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how much do iui's normally cost?

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we've been told between 3800 and 5500 for an iui with injectibles, but i've been looking around in the forum and have seen people mention way lower prices. is this something i should be shopping around for? i feel pretty good about this doctor, so i'm almost hoping that's just the going rate, but i will be pretty sad if we blow every penny we have on two or three iui's and are out of options.

i'm in san diego if that matters. and our insurance pays absolutely nothing.
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Are you referring to intra uterine insemination? I did that a few times, to no avail, trying to get pregnant with #1. It did not cost that much. I do not remember exactly but it was a few hundred at most. Not covered by insurance at all. We are in WA state.

I know that we spent a total of about a thousand dollars on tests for both of us, 3 rounds of iui, and clomid for 6 mos and then we stopped and I ended up with a new doc who suggested upping my thyroid meds and that worked. We did not even consider the next step, IVF, because that would have been thousands of dollars and entailed shots. We could not afford that.
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Rubidoux, if you are paying for everything OOP as we are up in San Fran as well, here's how it generally goes. The IUI itself is not that expensive, $350-500. It's the injectibles that are the thousands. We were quoted $3-4000. For that reason, I am doing Clomid right now and will do Clomid+IUI if that does not work. Clomid is $25 for 5 pills, so that is more managable for us. If Clomid+IUI doesn't work we will probably skip the injectible stage because for thousands of dollars, we'd rather go to Japan and do IVF for $5000. But it also comes down to your situation personally. I run a very high risk of high multiples w/ inject., but my sister who is older than me (37) and has a much higher FSH is a great candidate for inject. so is doing that. My RE gave me a breakdown of conservative chances of conceiving per cycle given my LPD, etc. (I don't know if you got anything like this).
using nothing: 1-2%
clomid: 5%
clomid+IUI: 10%
inject+IUI: 15%
IVF: 35%

HTH! It sure is rough when you are footing all the bills.
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thanks for the info, mamas!

i'm starting to wonder if we should be considering iui's w/ no fsh injections, either instead of doing the fsh or as well as (like every other cycle or something). my day 3 fsh level was 9.0, which our doctor considered to be borderline high. i think he would say the cutoff would be 8 or 8.5, which makes me think there would be some value to trying with no injections. i think our main impediment to pregnancy has been dh's low sperm count and low mobility. and since the 3 day fsh changes some from cycle to cycle, i wonder if we could decide to not do the injections depending on the results for that cycle (and for all i know, that's what our doctor is imagining will happen), kwim? hmmmmm.....

i sure wish i either knew nothing about this at all or a whole lot more. ugh!
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It depends on your insurance.

My IUI's were not covered at all and we paid between $400-$500 each time. I only did clomid with them and had my normal co-pay with that. What is going to make yours expensive it the FSH that you're taking prior to it. If you are not covered for the FSH, freegaragesale.com has some great women there in the medical section that sell their left overs for MUCH cheaper than the typical $3000. Like $300 for a gonal-f pen. Good luck
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I haven't had one, but I'm on clomid, first time, this month and they gave us basically a price list for stuff in case insurance wouldn't cover.

If insurance doesn't cover anything, and you're on clomid instead of injectibles:

Clomid and trigger shot: $100+

follicle screening: approx. $150

IUI: $200

total: $450-$500
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