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have you gained/lost weight?

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I haven't been eating very well - we went on vacation for a week and we all know that means eating out a lot.

despite all that, I haven't gained any weight at 8 weeks 3 days. This is good for me, being the fluffy gal that I am, my target weight gain is on the low end of the suggested weight gain (20-25lbs instead of 25-35 lbs). I'll be happy if I only gain 2-3 lbs by 12 weeks.

what about you? how far along are you, have you gained/lost weight? how do you feel about it?
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I have actually lost a bit of weight. It fluctuates every day but today I was 5 lbs lighter than I was when I found out I was pg. Some days it is only 3 lbs lighter. I am sure that has to do with water retention.

I am actually kind of happy about it. I too am on the fluffy side and still had 20lbs to lose from having my last LO. My goal is only to gain about 20lbs total.

I know that a lot of not gaining anything so far is that I am eating a bit healthier. I haven't had the energy to excercise much so I know it isn't from that! LOL

I haven't met with my midwife yet so she may have other weight goals for me.
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I lost about 6 pounds and feel I might be gaining it back since I'm eating. My eating and is still very limited and not heavy at all. I do snack on tons of veggies and fruit so I know there is no weight gain there. I goal is to not be one those women who gains about 80 pounds during pregnancy. 20, I can deal with but I would love 15 even more. LOL
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Well, I too am not back to where I want to be after birth #1, and so far have lost weight. I am 7 weeks in, so I'm pretty happy about that, though I know it's because I am so nauseous and have a limited appetite. I've been trying to make sure I get lots of protein and fruits and veggies, but bleh, I don't want to eat anything right now.

I hope to gain very minimally this time around as well!
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I'm 10wk5d and have lost atleast 6 pounds. Doesn't this phenomenon seem weird as we're watching our bellies get poochy? Makes no sense at all.
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I'm in week 8 also and have lost about 3. But I chalk that up to nausea and I change my eating habits completely, so lots of fruits & veggies and no Entenmann's chocolate donuts My usual wieght gain is about 14 lbs or so and hopefully this baby will be no different - although it seems wrong that the only time I lose weight is when I'm supposed to be eating for 2!!
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I'm either at or 2lb over what I weighed when I found out I was pregnant. I'm 9w4d (I had to look it up. . . this is obviously not my first baby, or I would have known). I'm pretty petite, so I'm ok with having gained a tiny bit already. I'm also nursing 2 kiddos, so the fact that I've kept enough food down to be able to gain is making me really happy. I was SO sick for the longest time.
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Maybe I should get a scale...
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I have lost a pound from my pre-pg weight but I did get to the point where I'd gained 3-4 lbs a couple of weeks ago. I am now 1lb above where I started with DS's pregnancy, but I gained 39lbs and though it was all gone by 3mths PP, I don't want to do that again. By 12 weeks I had gained 2-3 lbs with him, I believe, and it wasn't until I hit 20 weeks that it started to pile on.
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With my first I didn't gain any weight till maybe month 4 or 5. Second is different I am at ten weeks and I think I have gained about 7 pounds maybe.
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I think I lost 5# since getting preggo. Though I made some yummy cranberry coffee cake yesterday, so I better watch out! I am nursing as well & trying for lower carb, higher protein diet.
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Originally Posted by goldfinch View Post
Maybe I should get a scale...
I should change the batteries in mine. They went out just before I got pregnant so I have no idea. I didn't weigh myself at home last pregnancy at all. It started b/c dh didn't think it was safe b/c our scale measures body fat too and then I just didn't do it because I was always weighed at the mw office. But it feels like I have gained about 5 lbs so far and I am close to 8 weeks.
I DO weigh myself AFTER the baby is born b/c its AWESOME to see the weight come off. I lost 20 lbs more after passing my pre pregnancy weight with ds so that was cool.
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I have lost weight, maybe like 4 pounds? I'm dealing with nausea and low appetite, as well as significant food aversions. I'm glad to lose a little weight though, as I was trying to lose some when I got pregnant.
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I've only gained two pounds! WTH? I guess this is fine???
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Gained a bit, but I was VERY small to begin with. The only thing that helps the M/S is to : even though the thought of eating is repulsive. Well thats the reason for the weight gain it helped my M/S.
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I am staying the same
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I am down about 9 lbs. I generally dont gain wt when i am pregnant. but i am hoping to actually gain about 20 lbs this time.
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My midwives believe very strongly that there isn't a set amount of weight that a pregnant woman "should" gain. I try not to pay much attention to the scale - I only weigh myself at midwife visits. I eat according to what my body seems to want.

Last time I lost 7lbs in the first trimester and only crossed over my pre-pregnancy weight again when I was late in the second trimester. I gained 15lbs overall.

This time I was shocked at my first midwife appt to find that I seemed to have lost 8lbs already. But I re-weighed myself on the scale at work (where I'd weighed myself to find out my pre-pregnancy weight, because we don't have a scale at home) and found that I'd actually only lost about 4lbs.

I certainly don't think that anyone should freak out about losing weight or not gaining in the first trimester! It's totally normal.
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I have lost several pounds. I have PCOS and have been on Metformin since last October. If I loose two more pounds (not that I am trying right now) I will have lost 60 lbs total since I started the medication. I would say that almost ten of them have been since I found out I was pregnant. I'm not sure if that is still the medication or the nasuea or a combination. I am still pretty overweight so I am not concerned with it. In addition to that, I always loose weight when I am pregnant for some reason.
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I have lost between 20 and 25 pounds since finding out I was pregnant. I am slightly worried...I normally loose that amount over about the fist 20 weeks and then start gaining, never have I lost so much so fast.
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