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Bum Genius 3.0

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So worth it!! I am extremely impressed with these new ones! I have a heavy wetter even with disposables and I just used both inserts that came with the dipe and NO leaks, wetness, or even wetness against my DD's bum!! Awesome dipe!!
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I just saw them today, I have 2 zen 1.0's and 4 2.0's and I am so sicks of the wicking and leaks. We are going on 16 months of use but still it is all about the stuffing and positioning. The 3.0 is supposed to address all of these issues?? I may buy one to try it out.
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I love the 3.0. I just hope it holds up better than the 2.0. For me, those only lasted a year in a big rotation.
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I LOVE them too. I have never had a problem with these diapers.
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Originally Posted by Tilia View Post
I love the 3.0. I just hope it holds up better than the 2.0. For me, those only lasted a year in a big rotation.
Same here. My bg's that I purchased in Jan of '07 were caput by November last year. :
I'm going to try out the 3.0's, though.
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Happy to say we have been using our 1.0's for 18 months now and our 2.o's for 13months and they are still in great condition! We use a front loader and Allens and line dry.
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I love my 3.0's! I haven't been using them for long but I'm sure they'll last- I'm drying to air dry instead of using the dryer.
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I love these too. I have been using them for 9 months now- heavy rotation and no problems- look new. Love the inserts- very absorbable- actually better than fuzzibunz inserts I found.
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I love my BG 3.0s. We've bought a few other dipes, but I keep going back to my original stash of BGs. We haven't had any problems with them, and we even use them at night.
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I am a fan of the 3.0! They are easy to use and fit well. I use it stuffed with microfiber & hemp inserts at night on my super-soaker toddler without problems (she had been soaking through disposables). I can't attest to how well they hold up over time, but as others mentioned, I am trying to only line dry them to help keep the velcro newer.
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I have been using the BG OS 3.0 on my DS since he was 4months old (we used pf's and covers prior) and I LOVE them! He can easily wear these all night long (he can sleep 10-12hrs straight) and wake up without a leak. We had our 1st poop leak ever the other day, but I attribute that to him having a stomach bug and diarrhea. I have 12 of them and wash them in a front loader with Tide 2x He and dry them in the dryer. No issues with velcro or elastic at all and he is now 15mos old. We are expecting baby #7 in about 4 weeks and I plan to buy some more so she can use them as soon as she is big enough.
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