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Help, discontuing vaxing on 4yo girl...

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I need some advice here. My 4yo is partially vaxed b/c it took me until she was two to "see the light" in regard to vaxing's ill-effects. (Yes, I regret it took me that long.) However...my 4yo will start public school in the fall of 2009. She had her 4yo check up on Tuesday and, of course, the asked if I would like to start giving her her "school shots" (the ones you need over the age of 4) now -- which in Iowa is DTap, MMR, Polio. (They also try to give the CP boster and Hep A, but those aren't mandated so I can decline those more easily.) I declined any at her appt the other day. I don't want her to get ANY of them -- not now, not next year, not ever, eventhough she has had the others up until this point. I don't feel comfortable w/ pressing my luck by giving her "just one more" shot.

Anyway...so my question in short, has anyone on here ever filed a religious exemption after you had already had some vaxing done? Did the school accept it? Did you give the school any vaxing record or only the exemption?

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Yes. My oldest son (almost 10 yrs old) was partially vaxxed. I turn in the exemption only, but kept his his vaccine thingie with my important papers so that I can prevent him from getting re-vaxxed in case of an "outbreak" or some such nonsense.
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Yes, we vaccinated up to Kindergarten (well that's what it looked like on his vaccine record ) and then we realized that they are going to increase madatory vaccines for ever and ever.... So we handed in a vaccine exemption and this is what we said:

In accordance with the provisions of (STATE) Code §§ ______, I hereby affirm that the administration of vaccines, immunizing agents, and PPD tuberculin skin testing to my child, (NAME), is contrary to our personal religiousbeliefs.

State Code §§_____ states the following:

(b) Religious exemption. Children need not be immunized if the parent, guardian or emancipated child objects in writing to the immunization on religious grounds or on the basis of a strong moral or ethical conviction similar to a religious belief.

As you are aware, my son (NAME), received his last immunization at age five. However, since that time, our personal religious belief, including our
relationship with the Divine, have vastly evolved and our family no longer relies on immunizations in order to prevent disease.

While it may appear at the moment I have plenty of time to submit this exemption and technically my son is “up-to-date”, recent governmental immunization recommendations strongly indicate additional immunizations and/or testing may be added to the list of school attendance requirements between now and sixth grade.

Therefore, I am submitting his exemption at this time.

Kindly acknowledge this letter with a written response so that I may have a record for my files.

Thank you for your assistance.


We got it notatized and handed it to the school principal. That was 3 years ago.
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Yes. We stopped vaxing DS and DD. We have since gone to the health department and obtained a religious exemption for DS as he will be starting kindergarten this fall. I actually called our school district and asked what needs to be turned in if DS is partially vaxed, but we have obtained a religious exemption and are no longer vaxing. I was told that they do not need any of the information on the vax card - they only need the exemption. As far as the school system goes, it is an all or none situation. They either need the vax card completely filled out, or they need the exemption form which exempts your child from all vaxes. I know it is different in every state, so I would call your local health department and ask what you need to do to get a religious exemption. The people at the health department were very friendly and gave us no problems. The school district has been very helpful also. We will be signing DS up for kindergarten at the end of this month, so hopefully all will go smoothly. We have all the appropriate paperwork ready to go though!

I think it happens fairly frequently that people realize that they are religiously opposed to vaccines after their children have received a few vaccines. I think once people realize what is being injected into their children they realize that it does go against their beliefs. Plus, people join new religions all the time. So, just because your child has received a few vaccines doesn't mean that you can't obtain a religious exemption at a later date.
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