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I am so p.o.'d and disgusted...and...

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Do you feel better now? Sometimes it's great to let it out, huh?

I enjoy "hearing" your voice SM, wish you could come around more often.

I'm with you all the way.

Oh, and the reason most ppl voted for Bush was that he was anti-abortion. I posted a poll a long, long time ago and that was the answer.

Sad, isn't it? That the highest office in the country gets votes by professing a lie? Bush is NOT pro-life and never has been. A person who is pro-life does not execute innocents and bomb children....................

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TSM, glad to see you posting here again, but sorry to see you're so riled up (but then, who could blame you???)

His administration has done more harm in the last 2+ years than 5 future presidents will be able to repair. He has caused irreparable damage to our standing with other nations ( I know, I know, I am stating the obvious but I need to say it) our economy, our reputation, our credibility...where will it stop?????
FWIW, I suspect that many people in other nations realize that GWB and his administration does NOT represent the US, and will likely be willing to give us a second (or third, or fourth...) chance once Dubya goes packing (presuming he doesn't assume martial law or institute a kingship by appointment or something else of the sort... : ).

In a Hothead Paisan comic, Hothead once advocated shutting oneself in a bathroom and screaming till it hurt as a stress reliever, where the stress came from horror and anger and shock at the state of the world. It may be time to do this now. If there were more distance between me and my neighbors, I'd probably do the same thing.
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Thank you! I miss being here...

But, I really don't feel much better. Raving and ranting on here just relieves a little pressure...it doesn't DO anything about it.

You are so right! If Bush is Pro-Life then what does that make everyone else??? Lets not set our standards by him please. Kinda like prolifers who kill abortion facilitators.

By the way...unless I get myself kicked off I plan on coming around much more often.
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How is anything he promotes Christ like? Loving? Forgiving? Just? I am NOT a Jesus Freak but Who WOULD Jesus Bomb? HUH? WHO???? How has GWB NOT made us just like those we supposedly hunt down and bring to justice? How has the killing of innocents in Iraq NOT terrorized them????
Kind of a double standard there.
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...And how is it that this is being called "post war" when he is saying they will bring in as many troops as are needed?!? Sounds more like "pre war" to me. *visions of Viet Nam floating in my head.*
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Barbara, that is what I'm thinking with each day's news. We are getting deeper and deeper and will not have the humility to pull back .......................

at the expense of our sons and daughters.

Vietnam went on for 14yrs!!!!

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Between this thread the the Judge/10 commandments thread, I have a couple questions.

One of the "commandments" (even the word commandment makes me uneasy. Smacks of the kind of authoritarian parenting I don't support. Wouldn't "recommendations" be better? ) is: honor your mother and father. Well, some mothers and fathers are not worthy of honor.

What about "honor your children and all life?" Shouldn't that be in there somewhere? Then we couldn't get away with locking 5 yos' in filthy cribs, or keeping large African lions covered in mange in tiny cages in suburban back yards. Just 2 examples I have seen lately of the fallout from this missing "commandment. " Along with the injustice of illegally starting a war and bombing innocent brown skinned (so they matter even less) children and nursing mothers.

(Minor point, but most Christians ignore the graven images commandment altogether anyway, I have noticed. Why does this outdated [IMO] commandment have to be in a courthouse? Do Alabamans really need daily reminders not to "worship idols?")

Sorry to combine thoughts from 2 different threads, but it all goes together in my mind. JMO, and just my own personal frustration.
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Yeah, I think there was a day ... was it that aircraft carrier stunt day? ... when GWB declared an official "end to the hostilities." Didn't count on such continuing and escalating hostilities, though, did he.

If we stay for the whole course of rebuilding, this will take years. But in theory, staying for nation building is not the same as staying for killing and war (a la Vietnam).

Then again, maybe they used the "nation building" arguments for Vietnam, I don't know, I was too young to remember.
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no no, I do rememeber vietnam, and it had nothing to do with rebuilding. They did however, spout things about protecting the vietnamize people from the evil empire....oops, I mean communism. As I recall we needed to stop them there or after vietnam they would take over the world. But then, I was but a child, and I'm sure did not understand the seriousness of this threat to the world. :

14 years of seeing my brother and friends shipped off, killed and maimed...
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If we didn't go in after the NON-WMD's we would not have to stay and rebuild......................

Nixon promised "Peace with Honor" in 1968.

Our boys finally came home in 1973.

March 1973 The last American combat soldiers leave South Vietnam, though military advisors and Marines, who are protecting U.S. installations, remain. For the United States, the war is officially over. Of the more than 3 million Americans who have served in the war, almost 58,000 are dead, and over 1,000 are missing in action. Some 150,000 Americans were seriously wounded.
It was never a declared war. Perhaps reading the timeline might bring some understanding as to why that war, as this current one, should never have been fought............

Battlefield: Vietnam

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tsm, i'm with you down to the last word. and i'm glad you don't feel better from ranting. i think that's part of the problem. we liberals say what's on our minds and presume that discussion will be enough to solve the world's problems, but that has proven to be untrue. yes, it's all about money, who has it, and what they can do with it. it's absolutely *ing sickening. and you're right, those with money (power) don't give a *crap* about the future or welfare of children.

i don't advocate violence. but i think a little rage and self-righteousness would do us good. we have to learn to demand what we want. clearly we won't get it otherwise.
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You Go Soapmaven!!!!

Although I don't quite agree with this "I have never been more disgusted with a human being in my life as I am George W. Bush. "

There are some human beings I'm more disgusted with, but I'll grant you that the scrub is near the top, lololol.
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Wow...what great minds we have here...

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I am just finding it incredibly tiring I have been spending so much time worrying about family members.

So BIL gets back from Afghanastan and now my cousin is being deployed to Iraq. My other BIL could be deployed at any moment...it is exhausting.

It doesn't take much to get me riled up again but at this point I am just ready for the election and hopefully a new admin.
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I am so sorry

for you and everyone who has a family member they are longing for and praying for the safe return of. Many Blessings to you and yours.

We only have friends deployed and that is nothing like a family member I know.

Our 25 year old son came in two weeks ago and announced that his girlfriend is pregnant. I think he expected me to be angry or upset. My husband and I both said about the same time "Oh, son things happen. Blessings to you all. At least you are not in the Middle East getting yourself killed or permently emotionally scarred." Keeping things in perspective in my own home is relatively easy right now.

So yeah, I suppose I am going to be a grandmother. Who woulda thunk it????
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Congrats! Grandma!!

I love your post!!

I totally feel your pain and anger!

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I had only heard about my cousin shortly before I saw this thread and was pretty upset about it. I have now taken some deep breaths and am ready to be angry again.

Often friends are closer than some families. While my family is very close, I wouldn't dismiss someone's concerns for their friends as being any less than my concerns for a family member.
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