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38 weeks 5 days

enjoying having just DP & me for a little while longer, but still excited to hold our new little monkey
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38 weeks +2 days. Still loving the booda belly.
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37+3. I'm trying not to be too impatient.
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Somewhere around 37+4 or 38+1 . . . either way feeling pretty good and waiting (im)patiently for signs of impending labor!
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I'm still here!! 40+3 today and not feeling any imminent signs.
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Originally Posted by bizzibee1 View Post
40+3 today, timing contractions every 8-10 min at the moment, maybe today???? Hopefully! Trying to deceide to wake DH and call my Mom who lives an hour away????
mama! I feel your pain.
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38+5 here. nothing new. with the other two i had no "signs" until i was in labor, so i'm not expecting any changes any time soon.
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40 weeks 3 days......

A few days ago I thought I was so close. Now I'm just hoping the baby comes before our family gets here on the 17th.

I've been procrastinating on a few real world things that I should really have done before the baby comes. I am determined to get them done today, just in case my to do list is stopping my body from getting labor started.
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I am 39 weeks 2 days or 39 weeks according to my mw. I go with the 39 weeks and due on the 21st since if I go late it will give me a couple of extra days to stay off of any kind of schedule.

Im nervous about having my 3 boys and a newborn to take care of by myself so I am ok just waiting for now although on the other hand I am missing my dp and he will start traveling when I call him to come for the birth so I go back and forth alot during the day!
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39w6d here...no signs of anything! Trying really hard not to get impatient, I know she'll come when she's ready!
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38w5d here - still loving being pregnant - hoping baby stays safe inside for a few more weeks. Still feel like i'm catching up on rest from the holidays!
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I'm 38w2d now, and am trying to be patient since I know 1st babies are usually late. I just want to get this show on the road!!
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38 2 here
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I'm 39 weeks today. Feeling fine with being pg for another week, or two, or so...
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40 weeks today! Trying to be patient...
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39 weeks!

39 weeks, or 38+5 according to MW. I went in to my first visit thinking the day I ovulated was 2 days later then I later realized. I just figured that it'd give me that extra 2 days if I went late.

Mucus plug is definitely melting away and coming out. Last night when I went pee I noticed more and a VERY slight redness on TP, so still waiting to see more.

BH have been more frequent, accompanied by backache, and now some slight abdominal pain.

I thought I would definitely go 2 weeks late because I am a first time momma, but more and more I am thinking I will be right around my due date or 41 weeks.

Who knows! I hope baby stays in a bit longer though. I am still putting the house together and on a hunt for a bed in my price range.

grow grow grow, baby!
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38+1 today.

I keep telling people "Today would be fine."
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38 weeks. Still here.
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37 and 3 days here. Last time I went to 41 weeks 2 days, so who knows when this babe will make his/her appearance? My mucous plug has slowly been dissolving over the past couple of weeks. At my 36 week appointment, my MW said that I was 1 cm dilated with a bulging sack of waters. I am hoping not to go overdue with this babe because it is so much bigger seeming than dd. My body seems stretched to the limit! My mw has missed her last appointment with me since a mama was in labor, but I am supposed to see her again this week. She missed my home visit, which means I exhausted myself cleaning just to have to do it again this week. Arhgh. Oh well, I need to keep the house up for the birth anyway, right?
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39 + 5. Lost a chunk of my mucus plug a little while ago! I swear this is the only time when you get really excited to see a glob of mucus!
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