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fussy babies

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How do you deal with a fussy baby? I mean a really fussy baby? Last night he cried for 2 hours-and we just could not calm him down! We fed him, changed him, held him, rocked him, nursed him-finally we got him to sleep by sitting him down in a vibrating chair and rocking him. He did this yesterday morning too. When he did sleep last night-he slept very lightly, and I could him hear whining in his sleep. I think something hurts

I'm taking him to the dr. this morning to make sure nothing is wrong with him.

But assuming he's not sick-how do you cope with a crying, screaming inconsolable baby????
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It sounds like you are doing everything right! I found this page helpful with my first:


Hope he's not sick. Sometimes tiny babies are just fussy.
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You have my empathy - I've dealt with many a 2-hour crying jag with this one. Cutting dairy out of my diet has helped, but Olivia is still fussy ... Here's how I'm dealing with it:

- Mylicon before every feeding
- Burping often - and she's a seriously stingy burper; I often spend 10-15 minutes trying to get a burp out of her
- Swaddling and walking with her - a friend gave us a Miracle Blanket and that makes a HUGE difference
- Babywearing - I've perfected the rucksack back carry with my MT and spend hours a day with her sleeping on my back
- Running the vacuum - my mom used to do this with me, and for whatever reason, it works - as soon as I turn it on, she stops crying and I can usually get her to fall asleep if I rock her while it's running
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DD1 cried from 9pm-1am most every night for the first 6-9 months (at around 6 months it wasn't everynight, but would still happen). Caffeine is a big culprit for some babies, as is dairy.

As for what to do while they're crying...Hyland's Colic Tablets have helped both of my girls. They don't magically calm them from the throes of a tantrum, but I notice when I give them the colic tablets they are easier to get calmed. With Anna-Lee we did a lot of bouncing, walking, etc. For her the biggest help was walking outside in a sling. In the winter I would put her in a fleece bunting in her fleece sling with my DH's or dad's coat zipped up over both of us.

For Reese if I hum in a very low tone, rock her, pat her- those all help. Slinging is hit or miss. Most of the time she loves it, but if I put her in there when she's already upset sometimes it just makes it worse. It may lose me points with some on here, but our Fisher Price Soothing Motions Glider is a lifesaver. I said when they first came out that they should have had them when dd1 was teeny. Reese loves it and if she's really gassy and has a tummy ache she sleeps better in it than on me!
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Dennie, it won't cost you points with me - I always give our cradle swing a try when Olivia's fussy. In fact, the only way I could get a shower today was to swaddle her, put her in the swing AND run the vacuum for my whole shower. She's still sleeping in the swing. Sort of - I may have to kick off the vacuum again ...
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Honestly, I don't know. Lane has some serious reflux (it breaks my heart but we've started medication) and he is very uncomfortable all night long - restless, grunting, straining, fussing - I don't get any rest and neither does he. I think it is just one of those things that has to be endured.

On the bright side, my daughter was also fussy/active and slept less than 10 hours a day from day one. I only know that because I wrote it down in her babybook - I can't remember a thing about it!
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I keep forgetting to drag out our little portable swing. Ds2 didnt like it, but I think dd2 might, and it would be such a relief to me to have some place--other than ON ME--that she'd be willing to stay for a few minutes! So count me in as one of the "neglect-o-matic" proponents, LOL! And totally guilt-free about it, too!

Karen, have you tried colic tablets? I don't have much else to offer in the way of advice...our babies haven't really been fussy, just not interested in sleeping when I really need them to, KWIM?

But a friend of mine had major issues with 2 of her dds and the colic tablets (along with slinging, vacuum noise, and many other desperate measures!) were helpful according to her. Didn't solve the fussiness, but brought it down a notch, KWIM? Which, you know, might be the best you can hope for sometimes....

I don't mean that in a discouraging way, just that there may not be a magic pill, so finding some things that help a bit (and a big one here is making sure you get a break once in awhile, to save your sanity!), and then focusing on that tiny bit of relief might help you to deal with things a bit more.

I dunno if that makes sense...I just know that I'm desperate for sleep right now (I have 3 other kids for heaven's sake--doesn't she understand that?? ), and the only thing that's getting me through the days is focusing on the positive--she slept a half hour in her crib this morning, and the other kids slept in, so that was 30 blessed minutes that I was able to get real, refreshing sleep! Every little bit helps, yk?

Anyway, you should be able to find hyland's colic tablets at any HFS, and I've seen them at walgreens/cvs/etc. here lately.
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- hold baby and bounce on a birth/exercise ball
- go for a walk
- go for a drive
- sit with baby on your lap, facing out, for a change of scenery (Iris loves to look at my french doors with dark curtains around them - really gives her that contrast to focus on)
- gripe water
- white noise/nature sounds machine (I sleep with one of these in my bedroom and swear it is why Iris sleeps so well at night)
- let baby suck on your finger
- take a bath with baby
- bicycle baby's legs
- gently rock while making close (~8 inches) constant eye contact

Iris is an arm flailer, so it helps if I hold her arms still when she is fussy.
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Fisher's had some serious gas issues, fortunately not TOO many, but it seems to come on at night. He's obviously in pain. When it gets really bad, we do gripe water. We relied on it almost daily with dd1 and it does help. Augusta was colicky and I just nursed her constantly.

Last night, I got Fisher to fart by unwrapping him and laying him on his belly. I think the pressure and movement worked it out. He wasn't REALLY settled until he pooped this morning. That makes all the difference.

The other mama's suggestions are great. As I said, we rely on gripe water. Also, if things are just non-stop, I take him outside or for a ride in the car. The change of scenery works magic when all else seems to fail.

Just know that it's not uncommon for babies to cry for 2 hours. It sucks, but sometimes you just have to power through. It WILL STOP. Augusta was SUCH a fussy baby, but she was a peaceful, wonderful toddler and child.
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bouncing on the birth ball is mega important over here.
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rescue remedy.
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Anybody ever use Earth Mama Angel Baby "Angel Baby Calm Tea"?

Just wondering-never really gave herbs to newborn before - any suggestions?
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stepping outside
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w// mama

or dada
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The first thing that you should do is look at your diet. Since you are on MDC, I am going to assume you are breastfeeding. I would definitely look into an elimination diet.

I had to totally take dairy out of my diet and my daughter was a dream! I accidentally had a half cup of punch (it had sherbet in it) and she was screaming her head off in 30 mins after nursing.

On the bright side, I lost 20 pounds after I gave up dairy for my daughter.
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DD1 had colic/reflux, rice/oats food intolerancy up until almost the age of 2 (I kid you not). I survived though. A few things that seemed to help would of course be a car ride (I put ALOT of miles on our jeep). When I got home I put her on the dryer and she would sleep an additional half hour to hour. Running the sweeper. She didn't respond too well to white noise. Everything had to be REALLY LOUD!! Taking a walk but if it's too cold outside, which it is here, that won't help you. You can go for a walk at your local mall. Wearing her and walking around the house or outside. I think that was about it, but for the longest time I would just put her in her carseat on the dryer and turn on the vacuum. You would be amazed how that instantly calms any fussy baby down. Good luck
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Originally Posted by Chanley View Post
The first thing that you should do is look at your diet. Since you are on MDC, I am going to assume you are breastfeeding. I would definitely look into an elimination diet.
EXACTLY. Look at your diet--seriously. My DD reacted this way whenever I would eat anything with soy in it.

The major problem foods tend to be dairy, gluten/wheat, soy/legumes, but really it could be anything. Start by looking at your baby's good days and see what was different about your diet or just take a leap and cut out the biggies and see what happens. The thing is you have to cut ALL traces of them and that is really difficult if you are used to using packaged foods & snacks.

Meanwhile, baths, walks, babywearing, keep baby warm & swaddled, skin on skin contact (wrap naked baby to a shirtless you with a moby wrap or something like it), take a break once in a while when you can (Like have your DH or someone else take baby for a walk . . . )

Good luck figuring it out.
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how's it going, Karen? you've been in my thoughts. How's it going with the new Lact-Aid? is it helping?

Hope you are holding it together, Mama! I'm praying for you!
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Originally Posted by SheBear View Post
how's it going, Karen? you've been in my thoughts. How's it going with the new Lact-Aid? is it helping?

Hope you are holding it together, Mama! I'm praying for you!
Thanks! He was less fussy yesterday. However right now is another story. DP is dealing with him. It will be my turn in about 15 minutes. Wearing him helped-and we are buying a ring sling today to make wearing him easier (the Moby is a bit complicated).

Nursing is going-I am not using the Lact-Aid-and just nurse bare-mostly comfort nursing as there is still not enough milk-but he does well going from bottle to breast and back and forth.
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I was just reading that probiotics can greatly improve colic (and thrush!). It's worth a shot.
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