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Gag reflex

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Anyone else have a hyperactive gag reflex lately? I almost made myself puke this morning just by brushing my teeth. That has NEVER happened before!
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It is pretty common during pregnancy. I have to be careful when brushing not to go back too far (which isn't that far.) I gagged on my vitamins a few weeks ago and it made me puke.
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Dh was just laughing at me this morning because I was gagging while blowing my nose. I have a horrible gag reflex to begin with, but during pregnancy it's 10 times worse.
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I have NO gag reflex when I'm not pregnant (I think it's b/c I have enlarged tonsils.) ut when I'm pregnant, I gag CONSTANTLY. It gets better later in the pregnancy, at least for me it does.
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I gag every time I brush my teeth or cough.
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Both pregnancies I gag when i brush my teeth and sometimes puke
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I gag much easier since I am pregnant. I definitely need to be careful when I am brushing my teeth.
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It hasn't bothered me during my other pregnancies, but I have an overactive gag reflex this time around! My toothbrush is my mortal enemy. And if anything non-food gets in my mouth (a stray hair, a little piece of plastic from ripping something open with my teeth) then it sets off the gagfest. Bleh.
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Oh, I'm so glad to hear this! Mine has no real trigger, but it's bad! If I think about the frozen vegetable soup in the freezer (that I otherwise love) or cabbage in any form (ditto), and after taking the (bouncy) bus this morning! I'm mostly over the nausea, but ick! I'm always worried I'm going to puke randomly.
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Oh yeah, it sucks big time. I have a cold & am coughing up a storm... not a nice addition to constant morning sickness & a super-sensitive gag reflex.

If I remember right, it got better w/ the 2nd half of my last pg
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With my first someone suggested brushing my teeth without toothpaste and it saved me every morning (I was still gagging but not quite on the verge of puking). This time it's not quite as bad, I am actually able to use toothpaste at least for the first part of brushing my teeth, then I rinse it off and finish.
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Yup, gag on the toothbrush here too. Fun.
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There was one awful night when DS simply would not fall asleep, and I had been in his room for 2 hours, and I felt so exhausted and isolated I burst into tears. Then I discovered that sobbing triggers the gag reflex! I didn't throw up but I had to leave my son screaming while I ran into the bathroom and retched. That was probably the worst. It's gradually, I hope, getting better.
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i'm a gagger here too. ick. i think it's worse because i've got this constant mucus in my throat that's just grossing me out. ick. you should hear me(well, you shouldn't...) in the shower in the morning coughing and hacking with all the steam and moisture.

i can't use toothpaste either. i brush with baking soda(which i sometimes do normally anyway) and that really seems to help. i have to psyche myself up every morning before i brush though. "get in, get it done, get out". lol i keep thinking it'll be ok to brush my tongue a little bit, and i'm always wrong... lol
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Yes... severe gag reflex here. There's no way I can swallow even the tiniest pill. I use a pill crusher. I've also avoided brushing my teeth.
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This is my penance for not suffering morning sickness. I'll gag my way clear through the rest of this pregnancy. Believe it or not, eating is the worst. Too big a bite, unusual texture, distracted at the moment.... you name it, that bite will come right back out. DH is just used to me "discreetly" spitting into my napkin during meals.
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Go ahead and count me in the gag club, too.
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