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OK, I have found out that my insanely fussy baby does OK in the Moby for about an hour. I can't do dishes or anything with her in it. But she also loves being naked. She LOVES diaper changes and is ok for a solid 5+ minutes as long as she's naked. Score! Well, if only it weren't in deep freeze mode here...
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Kittywitty-have you though about letting your babe go naked in the Moby? Most babies wont eliminate while they are being worn, and if you are also topless then she might sleep for a couple hours in there. All that skin to skin contact will probably be really soothing for her, and she can hang out naked without getting cold.

We are doing EC with Silas, and he has gone diaper free in the Moby many times without eliminating. He wakes up and fusses if he needs to pee or poo, and holds it until I take him out of the wrap. He doesn't seem to mind peeing on me, just not while he is in the wrap!!
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I have tried letting her be nakey on me a lot, but she always pees on me. And by the time I try to get her out, I'm soaked!
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