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My hubby got called for Federal Jury Duty

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He doesnt want to go .... but i think it would be super interesting ... well possibly ... has anyone here ever served on a Federal Jury ??
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No but that does sound super interesting!
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They sent me the paperwork for it last spring, I hope I never get picked. I'd have to drive 4hrs south and spend the night, and wouldn't know till 5pm if I was to turn up at 8am. Ick.
If it were closer It might me more appealing. But with kids to see to and Dh working odd hours It would be hard.
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I got called several times in a row, but I was nursing and homeschooling and got excused. They finally stopped serving me.
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My aunt was on a federal grand jury. She had to go once a week for 18 months! She said it was pretty interesting though.
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Never served on a federal one, but I did serve a term last spring. It was really neat.
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Couldn't do it right now. I'm pregnant and breastfeeding, and I have no one to leave my kids with, and no money for daycare.

In the future, I think I'd like to serve.
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I was a witness for a Federal trial. It was interesting in that I was far more intimidated once I walked in that room than I ever thought I'd be!

I think it's like any other trial; it's interest depends on the case. Plain old corporate stuff, probably boring overall (like the trial I was a witness for), but something else could be interesting.

As for doing it, is *is* our civic dury, right?
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I was on a grand jury for a year. I am not sure if that is the same as a Federal Jury. Do you mean he is going to be on a trial jury for federal cases? Or on grand jury?

Grand jury was great. I loved serving, and it was so interesting. I can see how it would be hard on folks who are self employed, but for me, I got out of a job I hated once a week, and was able to learn so much about the legal system. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I wasn't nursing.
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My FIL served on a federal grand jury. It was twice a month for 18 months. He loved it, cause one of their cases was all about "girls gone wild."
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I was called for a Federal Jury case when my nursling was a wee baby. After being told the case would last 12-15 days and be from 8am to 4pm daily there was no way I could serve. I told them I had an infant that was exclusively breast fed. Haven't been called since.

I would have loved to serve otherwise!
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I got called to Federal jury duty when my oldest was a tiny baby, but I got an exemption. I'd love to serve. My grandmother served a few years back and found it really interesting. She said the folks in charge were very accomodating to the jurors
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Gosh, why don't I ever get picked. I've never once been called for any kind of jury duty!
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