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Bienvenidos Nico!

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Nico Sky was born on Wed, Jan 9th art 11:40am. He decided to come ON his due date, just like his big sister (weird, huh?). Early labor was very long and tiring, at 50 hours long! Active labor was a mere 3 hours, intense and powerful, just amazing. Pushing was 20 minutes, also very intense. No tears, Yeah!

Nico was 9lbs 7oz! He is a big, strong boy. He is already holding his head up a bit. We are just so in love right now. He is a pro nurser, I can't believe how fast he has learned.

Labor was an amazing experience, tough, but awesome! I am still in shock that he is here!

I'll try to tell more later, we are just in babymoon-ville right now!
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welcome nico! happy babymoon mama!
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Congrats Mama!!! Welcome Nico!!
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Congrats to you mama!! Have a wonderful babymoon
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Congratulations! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Welcome Nico!! Congratulations to your growing family.
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can't wait to hear more of the birth story - welcome nico!!!
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Congratulations, and happy birthday to little Nico.

(You give me faith that I might be able to name this baby after all. )
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Congrats!!! I'm happily jealous!
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Yay! Welcome, Nico and congrats, mama y sol.
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Yay!!! Congratulations on little Nico. Big boy! Sounds like although your birth was long, you were satisfied with the experience. So glad to hear Nico is nursing well. Enjoy your babymoon and take care of yourself.
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welcome nico!! Congrats Mama!
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Wow, there are some pretty short L&D's in here!
Such a big boy, and you gotta love the "no tears" part of the deal
Makes recovery soooo much easier
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Congratulations!! I love the name! Have a wonderful babymoon
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