them harm that is just not apparant right now. I am angry how misled I was, and that I didn't research enough before doing the shots.
My baby (11 months) has never received any shots.
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My oldest was fully vaxed until he was 5. My second got all the vaxes through the 12 month ones and hasn't had any since. Both my boys have issues with allergies, ear infections, constant sickness. My oldest is on daily asthma/allergy meds.
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Yes, I regret vaxing my two older children. DS1 was fully vaxed at his 2-month WBV, then partially vaxed after that. DD was partially vaxed until 4 months old, then no more vaxes. DS2 has had no vaxes.

DS1 had DTaP scream & febrile seizure after the first dose of DTaP. I'm wondering lately if he may be on the autism spectrum. DD has had no issues, thank God.
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Mom to a partially-vaxed 5 yr old (who thankfully doesn't seem to have any adverse effects from the vaxes he did receive), and a non-vaxed 3 yr old (I chose not to vax him before I even knew about all the vax problems - he's just different and I intuitively felt that vaccinations would cause him serious problems).
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Mom to 17mo partially vaxd daughter, She was a fully healthy baby her 1st year- didn't even get a cold... Then Roseola at 12mo brought on her first febrile seizure... Then after her 15mo shots another illness(upper respiratory)with fever brought another febrile seizure, this one longer than the first. Then at 17mo pneumonia struck and fever shot up- once again another seizure- this time 6min, lips turned blue. Later that evening couldn't get temp under control, she seized again for a couple seconds while checking in at the ER.
I will NOT be giving her any more vac's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have an appointment for an EEG then a consult with a neurologist.
From research I have done, HepB vac gives you Herpes Virus6(Roseola) which can cause febrile seizures, any other immune debilitating vacs can re-activate the herpes, Febrile Seizures are additive- meaning your chances of having one increase each time you have one, Febrile Seizure can lead to Epilepsy which then leads to Autism. Also, once you have had a seizure you are more prone to pneumonia.
What can I do to make my baby girl healthy again???????????? ughhh
Also- doc's keep telling me that because she entered daycare at 12mo is why she's been so sick...
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my story...

Originally Posted by APMomOfKimmyN-Maya View Post
Regret vaxing my oldest daughter every single day of my life..
Same here .

My son (our first child) has received 9 shots total (3 sets of DTaP, HIB and PCV at 4, 6 and 8 months of age). I regret it every. single. day! I wish I knew better, I wish I read and researched more, I wish I trusted my instincts, I wish I could go back and say a big fat "NO" when the doctor was BS-ing us into vaccinating. I wish, I wish, I wish...

Before the first set of vaccines our baby was so calm, when he would wake up at night he wouldn’t even cry (not that he had a reason to, we co-sleep, so his boobie was always right there for him).

After receiving the first set of shots he was screaming for few hours and we just couldn't calm him down. Then he fell asleep for 6 hours straight (which was extremely unusual for him). Few days later he had his first outbreak of eczema. He had never been quite as calm any more as he has before the shots. He would wake up at night crying alot.

After his 6 months shots (just two days after) he came down with a HORRIBLE flu (his first illness, he was a healthy baby before that) and had another pretty bad outbreak of eczema.

8 months shots. An AWFUL outbreak of eczema that lasted for over 3 months. His immune system got so bad by then (no wonder 9 shots in 4 months:) that he would get cold/flu after cold/flu.

That's when we found out more about vaccines and stopped.

My daughter has never had a shot and is not going to. It’s amazing how much better her immune system is!
Our kids will receive any more vaccines only over my and dh's dead bodies! Never again!
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Mom to DD 12 fully vaxed, 2 DS 7&9 both partially vaxed, DD 16m no vaxes....if only I knew then what I know now, I would have NEVER vaxed my children. As a victim of a severe adr from pharmacticals, I KNOW what a cover up it really is...I KNOW what less than 1% really means. I was kicked to the curb by our "healthcare" industry....left to suffer and die...NO WAY!
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mama to one partially vaxed DD. I also deeply regret it. She has breath holding spells which have resulted in two seizures and I believe it is partly due to vaccines.
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My girls were fully vaxed until age one (including roto and flu) when I was researching the chicken pox vaccine and discovered that I wasn't crazy to question vaccinations. At least not completely crazy, right?

I did the best that I could at the time with the knowledge I possessed. I'm very grateful that there was no obvious vaccine damage.
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