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help for infection?

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Yesterday my DH and I noticed that the tip of DS's penis was red. Then after his bath, when we were putting on his nighttime diaper, there was a tiny bit of blood coming out. We called the doctor, and then went in today. The doc retracted his foreskin a bit and it was super red and infected (really gross) looking underneath. He said it's just a bacterial infection and gave me some oral antibiotic to give DS for 10 days. Is there anything else I can/should do for him? I read in the Mothering article "Protect Your Uncircumcised Son" that we should use an antibacterial ointment and acidopholus -- how much of the latter and in what form? And what kind of ointment?

Thank you for your help!
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If you go over to the vaccination board there are a few good threads on probiotics,and they discuss brands as well as making your own yogurts.Do a search,or just post your concerns over there.I like the powder stuff found in the fridge section of the hfs that is maked for infants and children.Maybe some sodium ascorbate would help as well.Plus a soak in a herbal/GSE bath.Speedy healing for your little one!
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check this site out...


Please post your message there and you'll get a lot of informed people to answer.
Good luck!
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If you are still nursing, breastmilk is an excellent "probiotic" for this type of thing. Also works for ear infections, eye infections, etc. Also, you can try grapeseed extract. Just a few drops in a clear bath should help.
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Thanks, Jennie!

Do you mean squirt some breastmilk directly on the infected area?
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Yes you can put it right on.Mothers swear by it for treating ear infections,eye infections,and even healing a cut
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Hi. I tried answering your post earlier but I got a message about the boards being down.

Express breastmilk into a dixi cup or the like and use a syringe to put the milk directly into infected eye, ear, penis, nose whatever. Or you can just squirt directly from boob to area but that's a little less exact. lol
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