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: Yeah Josh's Girl! Congratulations - many sticky vibes to you!

I don't go to the OB till this aft when dh can watch ds but I'll update later...
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Oh and modern - GL till tomorrow! I, too, had horrid m/s. The lowest point (well, one of many really) was puking the morning of my d&c. That's one of the things that I hated about the m/c, I feel like I can't trust my body at all now.
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Got my second beta back! First was 22 at 9dpo and the second was 240 at 13dpo. Doubling time is about every 27 hours. OB said it looked great and we'd do the next draw on Monday morning.
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Wow, compared to all of you guys' numbers, mine are low.

My 13DPO was 51 and my 15DPO was 156. My progesterone is still concerning, at 14 (up from 12 on Monday). I'm going to take the prometrium vaginally from now on and on Tuesday I'll have another progesterone and beta. Then nothing until my 7 week appointment where we'll do a sonogram, unless for some reason I need to see them before that (hoping against that!).

I'm glad to see everyone has such great numbers! I hope we ALL get to stay!!!!
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Oh but Charlotte - your numbers tripled! That's so beautiful!

So - question about u/s? Do you know your schedule for getting them? Is anyone getting a 5(ish) week one?
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I'm in here.
I've got my second blood draw this afternoon...feeling nervous... I just don't know if I'll want to try again if this one doesn't make it... I'm having the same symptoms as my last missed miscarriage. UGH. That was awful: I walked around for FOUR F-ING weeks before I started spotting and we figured out there was a problem. And yea, I still had mild m/s during the whole thing.

So unfair.

I seem to be cussing in all my threads today...
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I too am due in Sept and had a loss in April last year. We have 2 healthy boys and I am so hoping that this pregnancy will be fine! My mc was at 7 1/2 weeks (blighted ovum that stopped developing at 5 weeks). I am 6 weeks right now and feeling really crappy (which makes me really happy). I had bw done at 14dpo my hcg had gone from 111 to and 16dpo it was 235 so that is great and my progesterone was 29. All that said I am really nervous. I am still checking the tp every time I go and every little twinge or pain has me worried. I have an appt Fri and I am going to ask for an early sonogram. In the past I have been so excited about every appt and honestly this time I am just so nervous. I am so afraid that she will find some sort of problem. I REALLY think I will feel better once I see a hb. Every night in bed I say my little mantra "beat little heart beat:
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moderngal - good luck tomorrow - lots of prayers your way for strength

MommytoHHH - Congratulations! Hope everything keeps looking good for you!

Charlotte - Try not to worry too much yet - there is a reason the range of "normal" beta numbers is so wide - and my doc said any progesterone level over 10 is good - I didn't even pop a bfp on an HPT that read HCG levels as low as 20 until 13 dpo...

xochimama - waiting is the worst...I am so sorry - hoping for the best for you...

alyssatuininga - I am totally with you on needing to see the heartbeat - and I love your mantra!

And on to me...well I went in today for my sonogram and another beta/progesterone draw - I will get those results on Friday - and as far as the sonogram goes....

ONE of the babies is perfectly healthy with a heartbeat of 154 and I could see the perfectly formed embryo and yolk sac and it was just amazing and I felt totally awesome...then the sonogram tech said - Well I think I found out why you were spotting...

And there it was - the empty sac - I was totally floored - I guess this is more common than I realized but still...there was nothing in there but it was almost as big as the other sac with my baby in it. The crazy part is that when I conceived I had this crazy feeling it might be twins and I kept having all these thoughts like - how can I have a homebirth with twins and how long will I have to wait for my midwife to discover its twins and how will I ever handle twins - yikes! - then a week ago I suddenly felt not pregnant at all and it freaked me out - I just felt intuitively that something was terribly wrong and that there was some sort of spirit leaving me - I know that sounds hokey but it was just something i didn't share with anyone - today in the shower before I went to the dr. I was rubbing my belly and looked down and said - thank you baby so much for staying with us - we love you so much already - but still it felt like I had lost something even though I was talking to my baby....anyways...just strange how our intuitions work....

So I am feeling relief relief relief that there is a healthy baby in there yet also some sense of devastation over the loss of another baby but still a sense of peace that my body is doing whatever it feels needs to be done to sustain a healthy pregnancy. I sort of felt that devastation/at peace feeling last month with my m/c too....its just strange

So thank you mamas for being here in this thread - it can be so hard to be so overjoyed over the present blessings and yet on the back burner so petrified that the past will repeat itself....

peace to all of you....
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Oh Christine - what a mix of emotions mama. I don't have any advice really for you, just love and peace to wish to you and another for good measure
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I had a light bleed last night.
I am hopeful but nervous.
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Oh, Christine, I'm so glad you got your sono, but I'm sorry for the mixed news. It's so hard to be happy/sad/relieved/hopeful/devestated all at the same time!! Oh, the joys of motherhood, right?
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Christine - wow, that's a lot to process. Sounds like you're in a good place, I'm sorry about your loss and happy about your other healthy baby! You are very in tune with your body, hopefully you can continue to listen and send love to your little one.
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mama naturale - how are you this morning?
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Thanks mamas - it really is a weird mix - although I am so nauseous I am pretty absorbed in trying to keep feeding myself and coming up with "projects" for my 3yr old ds to do all day while I rest....ugh and my kitchen is the worst! If I could hire someone to come in and wash my dishes and do a load of diapers I would feel so much better....oh well

mama naturale - sticky thoughts are with you - hope you can take it easy and rest.
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So a question for you PAL mamas....

How are you handling the stress? Especially these early weeks? I have (TMI) way more loads of CF than usual, and I find myself going to the bathroom a million times a day to check to make sure I'm not bleeding. I'm driving myself batty and I know this can't be good for Poppy.

Any coping techniques?
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I had my first OB appt today-- and we saw the heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!!! I am over the moon!!! I started crying when I saw it- and DH and hugged forever afterwards.

I know we're not totally out of the woods yet, but I am relieved and happy and thankful. I feel like now I can relax and even embrace the sore boobs and nausea, etc.
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Oh Modern - that's amazing wonderful news!!!

How far along are you?
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7weeks, 2days. Due 9/3.
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Oh that is just so wonderful for you congrats!!!
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Congratulations moderngal!!!! I am so happy for you! Although I am not an avid fan of sonograms - I do think it does wonders for your ability to trust your body and bond with the reality of what miracle is growing inside you after you have experienced a loss...it did that for me anyways...

I did get back my beta - that was 40,000 and my progesterone was 21 - my doc was very happy - and he said again that any progesterone over 10 is great.

However, embracing nausea? I don't know - I am working on that - my nausea was pretty debilitating already and then ds threw up all over our couch and in our bed (into towels) throughout the night so I am pretty much done with smelling or seeing vomit - My whole couch is covered in baking soda as I am trying to be cheap about getting the smell out but I fear I am going to have to call Stanley Steemer or something because the smell is awful!!!

Oh and Josh's Girl - while I feel pretty good now about this pg sticking when I do have doubts I dont hesitate to pee on a stick- any time of day....
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