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last gasp effort to get 1,000 responses in the attachment parenting study

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Disclaimer--if you have already seen this a billion times all over Mothering, just ignore. But there are many who have not yet seen it, and I'm trying to hit a few different forums in order to reach them. If you have participated, thanks so much!

Do you consider your parenting style to be
"attachment parenting"? If so, I hope you will
consider taking a few minutes to fill out a
survey about your parenting practices as part of
a research project on attachment parenting.

I am a attachment parenting mom of a seven yr old
boy, and a senior anthropology student whose main
emphasis is on cross-cultural parenting
practices, particularly in American parenting

I wrote a grant proposal two years ago to study
and write about attachment parenters (AP) in
Arkansas. I wondered why AAP and WHO
reccomendations for minimum breastfeeding
duration were followed by some parents (this is
especially common in AP families) and not by
others. Other research indicates that the touch
and carrying patterns common to this group have
many benefits to the development of infant's
brains. The legislature agreed it was an
important subject and I have been working ever
since to create a better understanding of the
norms (as well as demographic data) of this
group. I am now in the really exciting part of
my research where I am tabulating and analyzing
data from mail-in surveys. It's very interesting
to see how Ap'ers are similar and different to
each other and to the broader "mainstream"
society. But because I have not received as many
responses as I expected from this area, I am
broadening my research to include others from around the world. I plan to eventually publish this
research and to write a book on this parenting
style, which most "modern" people seem to have

It may go without saying but I will say anyway
that I am highly supportive of AP and also very
sensitive to the isssue of familial privacy, and
should you choose to participate you will receive
an informed consent form that explains all about
my reasons and goals for this research, how your
info will be handled, and information about the
anonymity of your data. Phone numbers for my
academic supervisor and school are also included.

If you would like to be part of creating a fuller
and better understanding of this parenting style,
as well as have the chance to have your children
become part of a long-term longitudinal study
to determine what benefits accrue to kids
parented in this way, please visit:

The online survey takes only 15-20 minutes to
complete and there are no strings attached. If
you wish to be included in the interview portion
of the research as well, you may indicate this on
your survey and include on that survey your name
and address. Interviews will take 1-2 hours and
will not be scheduled until the Spring.

VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE note in the last section of the survey that you learned about the survey through
the Mothering message board.

Please feel free to forward this message to your friends or family who you think practice attachment parenting!


Joy Berry, anthropology student,
Breastfeeding Supporter/Advocate,
Coordinator of Education,
Children's Museum of Arkansas
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ok, I filled it out.
It was your quote from Sartre that motivated me.
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I was going to do the survey but can't open the page....I clicked on the link and can't get it to open....I'll try later.
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hi, thanks so much for letting me know--i've put in a call to my webmaster so this should be fixed asap.

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