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those w toddlers....

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how much time do you get to spend w/them lately? i feel like im neglecting mine b/c shes been w/her nana alot lately and when she is home it feels like im just scolding her for doing this and that..... i miss playing with her
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me, too. We're adjusting, though, and are starting to get more of our playtimes back.
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some days i miss one-on-one w/ my toddler. some days when i stop and talk to my newborn i realize we haven't had much face time.

i agree that things are stabilizing a bit. i am neglecting the house more than the kids i think. which i suppose is good. unfortunately i'm negleting my sleep too, in order to do things like stay up and check the DDC!
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I think I feel my preschooler has been more neglected. That and the whole house (except me and baby) got the stomach flu right after she was born... so I was really weird about not touching or being too close to baby. I try to make up for it during the times when she's sleeping... that's all I can do... but It's definitely hard juggling time with three kids when one REALLY physically needs me so much.
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I'm not spending anywhere near enough time with Isabel It breaks my heart because this was one of my fears about having another baby. I enrolled Isabel in half-day preschool M/W/F, and she spends all day Thursday with her grandparents, so she has a lot of interaction and activity, just not the major mommy time she's used to. I wish I could spend more time with her.
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E is spending a TON of time with his daddy -- which is good, because that's what he's used to (DH is a SAHD) but I hate the feeling that we're splitting the kids into his and her's, and I hate thinking that Elliot is adjusting so well because he basically doesn't care that the babe is with mama as long as he has Daddy's full attention. I'd love to be able to take him out to the Children's museum or playland just him and me, but Rhys is nursing totally unpredictably and that's just not possible right now.
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It's been hard to get enough time with Stelli but I've been trying to make time. Dh loves cuddling the babe so I try to really focus on Stelli even if its getting her to help me with laundry or the like. She likes helping out so its kinda double duty, the house gets clean and the toddler gets attention.

I also found that including her in baby decisions like which diaper to wear or what outfit makes her really happy and excited.
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: Subbing from Jan 2008 DDC because I have a toddler and a newborn on the way...
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My daughter has become addicted to my husband and couldn't care less if I come or go. She is going to have a really hard time (and thus so am I) when he goes back to work Monday. Can't wait...........
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i feel like i'm ignoring my newborn - i'm so paranoid about making ds feel neglected, i've been making a conscious effort to include him in everything. plus, baby is in the sling or snoozing a lot of the time. at then end of the day, when ds has gone to bed, i often feel like it's the first i've paid any attention to her at all!
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What kind of sling are you using for the newborn? My first didn't like the ring sling as a newborn but liked it later. I need to get another sling....like a mei tai...
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I feel so guillty becasue I am not spending as much time with ds as I did before the new baby was born. My ds is acting up and getting into everything so I am always telling him no. I miss spending all my time with him!! I don't know how to juggle both kids. I seem to be always feeding dd. I don't know how moms do it with 2+ lo.
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