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nausea and need of protein

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Hi all, its mighty dada,

i have a friend of mine who is pregnant, very early 10wks and all she can eat when she gets up is bagels and saltines. Later in the day she feels, better and craves protein, but when she eat meat it makes her sick. Would it be ok to make her a protein shake? maybe soy protein? What would be best?

thank you mighty dada out, will back again finally figuring out how to navigate site.

love might mama forever
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hi MD,

I would not do much soy as it mimic estrogens and too much of that is not good for mama or baby. But a serving now and then is not a bad thing.

Calcium-magnesium supplements are good for mama and baby and can help to settle the tummy as can chamomile tea. Sometimes ginger helps but it is warming so sometimes it also makes it worse. But ginger tea is worth trying.

As for protein, perhaps some chicken soup would help? That is usually very mild and healthy. Yogurt has a bit of protein and is often good when you have an upset tummy. I would try yogurt before a soy shake. Cottage cheese is also very high in protein and sometimes feels good to eat. She should be getting at least 60 grams of protein.
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Has she tried eggs? Wen I was pregnant with DD, I couldn't even look at meat, let alone eat it, but scrambled eggs were like manna from heaven. I ate lots of yogurt, cheese and nuts too.
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Hi MD,

I will echo almonds. Also millet or quinoa are good grains to eat.
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I too am battling with nausea(and I am at 13 weeks now so looks like I am on par for 8.5 months of nausea/vomiting like I was with DD) and when I go to my midwife appt, I am always showing protein in my urine...so of course, I am deficient(I throw up every day-EVERY DAY!).

It seems like everything makes me ill...but I did this:

I mixed milk, a tbsp peanut butter, some frozen berries(I used raspberries) and a scoop of protein powder that can be found at just about any health store. Zapped it in the blender and voila! A delicious protein shake that I could ACTUALLY stomach! It tasted kinid of like a reese's pb cup with berry-YUM!

So that is what I do to get some calories and protein in! Hope it helps your friend and I am sending good : vibes to help her nausea pass soon!!
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Hi. I just got over hyperemesis and eating protein helped a lot.

Peanut butter worked well for me and kept me from getting too hungry, which would make me feel worse. I also liked eggs, whichever way I could get them down.

Hope it gets better for her soon, it's awful being so sick.
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