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Not sure what I should be looking at

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I've been using a pouch sling for ds since he was born. Even though he's tiny for an 8 month old, the pressure on my shoulder/back is just becoming to much. I want to find something that distributes weight better, but I'm SO nervous about my child's safety being dependent on my knot tying abilities! Is there an alternative? Am I just being silly?
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I would suggest getting a Mei Tai. There are really simple to use, all you have to be able to do is tie a regular knot . They are really great for distributing weight evenly.
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You're not being silly. In fact, your concerns are similar to my dh's. He just doesn't trust a knot. But basically, you want to start looking for carriers that distribute weight onto both shoulders.

Check out soft structured carriers (SSCs). They're buckle type carriers that you can use for front or back carries. Brands to look at are Beco, Ten Toes Click, Angel Pack, Yamo, Ergo.

And I'm sure UmmIbrahim is going to chime in at some point here and mention her love for chuneis. I'm not sure if they fall into the category of SSC or not, but that would also be an option for you.
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Ooh, lots of stuff to look at! Thank you, guys!
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the TBW categorizes chunei's as a SSC.

I understand "chunei" in Korean means a long piece of cloth, as in a wrap. So that confuses me. If I'm wrong, someone correct me.
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Frankly...the chunei rocks.
I have an Ergo too but dislike how ds's weight is so much lower on my body-I trip more using it.
The chunei has his weight smack dab in the center of my back and also no pressure or pulling on my shoulders.

im prone to shoulder issues too.

If the iHosa ones r to expensive, the mama who runs TheKoreanBaby has a wide variety of chunei from $50 and up!

Also...May,From what ive heard from a Korean mama... chunei is a "new-ish" term which makers of "modernized" podaegi sorta came up with. Apparently the term "chunei" is very old Korean and meant the heavy, quilted pants babies wore to bed back in the day. It was no longer used and since "podaegi" is so Known and means the same thing to like every Korean, the makes of this new fandangled "modern podaegi" aka. Chunei dug deep into unused Korean vocab and dug it out and use it for this.

hope this helps!

p.s. if your wondering how I learnt this, the Korean - American mama who runs the UhBahBoohBahbaby & who is fluent in Korean was able to dig into her old Korean dictionaries and figure this out. Im trying to find the post on this at TBW but havent been able to as of yet.
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Don't be afraid to try a wrap, the baby really isn't held by a knot... in fact, with my Girasol, my dd is held in place by the fabric alone before I even tie off...

The basic concept of say, a front cross carry in a wrap is that the baby is held in two ways - the first layer provides a "hammock" for the bum and holds the baby close to your body so it cannot slip sideways. The second layer crosses under the bum so the baby is sitting across an "X" which makes it impossible for them to fall out the bottom. It's very secure.

I'd never used any type of carrier at all and got a wrap as my first. It's not as hard as it looks. The Girasol is a great first wrap since it's light but not slippery.
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I'm the same way about a knot. I still have a hard time making a tie on my shoe laces!
so either a SSC, buckle-tie or chunei. anything with buckles.
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