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Originally Posted by mama_tigress View Post
I read the Luke book as soon as I found out I'm having twins, but I am simply physically unable to consume that many calories. I just can't do it. I keep trying.

About the not being able to physically consume so much FOOD (and I'm not even counting calories, I'm just talking protein grams here!). Ohmygosh. I made it a point to consume protein yesterday and got around 150 grams of it, but I was STUFFED all day long and only had 2 servings of veggies and no fruit. Today so far I've eaten 2 boiled eggs, nuts, a protein bar, cottage cheese, and a piece of whole grain toast w/jam - which is 72 grams so far today, but it feels so unbalanced, I'm stuffed, and this isn't how I like to eat/eat naturally. I normally eat more grains, veggies, and fruits in the mix. So I think I am going to try to drink more protein (milk w/protein powder added type drinks) so that I can eat more balanced and not feel like a stuffed turkey all day. Now that I've tried the protein all you can route, it's time to find a balance!!!
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I think I just ate a half pint of Ben and Jerry's out of spite (but that's 12 grams of protein!) :
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Kjoy! For breakfast I had a cup of steel cut oats (20 grams!!!!) and 1/2 cup walnuts (10 grams!) with a handful of cranberries. You could add milk but I'm intolerant since cutting it out for my intolerant kids 3 years ago. It was 30 grams and I was starving about 2 hours later! You could also add fresh or frozen fruit to help you balance it!
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I had a similar experience with protein. It was such a change for me, that I found I wasn't eating much fruit or veg (I like to go for 5-7 servings, and LOVE grains!) But that was only for about a couple weeks. Then I bonked and carbed out for a couple days, and now I feel I'm in balance, eating an apple, an orange, a banana and frozen fruit in my smoothie, spinach salads, munching on carrots, and other things. I found that my body adjusted to the "fullness" of protein, so that I can now eat everything. Not to say it's not a challenge to have to think of protein each day, when my staples used to be grains. And look for grains that pack the most punch. You know, whole grain breads usually have about 4 grams protein for each slice. I know it's nothing extraordinary, but don't forget that most grains have some amount of protein as well.
As far as the thighs comment, I totally know what you're talking about. My first pregnancy was like that. I looked down one day and they were huge. I was caught off guard, as I was a pretty active person. This time I have not had that experience (at least not yet), and I think it's because I am still doing my vinyasa flow yoga class twice a week. If you are familiar, it's basically holding a lot of lunge poses, which must help. Of course I'm already 30 pds heavier, and those lunges are getting more challenging !!!
Best to you all, and I'm so grateful to hear from so many neat women going through such a blessed life place together.
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Originally Posted by Leslie in Chicago View Post
ok, I'm convinced, and I'm eating.

But ladies, tell me, is there any way to get through this without growing enormous thighs? I'm keeping up with Dr. Luke's weight gain recommendations, and am proud to say that most of it seems to be going to my belly/babies. Until about two weeks ago. I'm in thunder thighs category now. I'm sure it happened gradually (maybe) but now there's no denying it. Tell me thigh "insulation" comes off with breastfeeding!!
My babies are 6mo old yesterday and I still have the thunder thighs! I attribute it to breastfeeding, eating like a horse, and disliking exercise... not to mention there's no time for that! But I don't have any milk-supply issues so I don't mind keeping on the weight.
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I liked Elizabeth Nobles chapter on nutrition. I carried to 39+ weeks. Basically, anything you put in your mouth should have a good amount of protien. I carried a mini cooler with snacks in it. Alot of dairy- cheese sticks, yogurt, and hard boiled eggs. Also, kept almonds in the car. Everytime I drove I ate raw almonds (good amt of protien AND iron).
I did eat a can (sometimes 2) of tuna (chunk lite) a week.
Protien and rest are the most important.
good luck.
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Thanks for posting that!
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Oh, wow, I thought I did well w/ protein, but at best I probably consumed 120 grams per day. I do think it's important like most people have said. I went to 40 wks 3 days and ended up inducing w/ castor oil. 8 1/2 and 7 1/2 lb healthy babies. Had huge thunder thighs--huge everything, but ya know what, it disappeared w/in a few months! Then I struggled to keep enough weight on. I didn't exercise either.

I think you need to do the best you can w/ the protein, but I also agree that you need to listen to your body, too.

I think what was really key for me is following the Weston A Price recommended diet for pregnant and nursing mothers. Getting super nutrient rich foods was just as important as getting enough protein. Here is the link: http://www.westonaprice.org/children...ormothers.html. There is a traditional foods area in the nutrition section of MDC.

Also, I would steer clear of soy protein powders--you can find more info on weston a price site. The only decent protein powders I have found are Garden of Life's Goatein and Immupro Whey Protein. Dr. Mercola's is probably pretty good, too, but it has xylitol and i hate the taste of that!

I am pregnant again (not w/ twins, well at least I think!) and I have been living on raw milk smoothies--raw milk, raw cream, raw egg yolks, coconut oil, cinnamon, vanilla, banana, and sometimes raw cacao powder. Yum! I make a big batch at night, have it as a snack before bed and put rest in fridge. If I wake up hungry, i drink some more, and then even have enough for breakfast appetizer! You could even add protein powder.

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I've been keeping a food journal for my MW and so far it looks like getting 110-120 is the best I'm going to do without making myself miserable. I've already gained as much this time as with my last three singletons, so that's got to count for something, right?

I had a shake last night, 52 grams of fat and 20 of protein!
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Originally Posted by daisycullen2003 View Post
Had huge thunder thighs--huge everything, but ya know what, it disappeared w/in a few months! Then I struggled to keep enough weight on. I didn't exercise either.
Yay Lisa! I love this! Thanks for letting me know that there is life after thunder thighs, and that these fat reserves are going to be good for the babies.
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