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How True~

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Thanks for the post, TSM. You were able to say the things a lot of us wish we could say, but know we'd just screw it up by calling names or something.

And yes, as Amy reminded us, the "boat stunt" (remember the "Mission Accomplished" banner?) was when the end of major combat was declared. : What mission? Securing the oil and reconstruction contracts for those in the top admin?

That's the other thing that is just TOOO stinky for me--the obvious conflicts of interest all over the place here. It makes it so much clearer what's worth so much more than the lives lost--innocent Iraqi families and young Americans.
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I am from Massachusetts, living quite near where "Father" Geoghan was incarcerated. I just want to point out that he was put away for 9-10 yrs for only one thing, grabbing a boy's buttocks under his suit while they were both swimming in a pool at a Boys and Girls Club or a Y.

140 other people have suits against him, but now will not be able to have their day in court with him.
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Please be sure...

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Re: Please be sure...

Originally posted by TheSoapMaven
DaryLLL- I wish all those people had their day in court with the reprobate. But if it were me, I would take some, if only a little, satisfaction in knowing he will never be free to harm another child. And I would never have to look at his sick face again. Those who hide behind their religion are a dangerous lot. As we see every day.
I hear you, SM. I just wanted to point out he went to jail for just one of the crimes he is accused of or charged with. And now I heard he may be posthumously exonerated from even that one!!!
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Congratulations grandma! I pray this grandchild will bring love and joy to all of you. I know what you mean about the mindset of the "homeschooling" crowd. I too am a black sheep amongest them, but they keep expecting me to walk talk and think like them. :

Els' 3 Ones, thanks for the link on Vietnam. It is good for us to remember history least we repeat the past. It appears that Bush has a large cheering section for his "not a war" in Iraq, in spite of the evidence that there are no WMD! People are so hungry for a leader that they will happily overlook anything as long as he says the right things about "morals."
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Soapmaven, I feel your pain.

My husband keeps asking me if it is possible that George W could be the antiChrist. My dh has to ignore alot of the news or he says he gets too upset to concentrate at work. So I do all the screaming (at Shrub on TV) for him.

We can only hope that the voters will read about what is going on and not vote based on soundbites and who waves the most flags the highest, or that his bigger war chest won't steal the election. I have hope because I am beginning to see more grass roots complaints about his cold heartedness and inattention to domestic problems.

I am hoping that dumping him might convince the UN that the US is serious about the change and they'll accept our grovelling for assistance in Iraq so we don't have to foot the entire bill on our own. ($1 billion a week for maintenance, tens of billions for rebuilding, according to Bremer today.)
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