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Originally Posted by abimommy View Post
Cynthia has fixed the thread titles and removed the post min.

Please join us next time for another exciting edition of "the boards do funny things right when Cynthia goes to bed."

...now, what more could I say in response to that?
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Originally Posted by Jennisee View Post
Same time next week?
No it was still last night, after fixing the other problem Cynthia took a small nap. She logged back on to me crying.
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Originally Posted by Sustainer View Post
I agree with those who have said that people are just going to add a line of dashes, or a copy & pasted second signature, or a row of smilies (which are even worse for the server, yes?)

If you don't want people to post just to boost their post count, then tell people that it's against the rules to do so, and delete the "boost your post count" threads. And remove the incentive. By all means, make it so that posts don't count toward your post count unless they're 50 chars long.

Copy and paste as needed:

I wholeheartedly concur with what the above poster has written. So a big :

What if I don't concur wholeheartedly? What if I just concur? What if I don't want to give a big yeah that? What if I just want to give a regular ole yeah that? One of the great things about smilies is that you don't have to type out "yeah that." You can just type : yeah :. What's the point of having convenient smilies like the "yeah that" smilie if you then have to type 50 chars anyway?

But why? Why do you need to respond to something when someone has already responded the same way? Just silently nod your head and move on to another thread or think of something eloquent to say.

Some times I do that, but other times I feel it's important to let the poster know that there is support for their position. And, IMO, it can be even more important to let everyone reading the thread know that a certain opinion is not just one person's isolated position.

As far as eloquence, any writer worth her salt can tell you that often the most eloquent way to say something is with just a few well-chosen words.

If we give people the impression that the only valued posts are bulk posts, it will encourage people to blab on and on without actually saying anything, which will in turn discourage people from wanting to read through posts.

I really don't see what is wrong with just saying "welcome" or "yeah that" or "taking notes." In fact, it's rather upsetting to see such posts referred to as "drive bys" and see the implication that such posts are without substance. I think it's nice that people say "welcome" and "I agree with this" and "this is helpful information" and "thank you for posting" and I would hate to see such posts disappear from MDC.

If people don't know that it's possible to subscribe to a thread without posting, then I think the way to address that is through education.

I just really don't understand why people think that a post has to be 50 chars long to be meaningful. Regardless of certain of my posts (including this one), I'm actually a big believer in short and sweet. Saying something with just a few words can be a very effective and powerful way to make an impact on a topic.

I agree with others who have pointed out the irony of a device that is intended to decrease the posting of "meaningless nothing" actually having the effect of increasing the posting of meaningless nothing. "OK I've said what I wanted to say in a few words and now you'll just have to keep reading blah blah blah there." Do we really want to force people into the position of having to either add quantity to their posts or refrain from contributing at all?

I also don't see the problem with chat threads. I thought people generally enjoyed them. Is this supposed to be a fun-loving community, or is it supposed to be a place where you're supposed to keep your mouth shut except when you have something really profound to say about natural parenting?

maybe only those with mature thick skin should be on a board of this nature.

I'm mature, but I still have a very thin skin and there's nothing I can do about it. Maybe people think I don't belong here?

For those who share things here that they would not want to share with a child, keep in mind that children read over their parent's shoulders and use computers on their own as lurkers.

Seriously, it reminds me of highschool, when you had a 1,000 word essay that you had to stretch to 5,000 words.

Yes exactly! I've been trying to think of what this reminds me of. That's it! Thank you! This issue has been giving me a (before your post, subconscious) flashback to high school when I had to stretch what I felt was an ideally worded essay into a greater number of words (to meet some arbitrary minimum limit) by adding a bunch of bullcrud. "Let's see how many words I can stick in without changing the meaning of what I want to say. In other words, let's see how many words I can add that mean NOTHING. How long can I go blah blah blah blah..."

And really sucks for those who nak too.

Good point!!!!!

Can't you always return to a thread when you finish NAKing to reply to it?

For some mothers, breastfeeding is one of the few (or only) times of the day when they can visit MDC.

I wholeheartedly concur

This exactly


Hellz yeah
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