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I am looking at the bellefit ones...my sis and I both have big babies, are short, and have diastasis recti...these seem well made.


a bit pricey, but if they'll help, it's worth it!

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I did it with DS and it was awesome. I ordered something from amazon, it was like $14. I am definitely binding again with #2. 

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I am interested, especially in the bengkung style like these, which look easier to put on by my self: http://tanamerapostnatal.com/product-benefits/abdominal-wrap-bengkung/

Does anyone know if there are 'sizes' to these? I am not tiny and this is my 5th baby. I have posture issues pp with breastfeeding, etc and several tailbone breaks in birth, I think this could help.
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I asked for an abdominal binder at the hospital after DD2 was born, and the nurse gave me this giant thing with velcro and elastic and it was AMAZING.  I have a long torso and it went from the bottom of my ribs to just above my pubic bone.  It was super easy to put on and made getting up and walking around that first week so much easier.  It was so much nicer than the medela binder I'd bought before DD2 was born that I just went and returned the medela binder.


It was basically like this:


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I talked to the Nurse Practictitioner at my OB practice about belly binding, and she encouraged me to try it and bring the belt to the hospital so I can start ASAP.

I figured if I am going to do this, I'm going to do it right, so I got a BelleFit corset, even though it's pretty pricy.

It's an investment in my body, right? And this is my body forever, so here we go... I'm due in a few weeks so I'll let you know how it goes.

Regarding the use of sheets and things, I guess it might work but it sounds like a pain to get together and I'd rather something that can be discrete under clothing.

I am using a scarf for belly support around the house sometimes though. It feels great, but I don't think it'd be practical for full-on belly binding.
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