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Trying to help my cousin save her BF relationship.

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My cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Dec. 19th. As of three days old he was exclusively breastfed and they weren't having any bf problems. They had the newborn check-up and his bilirubin was up and his weight was down by 12% and he was lethargic. They admitted them to the hospital, started supplementing with formula, and the BF relationship was deeply compromised. Now the jaundice is gone, his weight is back up and over birth weight, but his latch is messed up and he is taking both expressed breastmilk and formula from a bottle and only nursing once a day because she is in terrible pain. The hospital's lac consultant told them that she thought the little muscle that connects his tongue to the bottom of his mouth was too short, making bf painful for my cousin and ineffective for the babe. She suggested having it cut! Her supply isn't enough to support him yet, but she is hopeful that if she keeps pumping and bottle feeding, she will bring it up. She is on fenugreek, drinking breastfeeding tea, and eating lots of oatmeal. The lac consultant told my cousin that she should consider Reglan, but they are uncomfortable with the potential side effects for both her and the baby.

So far I have have sent her two BF books (Sears and Newman) and suggested they switch to a SNS- which it doesn't sound like they are willing to do. She is afraid of LLL (she is supplementing, exhausted, and dealing with a newborn whose tummy is upset- probably from the formula) I pointed her to Kellymom and loaned her my Moby. I haven't actually BF myself yet (1st pregnancy for me) but I told her that I would do whatever I could to help her, so long as she wanted me to. She does!!!! I am excited that she wants help, but now I need to know what else I can do for her. We live 3 hours apart and I have a two-year old who isn't in great shape for traveling these days!

Help mamas!
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It sounds like the baby is tongue tied which can def interfere with bf. This is a great article about it:
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My tongue tie story is in my sig. She should get it cut--
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