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Yeah, there's just something about baby poop dogs can't resist :
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My 2.5yo was headed for the potty, she almost made it but the turd dropped onto the floor instead. My 13yo came to find me, when I came to help I was like "Where is it?". There was our dog licking his chops - eww. Well, at least he's not alone! :
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We call them "diaper snacks" here. This summer I was cleaning up dog poop and found these white fluffy poos all over the yard. I was ready to call the vet when I also saw shredded dipes all over. Amazing what dipe fill looks like when "processed". Then the nasty creature got about 8 of them during a snowstorm and they became frozen to my back deck for two weeks. But there are benefits---when dd has a spitup, if I'm fast enough to lean her over the floor, there's the clean-up crew. He does the high chair tray too. And the pre-rinse cycle of the dishes.
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I wonder if it's partly hormonal? Adult dogs (mostly females) lick the bottoms of thier litter when they are pups to get them to go pee/poo and the moms eats it. It is instinctual. I wonder if they pick up a similar scent that makes them want to do it for human babies...
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Your dog will be fine -- mine has done this. So disgusting.
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at least the baby did not eat dog poop! (:
there have been posts like that!
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Yup, our dog is nasty like that too! She has even chewed holes in the cloth diaper while trying to get all the poop off.
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At least it wasn't 'My baby ate dog-poop'!!!
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I grew up on a farm. Let me tell you, a dog eating baby poop is pretty mild compared to some things I've seen dogs eat. Ours LOVE to follow the calves in the spring, they think the farrier is the dog treat man (dogs can't get enough hoof trimmings), and you don't want to know how much manure they slurp up when the cows are on fresh grass. They drag up deer parts from road kill, etc. They are just disgusting. I guess that is why we don't eat dogs, because they aren't very picky about what they consume.
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my dog eats her OWN poop! i've even bought her pills to make her poop unappetizing (cuz, ya know, it tastes sooo good?), but it doesn't phase her.
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I love that the thread about dogs eating is getting so many posts:

We caught our dog chewing on a piece of her own frozen poo outside. Chewin on it just she would a dog bone...we always refer to the famous "poopsicle" lol.
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